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EVE Online Update Wipes XP BOOT.INI

359w ago - Installed the latest EVE Online update earlier today? Don't reboot your computer! The update apparently has a "bug" which results in the deletion of your BOOT.INI startup file on XP systems. No big deal, aside from the fact Windows won't boot with this file missing.

CCP has removed the update as of 4 A.M. GMT today. However, if you are running XP and have downloaded and installed the update before said time, then your BOOT.INI is most likely long gone.

As for steps to remedy this problem, first check to make sure the BOOT.INI file exists:

If you are only using the Classic client or installed the Premium client using the full Premium installer than you are not affected.

If you upgraded from the Classic client to the Premium client, using the content upgrade, then please read on.

Check the root directory of your hard drive and see if you have a boot.ini file, if so then you are not affected. The file is normally hidden so you need to click Tools : Folder Options : View and select "Show hidden files and folders" and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" to be able to see it.

You can also check for the presence of this file by clicking Start : Control Panel : System : Advanced : Startup and Recovery : Settings (third button down)....

Sony Ponders PSP-Direct Online Store

359w ago - According to the source above, Sony has commented that it is definitely thinking about a future direct PSP Playstation store which will cut the middle men out of the equation (ie the PC and PlayStation 3 console).

To quote: When asked if the storefront would eventually be accessible via PSP, SCEA director of PSN operations Eric Lempel told MTV Multiplayer, "Clearly that's something we're thinking about. With the capability of the PSP it's something that should be possible.

It's just a matter of priorities and some technology that we need to make it all work right and make sure the content is delivered securely, just to protect some of our [intellectual properties]. Yeah, it's definitely something we're thinking about."

The PSP Online Store - A Glimpse Towards The Future

360w ago - Two weeks ago, Sony launched the PSP PC store with a whimper. It debuted just two days before Thanksgiving, offering PSP owners the chance to download some free themes and buy and download few old and new PSP games. I didn't hear about any of it until the weekend when it got mentioned on the 1UpYours podcast.

Why the quiet launch? Was Sony embarrassed about it?

Late last week I interviewed Eric Lempel, the PlayStation director of network operations in charge of the store.

And we talked about everything.

Seriously. I don't think we missed a thing. Want to know what the plans are for this store? The pricing strategy? Why it requires a PC? Whether it will support Macs? Which titles formerly on UMD will be coming to the store (he revealed that "SOCOM Fire Team Bravo" and "Twisted Metal: Head-On" will hit by year's end)? Whether UMD titles will ever be released on the download store the same day as they are in game shops? Which PS3 games he'd like to see on the PSP store? The plans for import titles?

And more, more, more. Check out the chock-full interview below.

One excerpt to get you thinking:

Multiplayer: In general the store looks like it comes one step closer to fulfilling a lot of PSP owners' fantasy of "I want to download...

Warning on e-government 'risks'

361w ago - Governments need to do more to ensure they preserve trust as they put more services online, says a report.

Emerging from a European Commission project, it warns that technology could lessen the trust governments have instilled in citizens before now.

Officials must move beyond security measures to reassure people about how they are being treated, it said.

The report comes as the UK government tries to reassure Britons after losing data records for 25 million people.

Trust network

The report was written by a research body, bankrolled by the EC's Information and Society Unit, that is looking at "citizen-centric" e-government.

The cc:eGov unit points out that increasingly technology, often in the form of websites, is the means by which citizens encounter local and central government.

Frank Harris, author of the report, wrote: "People learn to trust others through experience, and through judgement based on both direct and referred experience."

The danger, he warned, was that these interfaces did not engender the same feelings of trust that have emerged via more traditional routes.

He added that to engender trust in electronic channels required much more than the basic requirements of security.

Citizens may...

Dead or Alive 3 joins Xbox download list

361w ago - Dead or Alive 3 seems set to be one the first original Xbox games to be made available to download over Xbox Live, according to the PEGI website.

According to the latest ratings published by the pan-European age rating board, Team Ninja's beat-'em-up has been listed as an online game (essentially, one that requires an internet connection in order to access it - which includes downloadable games), and has been cleared for ages 16 and above.

Last week, Microsoft announced that as of 5 December, Xbox Live users would be able to download original Xbox games from the Marketplace. Although neither Microsoft nor Tecmo have confirmed that Dead or Alive 3 will be one of these games, the fact it's been rated by PEGI alongside Fuzion Frenzy (which will be among the first wave of downloadable Xbox titles) is a very strong indicator that it's coming very soon.

Despite not being in quite the same league as Virtua Fighter 5, Dead or Alive 3 was still a decent beat-'em-up. Better still, asides from some ropey FMV, there are few compatibility issues on the 360.

Whether you'd want to spend the equivalent of a tenner in Microsoft points on it when you could probably fish it out of a bargain bin for a fraction of that is another matter, but either way, you'll at least have the option.
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