PSP Custom Firmware v3.90 M33 & v1.5 Kernel Add-On released!

324w ago - Dark_AleX has updated to PSP M33 CFW v3.90 today! The firmware update can be applied either directly via Network Update if you're already on 3.80 M33, or by following the manual instructions below.

The previously released 3.80 M33 POPSLoader does work with 3.90 M33. However, you cannot run the 3.80 POPS with it. Also released today is a 1.5 kernel add-on for regular (non-Slim) PSP units running 3.90 M33. Instructions for installing the add-on are provided below as well.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware v3.90 M33 [Right-click, Save As] / PSP v1.5 Kernel Add-On for CFW v3.90 M33 [Right-click, Save As]

v3.90 M33 CFW Instructions:

- Copy the UPDATE folder into /PSP/GAME/
- Get the 3.90 sony update from somewhere, and put it in same folder, with name "390.PBP".
Alternatively, you can let the installer to download for you via wifi.
- Run it, the update will be done by Sony updater. At the end when you are asked to reboot the
PSP pressing X or O, do it.

v3.90 Changes:

- 3.80 -> 3.90
- March33 NO UMD: fixed (yet another) bug related with exiting with home. (infinite semaphore wait)


YouTubers given share of ad cash

324w ago - YouTube users in the UK will be given the chance to make money from the videos they post on the site.

The project is already up and running in the US and is now being extended to other countries, starting in the UK.

In the US some contributors are already earning thousands of dollars each month from their films, according to the video-sharing site.

The amount that is earned will depend on the number and popularity of the videos, it said.

Creating stars

Those signing up to the YouTube Partner Programme, as it is called, will be offered a share of the revenue generated from advertisements that run next to their video.

YouTube is not disclosing the exact details of the scheme, but does say that those making "several thousand dollars a month" are regularly producing videos with over one million views.

"The more videos you have and the more popular your stuff is, the more money you are going to make," said a spokesman for the site.

The first wave of US partners - including singer/songwriter Tay Zonday, wordsmith hotforwords and comedians apauledtv and peteandbrian - have already become responsible for a significant percentage of YouTube's total traffic, according to the site.

Tay Zonday's song "Chocolate Rain" has...

Analysts lay out '08 expectations

324w ago - Colin Sebastian banks on consoles for the first half, PCs for back end of the year, while DFC Intelligence projects hardcore fare to define the market.

With the first month of 2008 nearly in the books, industry analysts are wrapping up their latest round of predictions for what the coming year will mean to gaming.

In a note to investors this morning, Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian picked out two trends to watch for. For the first half of the year, Sebastian expects growth in console gaming to be a big story thanks to the release of high-profile games like Devil May Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Metal Gear Solid 4. However, Sebastian expects the PC market to gain prominence after June, buffeted on the strength of releases for Activision Blizzard's World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King and Starcraft II, as well as Electronic Arts' Spore.

Will Wright's intergalactic life sim isn't the only EA game Sebastian is looking forward to. The analyst listed a number of other interesting titles from the publisher slated for its next fiscal year, which runs from this coming April through March, 2009. In addition to a new Burnout, Sebastian listed the BioWare role-playing game Dragon Age, an as-yet unconfirmed F1 racing game, and a new Fight Night on the company's expected fiscal 2009 release...

2008: Boom or Bust?

324w ago - January 29, 2008 - 2007 came, saw, and conquered all expectations anybody had for the gaming industry. With huge blockbuster titles like Halo 3, Ratchet and Clank: Future of Destruction, Crysis, and Super Mario Galaxy covering all platforms, last year was a veritable gamer's nirvana.

But coming off of that high, will 2008 stack up? The question is on everyone's mind and yet nobody can reach any agreements.

What most people can agree on is that profits in 2008 will not match those of 2007. How could they? 2007 will go down as one of the most profitable years ever for the industry, as it broke into the mainstream consciousness with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises and banked an overall hefty $18 billion in sales.

2008 already brags a decent lineup of video games, the sheer magnitude and quality of 2007's titles won't be beaten for quite some time. That doesn't mean, though, that 2008 will be the death of the industry as pundits seem to think.

While sources agree that video games in 2008 will probably only earn a relatively miniscule $10 billion, this is still a positive sign of a growing industry. Hardware sales jumped in 2007 as well, riding the wave of software. 2007 was the year to buy a console, and most people will only buy one or two consoles per generation....

Devil May Cry Anime U.S. Release Likely Canceled

324w ago - The North American release of the Devil May Cry anime series may have been canceled by publisher ADV Films, according to a recent report from ICv2. The report, which indicates a broad number of domestic cancellations on ADV's part, including the Devil May Cry series, has since been pulled from the site, but is still available via Google Cache.

Despite being announced in December for a February 5 release, absolutely no references to Devil May Cry currently exist on ADV Films' Web site. These references, however, are also still available as cached pages.

We contacted both Capcom and ADV Films to learn more.

Capcom reps told us that while they can't speak for ADV Films' release schedule, a cancellation of the DVD release of the series would not affect the Devil May Cry 4 Collector's Edition. It comes with the first disc of the DVD release, containing 4 episodes of the cartoon, which may now be the only option for those looking for an English language release.

We have yet to hear back from ADV reps. Word from ADV to retailers listed some 37 titles as "on indefinite hiatus, effective immediately" but the title is still listed as shipping on February 5 at retailers like Amazon and CD Universe.

We'll update if we hear more details.

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