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PSP Firmware v3.90 update out now!

365w ago - A new PSP Firmware Update is now available via Network Update. Firmware 3.90 includes the following changes:

* Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded.
* Skype has been added as a feature under Network.

Downloads: PSP v3.90 FW (US) / PSP v3.90 FW (EU)

It's important to note that the Skype feature is exclusive to PSP Slim units.

PSP Firmware v3.80 Update dumped and examined!

371w ago - Dark_AleX has examined PSP firmware v3.80 changes, and here are the results:

They now know that with Pandora, we can always access the flash, so they've focused on locking down the PSAR and changing the format of the files/flash. Just more tactics to slow down decryption, but it won't work.

They have only changed the keys of the tables of filenames. The prx's keys are the same than in 3.7X.

However, there is a little surprise in a form of new compression algorithm called KL4E, this time sysmem and loadcore are also compressed. Plus... again new nids.

So it would seem as if the newly-released PSP firmware v3.80 has already been dumped and decrypted. Only time will tell is Alex will release an update to M33 CFW or make users wait longer.

3.80 module list and decryption info below:

Only a example, the offsets for show another version in 3.71 are:

- 0x12B38
- 0x12B3C

In 3.72/3.73:

- 0x12BD8
- 0x12BDC

In 3.80 are:

- 0x12414
- 0x12418

And in 3.80 the nid scePaf_82D1FFD2 is scePaf_28A83D9F now.


Filename : main380.bin
MD5 : A9CB397585C170AABDE5B44FB98729E9
SHA1 : CA62191C51041B11657F905F8C6011D86469A677

PSP Firmware Update 3.80 released!

371w ago - As scheduled, Firmware 3.80 is now officially available via Network Update. The complete changelog is detailed below.

Download: PSP Firmware 3.80 (US) / PSP Firmware 3.80 (EU)


* [Internet Radio] has been added as a feature under [Network]
* The importing of channels in OPML format is now supported under [RSS Channel]
* Photos can now be displayed under [RSS Channel]
* New effects have been added to the visual player under [Music].

Loads of new PSP Firmware v3.8 pictures!

372w ago - Famitsu has uploaded loads of new pictures of the Japanese PSP firmware v3.8.

Pictures of the new firmware illustrate the new Internet radio player as well as the option to save shows to the TV Tuner which is a separate peripheral.

Cool stuff awaits for PSP owners indeed!

PSP Firmware 3.73 Update Released!

373w ago - A new PSP Firmware Update is now available via Network Update and linked below. Thus far, only one familiar change is listed in the changelog:

  • Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded

    Download: PSP Firmware v3.73 (US) / PSP Firmware v3.73 (EU)

    Not an exciting update, although it means more PSN titles for PSP are forthcoming which will likely require Firmware 3.73. Additionally, Service Mode has been confirmed as working and PSAR Dumper decrypts everything for those wondering.
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