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PSP outsells DS in Japan!

334w ago - Things are looking up for PSP in Sony's homeland, as it managed to nip ahead of DS in hardware sales figures for last week.

According to Media Create digits for the week ending February 24, Sony managed to sell 53,373 PSP units, knocking the 50,151-selling DS temporarily off its perch.

It seems the several sexy renditions of the PSP Slim and humanity's growing fascination with satellite navigation is working wonders for Sony's handheld.

Wii sales in the territory still dominate, with 63,504 topping the hardware list in the same week, while PS3 only managed 14,060. Poor 360 only grabbed the attention of 2001 customers.

It's great to see both portables selling well - if only it were the same for the console market out there.

Sony's first upgradable Blu-Ray deck

334w ago - There have been a lot of problems with Blu-Ray. The first players lacked network connections, and didn't have local storage, but the latest player solves both those problems, adding a full 1GB of storage and a wired Ethernet port.

The BDP-S550 also packs the latest BonusView technology, letting it show picture-in-picture features on the latest Blu-Ray discs.

There's also onboard decoding for HTS-HD High Resolution and Master Audio streams too, making it pump out 7.1 surround sound in better quality than any Sony box before it.

What's really got us excited, however, is the price. The BDP-S550 will go on sale for $500 in the US, and barring a huge price hike on this side of the pond, should end up being cheaper than a PS3.

That means film fans who want the goodness of Blu-Ray, and a truly future-proofed bit of kit can finally avoid parking a PS3 under the TV. Hallelujah, praise be to Sony!
Out "fall 2008" | £255 ($500)

New Details on 360 Failure Rates Report

334w ago - A few weeks ago we reported that warranty service SquareTrade had compiled its console system warranties to arrive at a 16.4% failure rate for Xbox 360 systems.

Today, we've got more details on the statistical breakdown. Put on your pocket protectors, kids: it's time for some math.

The actual breakdown is 171 claims out of sample size of 1040 purchased warranties.

The sample consisted mostly of Premium units, which taken on their own had a slightly higher 17% failure rate. As previously reported, 60% of the failures were the famed Red Ring, but various other types of errors rounded out the statistic, including disc read errors, video card failures, hard drive freezes, power issues, and disc tray malfunctions.

The new report does note that this only tracks up to 10 months after the warranty purchase, and once a longer period of time is given, the failure rate is likely to increase.

It's also worth pointing out that since Microsoft's Red Ring of Death warranty extension was introduced last July, some users may be going directly to the parent company instead.

DualShock 3 US Release Date Revealed

334w ago - Sony announced at today's PlayStation Destination conference that the DualShock 3 controller has received a solid US release date. The controller is set to launch on April 15 at an MSRP of $54.99.

To quote: We have more word from retailer conference Destination PlayStation: the DualShock 3–you know, that DualShock we've been waiting for since the PS3's launch–has gotten a US release date.

Set to launch April 15th for $54.99, it's slated to coincide with the release of GT5 Prologue. Oh yes, feel those engines roar through your controller and make your SIXAXIS-wielding friends envious...like they're just playing a video game or something.

Complete Interview - What's to Come for Xbox 360

334w ago - We know, right now half of you are scratching your heads wondering "who the hell is John Schappert?"

He's the new Peter Moore, minus the tats, facial hair and accent.

Michael McWhertor and Brian Crecente got to sit and talk to him about what's to come from Xbox 360, LIVE and all sorts of stuff like that.

This isn't some 2-minute clip, so make sure to dim the lights and pour yourself a glass of wine before partaking. The satin robe is optional.

The complete Interview video can be seen here!
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