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Sony adds XMB to its new range of Vaio Laptops

341w ago - Sony has added the XMB to its Vaio FW series of Vaio laptops. The laptops also allow the connection or creation of a DNLA server, which the PS3 or PSP can connect to.

To quote: Sony has decided to add the Xross Media Bar (XMB) that has proved so successful in its PlayStation 3 to its new range of Vaio laptops.

The Vaio FW series features Vaio Media+ software, which uses the 'move along, scroll up and down' functionality seen in both the PS3 and the PSP.

Sony clearly believes bringing this kind of synergy to its devices will help create the 'digital living room' all the major brands are gunning for.

The Vaio FW series also allows connection or creation of a DNLA server, which the PS3 or PSP can connect to.

Sony will also bring the same system to future Bravia TVs as it aims to add more functionality to the goggle box too.

E3 2008: Sony Conference Infamous Gameplay Trailer Available

341w ago - Another trailer from the Sony Press Conference is now available, this one being an Infamous gameplay trailer.

The caption reads: "Creators of Sly Cooper bring new action title to PS3."

As always, check out the video below courtesy of GameVideos.



E3 2008: Sony Conference Home Trailer Available

341w ago - Below is some new footage of Home that Sony played at its E3 2008 conference.

The caption reads: "The latest from the BETA of Home, complete with new game-centric hubs."

Check out it below, courtesy of GameTrailers.



E3 2008 Featurette: SONY Summary

341w ago - 2008 was billed as the year PS3 will rise to riches. It's already gone pretty well so far, with the console enjoying massive launches such as GT5, GTA IV and MGS4. But there's plenty more still to come.

Sony's E3 press conference kicks off on Tuesday July 15 at 7:30pm GMT and although Sony hasn't been the leaking barrel of holes that Microsoft has over the past few weeks, we're expecting it to have a lot to talk about.

Above all else, one face-smashing, jaw-crunching game comes to mind - God of War III. If reports are correct, Kratos will be making his debut at the show in trailer form. Devil May Cry 4 was good, but we're expecting Kratos tearing jaws off the faces of Gods in 1080p to make us smile from ear to ear. Literally.

Although it's not expected to be playable, and it's not out until 2009, we're hoping Sony will show off at least one in-game execution.

There should be plenty of hands-on action elsewhere in the list of already-announced PS3 titles, though. We'll be shocked and disappointed if we don't see the single-player campaign of Resistance 2 in playable form. And if we're lucky we might hear more on that mental-sounding 64-player multiplayer mode.

It'll be nice to get more of a look at Sony's other two shooters, Killzone 2 (maybe even a level that isn't...

Sony Throwing in the Towel on Winning the Console War?

342w ago - Everything is always "subject to change," but if this isn't the smoking gun for Sony cutting their losses this console cycle. Today, Sony's Chief Financial Officer, Nobuyuki Oneda announced that Sony had no plans to cut price on the PlayStation 3.

Speaking to investors in Singapore, Oneda said that "[o]ur strategy is not to sell more quantity for PS3 but to concentrate on profitability. Our plan is not to reduce the price." To be fair, if Sony is indeed looking to cut the price of their system, the last thing they are going to do is advertise the fact that they are planning to cut the price of their system.

After all, if they can reel in a couple of people at the higher price, they make extra money. So, Oneda saying "[o]ur plan is not to reduce the price" is not the main sticking point here. However, Oneda stating that their strategy of profitability over market share is significant and could signal that Sony is "tossing in the towel," on "winning" the console war.

I'm not arguing that Sony will pack up its bags and give on up the PlayStation 3. Far from it. But it's definitely a surprise to see that their current strategy is not to try and grab the highest market share they can, especially given the mantra of the company's executives about grabbing market...
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