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Blank Discs Inside Call Of Duty 4 At Best Buy? Better Open Them In The Store

359w ago - Zak writes to tell us that his copy of Call of Duty 4 was blank. Thankfully, he opened it while he was still inside the Best Buy, so exchanging it wasn't a problem. (Though some random Geek Squad guy did accuse him of being a scammer.)
I generally read a few of the network sites, Giz, LH and of course for a chuckle I also read Consumerist. Now I lack photo proof of this as I immediately did an illegal u-turn and took my product back to the store, but I'll let you know anyways.

Yesterday I had exchanged an Xbox 360 game, 'Hour of Victory' as it was the wrong game, I wanted 'Call of Duty 4'. The girl at customer service was happy to oblige me and I was told to walk back and pick up whatever game I wanted to exchange. CoD4 wasn't on he shelf so I asked an associate walking around and she checked stock, where the title showed up in transit. She went into the back as they had just gotten a shipment earlier, and low and behold here she comes with my blessed CoD4!

I take it up front, finish my exchange and head home. Halfway there my buddy opens up this FACTORY SEALED copy and starts laughing followed by a couple choice four lettered words. I look and staring back at us out of the box is a completely virgin (even fingerprintless) disc. U-TURN! We get back to Best Buy and I walk up to the associate who had...

Kids will hate the Family Timer for the Xbox 360

359w ago - Kids of world will be very upset about this new product from Microsoft. But parents will sigh with relief. Basically, the Family Timer will allow parents to put limits on game time in a given week or day. Check it out:

Microsoft, PTA and Super Bowl Champion Jerry Rice Announce New Tools to Help Parents Manage Kids' Interactive Media Use

Xbox 360 debuts video game industry's first and only Family Timer.

Microsoft Corp., the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Super Bowl champion Jerry Rice joined forces today to unveil new parental tools as part of the second year of the "Safety is no game. Is your family set?" campaign. They include a PACT, a family contract intended to foster family discussion about screen time guidelines, as well as a new parental control feature, the Xbox 360 Family Timer. The Family Timer will enable parents for the first time to set the appropriate amount of gaming and entertainment time on the Xbox 360 for their kids, on a daily or weekly basis.

"As a leader in interactive entertainment, it's Microsoft's responsibility to provide parents with tools they can use to manage their children's video gaming and online experiences, and we have made that a priority from the very start," said Robbie Bach, president of the Entertainment & Devices...

Ignorance: The World's Fight Against Games

359w ago - The ESRB: they decide what we should and should not play. Their initial verdict on Manhunt 2 was that it warranted an Adults Only rating. The UK decided to not allow the game at all. Rather than simply shelve the project, Rockstar toned down the game's content and resubmitted it to the ESRB, at which point the game managed to slide back down to a Mature rating.

In some people's eyes, forcing Rockstar to alter the game may seem like something done for the greater good. Less virtual violence will prevent any real life incidents, right? But in reality, it's part of an ongoing effort to limit video game developers' freedom.

There is a reason for the ESRB ratings. A 10-year old kid can't go into a store and purchase Grand Theft Auto. Sure, there have been slip-ups here and there by employees, but the rule is set in stone. Despite this, numerous individuals fight to take away violence and sex in video games. It's a parent's job to know what their kid is playing, so shouldn't we be focusing on that? Instead, we get people like Jack Thompson suing Take Two to prohibit the sales of Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV, even to gamers that are of age and should be able to choose any type of game to enjoy.

Let's pretend for a second that there are only a bunch of Wii Sports clones out there, all family...

Wii-like control tech for Western mobile devs

359w ago - GestureTek looking to give mobile game studios tools to make motion-sensing games
Canadian technology outfit GestureTek, which has already provided gesture-based controls to Sony's EyeToy, is looking to deliver motion-sensing mobile tech it has rolled out in Japan to developers around the world.

As reported in the latest issue of Develop's sister magazine Mobile Entertainment, earlier this year the firm launched a mobile version of its technology, called EyeMobileEngine, which NTT DoCoMo built into its Panasonic P904i and Sharp SH904i handsets - over one million of the devices have been sold and DoCoMo has around 70 'Chokkan' motion-sensitive games available.

EyeMobile uses the phone's camera to recognise and respond to hand and body movement, which means handset firms don't need to add new technology to allow for motion-sensing.

GestureTek is now preparing to push the technology around the world. It already signed a partnership with Telefonica to make motion-sensitive games available across the Spanish operator's global network and is talking to Hands-On to aid its reach out to smaller developers. The firm has a history in working with American carriers on innovative phone games, also, having produced a handful of titles for Verizon including 3D Tilt A World and Camera Phone Darts.

Two Worlds patch details

359w ago - SouthPeak is fixing both Xbox 360 and PC versions of the action RPG.

The publisher has announced that a playable demo of the RPG adventure Two Worlds has been released on Xbox Live. The demo features a large section of the single-player map to explore and quests to solve.

Meanwhile SouthPeak also says that a patch is forthcoming for both PC and Xbox 360 games to address issues experienced by some players.

Here are the fixes you can expect:

Both platforms (PC and Xbox 360)

>Horse steering has been improved
>Character development curve not as steep over level 25
>HP regeneration slower for max values above 2000
>Death strike skill - executable by strike button while in sneak mode
>Critical hit skill fixed
>Damage is now allowed over 32000
>There is a cap on damage and armor at 99999
>Necromancer spells have been balanced
>Magical boosters - effect restricted to 5 boosters
>Stacking potions with different statistics - fixed
>Objects stacking - objects can't be stacked up if result has higher level requirements than current player level
>Equipment Class cap on 50
>When killing in towns - after you leave the town and go back guards will ask you to pay instead of immediately attacking you...
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