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PS3 Trophies coming via PSN as soon as June?

323w ago - What with the continual delay for Sony's Playstation Home, the latest rumblings from the industry, and a mysterious report from Sony's inner circle confirms that we may be about to see a new PSN update for the inclusion of Xbox style achievements, through the form of Trophies.

According to this report, 2D trophies located on the PS3's XMB may launch this June with firmware version 2.4 (which should also introduce in-game XMB access). These trophies are reportedly different to the 3D ones set to feature in Home later this year.

Another report over on Kotaku substantiates the claim somewhat. It points to a Sony fact sheet about upcoming PSN title PixelJunk Eden, which shows that one of the game's "key features" will be "Trophy Support", although it's unclear exactly what this is.

This news may be of certain interest to many consumers interested in the rise of MGS4 next month, to coincide with a new update perhaps for in-game achievements. We will have to wait for June 12th to find out.

PixelJunk Eden for PSN certainly is different

323w ago - The PSN's conquest to be home of the quirkiest downloadable titles continues. flow may have mesmerized audiences, but Q-Games is trying their own hand at something really new.

PixelJunk Eden, the next title in the PSN downloadable collection, is a rather strange platformer to describe. Players control a small creature called a "Grimp" (formed from the combination of "grip" and "jump") to explore a variety of constantly changing scenes.

By smashing into enemies, players release pollen that can help the plants grow and transform. As players develop, they'll be able to leap, swing, jump and soar higher than ever, trying to get all the energy and light from a level before time runs out.

There will be ten stages in all, rendered in full 1080p HD graphics. Music will come from an award-winning Japanese artist, Baiyon. Both rumble and tilt will be supported in the DualShock 3 controller, and online trophies and leaderboards will be available.

Finally, PSP Remote Play will also be included, a feature also found in PixelJunk Monsters.


Rumor: PSN to charge for PS3 Themes?

323w ago - To quote from Sam Fletcher: Browsing my Hong Kong PSN account today, I noticed that the Dark Mist theme cost money to download. $7.00 HKD, translates to $0.89 USD (or £0.45) but thats still a lot more than downloading the themes for free.

X-Box 360 users already pay a dollar or two for themes, and maybe now Sony are following suit.

Whether this will become a trend followed by the other stores is yet to be seen, but maybe all official themes from now on will come with a price.

Oh well, I'll stick to the classic XMB wave, or failing that, a user made theme. :P

Shhh... FREE Secret Agent Clank PS3 Demo available!

323w ago - Play as the galaxy's greatest undercover spy.. Secret Agent Clank!

Ratchet has been accussed of stealing the galaxy's most valuable gem, the Eye of Infinity, and only Clank's undercover alter ego, Secret Agent Clank, can discover the true mastermind behind the caper.

Luckily for Tachet, he's got Clank on his side! Download the FREE demo on both the PLAYSTATION Network and PLAYSTATION Store for PC.

This demo features the first level of the game. It'll have you sneaking into a museum, dodging lasers, subduing guards three times your size, and even tossing out a tie-a-rang or two.

PlayStation Store Update for May 15, 2008

323w ago - Once again it's that time of week, per Grace Chen (Senior Manager, PLAYSTATION Store):

Hey, everyone. It's time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Add-on Game Content:
Hot Shots Golf New Characters
Slip on the golf shoes, step out on the course and tee it up on the PLAYSTATION 3 with Hot Shots Golf Out Of Bounds. Rip a 300 yard drive down the middle the fairway or go pin hunting on those tricky par 3s. No mulligans needed as Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds is all about having fun and enjoying the most entertaining and over the top golfing experience imaginable. So come on, step up and give it your best shot.

Gloria - Expert Skill Level ($0.99)
Alex - Intermediate Skill Level ($0.99)
File sizes: 100 KB

Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus!
Saturn is in the clutches of the Legion of Terra and it's up to YOU to stop them! Continue the story with your original saved characters.
File sizes: 27 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit www.RockBand.com.

"Kool Thing"–Sonic Youth ($1.99)
"Train in Vain (Stand by Me)"–The Clash ($1.99)
"Hanging on the Telephone"–Blondie ($1.99)
File sizes: 20.5 MB -...
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