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Capcom: Don't worry about the Shareholder Report Comments

314w ago - This past Thursday, Capcom released a shareholder report. One of the more troubling entities which was identified revolved around mutliplatform and exclusive titles.

"All major titles launched during the next fiscal year or thereafter will be developed as multi-platform games," read the report. However, Capcom is now attempting to partially mitigate the damage that the financial report has caused.

"Relax. I think the materials pretty much speak for themselves and we're continuing to support all consoles with appropriate content," said Capcom's Christian Svnesson.

"It just means things that in the past would have been timed exclusives to a single platform will no longer be exclusive to a single platform. It's just better business decisions at play. I don't think fans have anything to worry about. That said, I know nothing I say will keep people from freaking out, screaming 'the sky is falling, OMG!' So feel free to carry on assuming the worst. I suspect you'll be pleasantly surprised if you do so."

PSPHugo: PC Engine Emulator for PSP v1.0.1 released!

314w ago - Zx-81 has released PSPHugo today, a PC Engine emulator port for PSP based off the latest version of Hu-Go. For those who don't know, Hu-Go is a famous emulator of NEC PC Engine console, running on many systems including Linux and Windows.

According to the author, it's a first release, work still remains to improve the speed and to fix graphical glitches on games such as gunhead.

Download: PSPHugo v1.0.1 for CFW 4.X / PSPHugo v1.0.1 for FW 1.5

From the included ReadMe file: Unzip the zip file, and copy the contents of the directory fw4x or fw15 (depending of the version of your firmware) on the psp/game, psp/game150, or psp/game4XX if you use custom firmware 4.01-M33.

In the PC-Engine emulator window, there are three different mapping (standard, left trigger, and right Trigger mappings). You can toggle between while playing inside the emulator using the two PSP trigger keys.

You can also use IR keyboard. Edit the pspirkeyb.ini file to specify your IR keyboard model, and modify eventually layout keyboard files in the keymap directory.

If you want to load rom image in your emulator, you have to...

Cascade-Gaming's Thought on How to Save PC Gaming

314w ago - The PC market is in disarray, sure it's not dying but a lot can be done to help it out against it's console foes. We go though some of the most important ways we feels the PC gaming market could be saved, from automatic driver downloads to new styles of gaming.

A Standard download system for online game transfers. We all know and use Steam but more funds need to be put into Steam and more publishers need to join the program to make it the only choice gamers will need. The steam system should open up an API to provide 3rd party application developers to be able to create custom interfaces for the software. For Digital Downloads to survive however users must be able to edit and mod the games provided and DRM should be as little interference as humanly possible.

The download service should enable as much of the action to be done without using a lot of CPU resources, at current the steam service is doing this to an acceptable degree, but more optimization will be required as time goes on. The integration of award systems and higher community features is paramount. The player should be able to access the server and chat to his friend's then setup a game without having to use 3rd party programs such as Live Messenger.

The gamer should also be aided in the download software by warning them and...

Suey: The Force Unleashed Physics Not Feasible on PC

314w ago - Cameron Suey, producer of the XBox 360 and PS3 versions of the upcoming Star Wars 'The Force Unleashed' game has revealed that he understands concerns that the game isn't coming to PC, but tried to offer an explanation.

Suey stated that it really wasn't feasible to bring the game to the PC as it would take a VERY POWERFUL PC to pull off the physics, and it is DEFINITELY stretching the XBox and PS3 to the limits.

To quote: He said: "Wow. OK that's interesting. Obviously the reason I'm doing this and the reason I think any of us is doing this is because we love games and we want to make games for people who love games. So any time someone's not happy with something, I won't say it's difficult because you have to deal with it, but we would totally prefer everybody to be as happy as possible, you know we want to make everybody as happy as possible.

"In this case, it just really wasn't feasible. As much as I really understand everybody's concerns and I really understand that people want to play the game on their platform of choice, the truth of it is, the way this game is designed, based around these physics, that are simulation based and very procedural, it would take a very powerful PC to pull them off. This is definitely stretching the Xbox and the PS3 really to the farthest they can go.

Console Takeover: Is PC Gaming Dead?

315w ago - Facing tough competition from a red-hot console market, developers are looking online in a bid to keep computer-based gaming alive.

There was a time when personal computers were the tools of choice for hard-core gamers. But four years ago, on the brink of the release of the PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360, analysts were proclaiming the death of PC gaming.

These new consoles - well, Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox - were more powerful than the computers at the time, and were integrating with home entertainment systems to provide high definition experiences beyond just gaming. Nintendo, meanwhile, offered a completely new approach to gaming with its Wiimote controllers.

And this year, Electronic Arts decided to kill the PC versions of many of its popular sports titles, including Madden NFL 09, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and NBA Live. LucasArts is releasing The Force Unleashed, its new Star Wars title, on every platform except PC.

Even developers who built their companies by producing games for computers are now turning to console development.

Crytek's Stan Huebler has indicated that his company, which stunned the industry with its PC-processing intensive Crysis, won't be making any more PC exclusive titles, and id Software's John Carmack told Tom's Hardware Guide that...
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