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Video: ZEN Pinball: Earth Defense Table Hits PSN This Week

253w ago - Zen Studios Managing Director Zsolt Kigyossy has announced alongside a video that ZEN Pinball: Earth Defense Table is coming to PSN this week.

To quote: [Register or Login to view links] has locked down this Thursday, March 25 as the official release date for Earth Defense, the latest expansion table for ZEN Pinball!

You can pick up the fun new table on the PlayStation Store for $2.49 - check out an exclusive sneak peak of the new Earth Defense table with the trailer below!

And that's just a small taste of what the Earth Defense table will deliver. Prepare yourself to save the world! The fate of the world is in your hands and it is your mission to overcome the panic and rid Pinball City of the alien invaders.

Check out the exciting new Earth Defense table tomorrow! For more information, you can always check out previous posts on the Blog or visit the official ZEN Pinball Web site at [Register or Login to view links].


PlayStation Minis Game NormalTanks is Available on PSP and PS3

253w ago - Beatshapers CEO Alexey Menshikov has announced that the PlayStation Minis game NormalTanks is now available on both PSP and PS3 via PSN.

To quote: I'm Founder and CEO of [Register or Login to view links], a Ukraine based video games developer and digital download publishing company.

I've started my career 12 years ago as audio designer, worked on many games like Carnivores series, Vivisector, Cryostasis, EA's Black, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and more.

Recently, me and our key team members were responsible for IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Pray for PSP platform, MelodyBloxx (this year IGF Mobile "Honorable mention" awarded), Rhythm of War PSP (IGF Mobile 2009 finalist) and BreakQuest, another PSP minis game which we've developed and published around the PSPgo launch.

So what is all this about? NormalTanks is a really old school fast-paced multi-directional top-down arcade shooter in a sci-fi tank universe.

Reminiscent of games from the 8-bit era, NormalTanks features a better look and feel but still retains a classic alone-saves-the-universe gameplay.

There are 8 challenging, dynamic and hazardous environments to tackle: inside enemy bases, outdoor jungles and mountains, every level has own end levels boos to defeat.

Rumor: ESRB Reveals Delta Force: Urban Warfare Heads to PSN

253w ago - The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) have recently rated a shooter named Delta Force: Urban Warfare, originally released for the PlayStation 2 and PSOne back in 2002, for the PS3 and PSP which means it's likely to be heading to PSN.

For those unaware, Delta Force: Urban Warfare was first created by Alien vs Predator developer Rebellion.

To quote: "Last week we brought you the news that a PlayStation 2 title could make a triumphant comeback to the PS3 next year, but Delta Force: Urban Warfare is more likely to release in the coming months on the PlayStation Network.

As it's still unannounced for PSN though, we'll nudge Sony for comment."

Video: Hamsterball is Coming to PS3 on PSN This Week

254w ago - Today Howard Lehr of TikGames has announced that Hamsterball is coming to PS3 via PSN this week, and shared a video of it in action below.

To quote: We've been in stealth mode on this one, having a great time playing against our co-workers, friends, family, the guy we saw out the window waiting for the bus who was wearing a RUSH T-shirt (we lured him into our office on the premise that we had a fresh supply of donuts).

Hamsterball is a blast and it's time now to share it with the world. We hope you will love it as much as we do!

What is Hamsterball? Well, imagine if both [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links] were to meet a cute and unsuspecting hamster who's out for a leisurely roll in his ball. This is the most frenzied race to the finish line he'll ever run, guaranteed!

Hamsterball offers a ton of great game modes, including 2 player split screen, 7 player sumo and a whole bunch of single player levels. Oh yeah....we've got many unlockables, and Trophies too! (We just looooove Trophies.)

No more worries about cleaning the cage or middle-of-the-night escapes, only to find...

PlayStation Network Video Content Update for March 19, 2010

254w ago - PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen is back with this weekend's PSN video content update today.

To quote: Here is this week's PlayStation Video Store update. Brand new movies for rent this week include [Register or Login to view links] (starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker), [Register or Login to view links], [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links].

For TV this week, new episodes of LOST, 24, Chuck, and The Simpsons are in and all available in HD. In Free TV, you'll want to download Episode 5 of the Tester, and the free Pilot for Sons of Tucson.

Check out the clip below for new release The Fourth Kind. Did you know this movie was based on actual case studies of alien abduction... FREAKY!


Shrek Forever After - Theatrical Trailer
Sons of Tucson Season 1 - Pilot
The Good, The Bad, The Weird - Theatrical Trailer
The Tester | Season 1 - Buzz In or Buzz Off


American Me
Astro Boy
Austin Powers in Goldmember
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