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Resistance 2 - Attack on the USA - Exclusive new details!

337w ago - Resistance 2 will feature the Chimera in a major onslaught at the San Francisco Bay Bridge and other American landmarks.

Insomniac games have finally started talking facts. In a major feature of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK they have revealed a number of exciting new details. Resistance 2 continues where the first game finished, with Nathan travelling to Iceland, the base of SRPA (Special Projects Research Administration.)

When he gets there he discovers that there are others humans who have been infected by mutant DNA who also have mutant healing and telepathic abilities. They have been bought together as a task force known as the Sentinels, each with their own abilities and weapons.

The Multi-player modes are not tacked-on cameos to the single player game, they are fully fledged co-stars! A lot of work has been put into the co-op. Lead Designer Colin Munson says "Eight players is that sweet team size. It's enough so that you pretty much know the people on your team but it's big enough to let new players in."

The co-op campaign will focus on teamwork, with the game testing players ability to work together. "The initial bridge attack forces players to deal with danger from multiple angles. The Titans meanswhile require the squad to divide and conquer, as these behomoths...

Robot glider harvests ocean heat

337w ago - A sea-going robotic glider that harvests heat energy from the ocean has been tested by US scientists.

The yellow, torpedo-shaped machine has been combing the depths of seas around the Caribbean since December 2007.

The team which developed the autonomous vehicle say it has covered "thousands of kilometres" during the tests.

The team believe the glider - which needs no batteries - could undertake oceanographic surveys for up to six months at a time.

"We are tapping a virtually unlimited energy source for propulsion," said Dave Fratantoni of the Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOi).

But Steve McPhail, an expert in autonomous underwater vehicles at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Southampton, said the machine would not totally do away with batteries.

"You still need to provide power for the sensors, for the data-logging system and for the satellite communications system to get the data back," he said.

As a result, the vehicle would have to intermittently return to a ship or shore to recharge its batteries.

"It's always a trade-off between the power used for the propulsion system and the power used for the sensors," said Mr McPhail.

Ocean network

Oceanographers are increasingly looking...

Vision Engine 6.4 debuts at GDC 2008; optimized 360 and PS3 versions

338w ago - Trinigy, a leading provider of 3D Game Engines with offices in Germany and Austin, TX today announced that the latest version of its Vision Game Engine will be showcased to the public for the first time at Game Developer's Conference 2008 in San Francisco. Vision 6.4 will be revealed in the scope of the firm's presence at GDC Expo (February 20-22) and will be presented on-site at Trinigy's booth (NH 6105).

The new version of Trinigy's Vision Engine, whose predecessor has recently been nominated as finalist for Game Developer Magazine's Front Line Award 2007, features a versatile LUA-based scripting solution which is seamlessly integrated into Vision's WYSWIWYG editing framework vForge.

Additionally, a newly developed visibility system capable of flexibly handling all types of complex game scenes further increases the engine's performance. Improved support for dynamic resource streaming as well as various optimisations for Vision's Playstation 3 and Xbox360 versions are complementing the latest release.

Backed by the firm's recently founded US office in Austin, TX, Trinigy plans to further increase its international market share. Trinigy exhibits at booth #6105, North Hall, at this year's Game Developers Conference Expo, which takes place in San Francisco from February...

Suspected Church Arsonist Brags on Gamefaqs Forums

338w ago - A teenage boy has been arrested on suspected arson charges for burning down a Palmyra, MO church. What makes this game related you may ask? It seems that GameFaqs forum poster "Jediknight12345" (original, eh?) made a post in the "Current Events" page asking readers if he should burn down a school and a church.

The post was quickly removed by forum administrators and then a few days later another post showed up from the same person. This time, Jediknight12345 bragged that he had in fact burned a church/school down, described how he did it and even went so far as to post pictures of the event for posterity.

Fellow forum posters immediately alerted local news station WGEM and authorities leading to the teenager's arrest. According to recent reports, the arrested suspect was a member of the church and its attached school.

Video below:


Video Games and Aggression

338w ago - In 1955, the U.S. Senate blasted comic books, deploring their depiction of every horrible thing from murder to cannibalism.

The lawmakers heard from a prominent psychiatrist who singled out the Superman comic books as especially "injurious to the ethical development of children" because they "arouse phantasies [sic] of sadistic joy" in our youth. Another witness testified that children had been jumping off high places in attempts to fly like their hero. Shame on that Superman. He ruined the lives of so many children!

Half a century later, violent video games are the comic books of our day. Testimony before our state Senate included descriptions of horrific-sounding games. One witness described a game where the player scans in faces of classmates and teachers and then shoots them. He also referenced another game called Postal that gives points for watching innocent people beg for mercy before you kill them. The only problem is that we've never met one kid - or any person of any age, for that matter - who has even heard of these games. They are straw man arguments.

One frequently cited research article criticizing violent video games includes several studies. One of these studies was a "correlational study" from which the authors concluded, "Playing violent video games often may well cause increases...
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