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Should Sony Buy Game Exclusives?

344w ago - As we all know by now, third-party exclusives appear to be going the way of the dodo. It won't be long before the only platform exclusives left will be from the makers of the platform themselves; i.e., first-party titles.

But as evidenced by the likes of Bioshock, it is still possible to buy - at the very least - timed exclusivity. Microsoft clearly has no qualms with this practice, but Sony, as stated by the former big boss of SCEE, Phil Harrison, doesn't believe in it. Now that Mr. Shuhei is in charge, perhaps that viewpoint will change, but then again, it might change simply to suit a more competitive marketplace.

There were rumors (recently shot down by Capcom) that Microsoft has already made a pitch to make Resident Evil 5 a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360. And what's to stop them from pursuing Square-Enix and the likes of Final Fantasy XIII? S-E has already made it abundantly clear that they wish to adopt a new business focus, with the Western gaming audience at its core.

Hence, such a move might make perfect sense... So on the one hand, it might be in Sony's best interest to step up and play that game; go toe-to-toe; play tit-for-tat. Now, it may not be as reasonable with FFXIII simply because Square-Enix has been developing the game from the ground up for the PS3, but that's a practice...

Sony: Restoring TV and Game Profits is Priority

344w ago - Sony CEO Howard Stringer has expressed the company's desire to turn around the losses of its games and television divisions this year.

Stringer said at a recent shareholder meeting that restoring profitability in its TV and game businesses is now the top priority, after the company posted losses of $3.4 billion in two years in the PlayStation division, and it revealed in May that the Bravia division had losses of $678 million last fiscal year (ending March 31).

Sony, however, forecasts PS3 to sell 10 million units this year, along with nine million PS2s, and expects the games unit to post its first annual profit in three years.

Stringer says the company is striving for innovation. "Three years ago, we were criticized for the lack of innovation. Three days ago, in a UK brand poll, Sony was ranked No.1 this year," he said, referring to a poll we reported on previously.

"But, we are not No.1 in my mind yet," he noted, according to Bloomberg.

Sony says that the Disc-based Delivery System will fall

344w ago - Those crazy Sony people. First they tell us that Blu-ray is the wave of the future, and now they say that digital downloads are. Make up your mind! :P

At a developer conference in London, SCEE president David Reeves said that the future is the PlayStation Network. He points out that internal figures that show over 40 per cent of PS3 owners download games direct to their machines.

Reeves told MCV UK: The key to the future is the PlayStation Network, Games put straight onto PSN are the big opportunity.

We do believe that the disc-based delivery system will fall as the power of the network base rises. At the same time, the overall industry growth will continue to go upwards as we push out into emerging markets.

What we don't see is an overall decline in the market. This is a golden era of video games.

So which is it, Sony? Hexus gaming points out that current games may never work as downloads. Think about Metal Gear Solid 4. Could you imagine trying to download that game?

I think there's room for both. Even though they are "proofing itself against the disaster the music industry has found itself in," games are still selling on discs.

I'd say keep the downloads for smaller games, and push the disc for big titles. Do you agree with Sony's...

E3 2008: Sony Press Conference confirmed for The Shrine

345w ago - SCEA has just confirmed that its E3 press conference this year will take place at The Shrine Auditorium on W. Jefferson Blvd, LA, a change from the normal venue of the company's Culver City studios.

E-mails were sent out to attendees confirming the location this evening.

Speaking to videogaming247, an SCEA rep sent the final invitations would be put out "at the end of the month".

Sony's E3 press conference will take place on July 15 at 11.30am.

Sony, Microsoft moving into Wii territory a good thing?

345w ago - I'm not really sure what my opinion on this is. Microsoft have previously said that they're aware of Nintendo's huge success with Wii, and that they probably need to rethink their strategy and bring some more fun to the Xbox 360.

So, what we get is.. Newton! SeattlePi has confirmed the previously rumored Wii remote clone for the Xbox 360 is in the making at Microsoft, and that it may be out this as soon as this year (the author even promises to give his Wii to charity if it doesn't).

Though, Newton is still only a codename for the product and the image above is of course not the actual product. (Thank god, my left and right hand would fight so much over space that it would become awkward.)

I definitely see a pattern here. We just got news that Microsoft might be introducing avatars to Xbox LIVE, which share a close resemblance to the Mii's of Nintendo, and now they go the whole nine yards. Furthermore, Sony might be coming up with a breakaway controller as well. Are Microsoft and Sony making the right moves?

What I like about consoles is the diversity. I think you should be able to define what type of gamer you are, and based on that buy the console(s) that suits you. It's wrong if it doesn't matter which one you pick. It's hard enough already to choose between...
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