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PR boss quits Sony before 'difficult holiday' says analyst

359w ago - Karraker called the decision "very difficult" having been presented with a promotion closer to home in an industry he had previously worked in.

"I have enjoyed immensely my tenure at SCEA and think the company and its brands are very well positioned to have an exceptional holiday and a very bright future," he wrote in an email to the media. "I look forward to continuing to follow this industry as a gamer, rather than a spokesperson."

Analyst Michael Pachter called the outgoing public relations director a "steady contact in a volatile industry."

Karraker played a key role in helping Sony brave the public relation waters of a tumultuous PS3 launch year by making himself readily available to both traditional and new media outlets. It was a position that we called the toughest job in video games this past May.

"The other PR people at Sony are quite competent, but it would help to strengthen the team with someone as good as Dave to handle the schizophrenic press over the next 6 months," Pachter told us.

"I think Sony will have a difficult holiday with only a handful of exclusive games and a pricing disadvantage against Microsoft and Nintendo," he added. "But I expect things to get better in spring with the release of Grand Theft Auto 4, Gran Turismo 5, and Metal Gear Solid...

Sony bans PSP homebrew talk; violates license agreement

359w ago - SCEA has stated on the Official Playstation boards that discussion of PSP homebrew and hacking is BANNED. SCEA state that homebrew applications void the warranty of the PSP and an official area to discuss such features can not be provided. The following topics are banned - custom firmware themes, applications, custom animation/sounds and other materials made available only through the use of homebrew applications. Basically EVERYTHING related to PSP homebrew/hacking is banned, anyone that ignores their policy will be banned and considered for other 'disciplinary actions' as determined by their admins. The official Playstation boards were FULL of homebrew discussion incase you didn't know!

To quote: "Homebrew applications void the warranty of the PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) system, and an official area to discuss such activities cannot be provided by SCEA. Any postings that are clearly homebrew-related, such as those providing instructions on downgrading firmware updates, will be removed from this board. This also includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

• custom firmware
• themes, applications, custom bootup animations/sounds, and other materials made available only with use of homebrew
• programs that may be used to aid or facilitate copyright violations (such as Eboots,...

Sony: Over 40 playable PS3 games at Tokyo Show

359w ago - Sony unveiled a partial list of playable games to be shown at the Tokyo Game Show later this month including at least five unannounced games.

Houston, we've got playable games. The Sony booth is also said to feature gameplay videos of more than 50 different PS3 games in addition to a testing area for the console's latest firmware update.

The incomplete list of playable games are as follows:

  • Agalest War (Idea Factory)
  • Spider-Man 3 (Activision)
  • Transformers (Activision)
  • Pirates of the Carribean World's End (Disney)
  • FIFA 08 World Class Soccer (EA)
  • NBA Live 08 (EA)
  • Need For Speed: Pro Street (EA)
  • Harry Potter And the Order of the Phoenix (EA)
  • Railfan (Ongakukan)
  • Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom)
  • PixelJunk Racers (Q-Games)
  • Unannounced Title (Q Entertainment)
  • G1 Jockey 4 2007 (Koei)
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 (koei)
  • Oblivion (Spike)
  • Tony Hawk Project 8 (Spike)
  • Sega Rally (Sega)
  • Imabi Kisou (Sega)
  • Oideyo! LocoRoco Buu Buu Cocoreccho (Sony)
  • The Eye of Judgment (Sony)
  • Echochrome: The Infinite Gallery (Sony)
  • Go! Sports Ski (Sony)
  • Heavenly Sword (Sony)
  • LittleBigPlanet...

    Dave Karraker Leaves Sony

    359w ago - Less than a year after joining Sony Computer Entertainment America, senior director of corporate communications Dave Karraker has announced that he will leave the company. His last day will be this Friday, September 7.

    Karraker took over Sony's public relations arm following the company's disastrous E3 showing in 2006, and found himself having to manage a crisis PR situation as more and more bad news about the PlayStation 3 came to light.

    "I have enjoyed immensely my tenure at SCEA and think the company and its brands are very well positioned to have an exceptional holiday and a very bright future," said Karraker in a statement today; positive to the end.

    Karraker will join Skyy Spirits as head of PR and events on October 1.

    Sony to Challenge Apple In TV, Movie Downloads

    359w ago - Two years after taking the helm of Sony Corp., Chief Executive Howard Stringer is quietly preparing a big move to expand the company and challenge rival Apple Inc. in an area that has thus far promised more than it has delivered: video-downloading services.

    People familiar with the situation say Mr. Stringer is planning to use Sony's technology-packed PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable videogame machines, along with its Bravia high-definition televisions, to develop products and services to let users download television shows and movies, similar to the way they download music and videos using Apple's iTunes store and iPods.
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