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Kojima: Japanese Game Leadership Becoming a Thing of the Past

345w ago - While Metal Gear Solid 4 looks set to take the video gaming world by storm, Hideo Kojima is lamenting the fact that Japan is no longer "molding the world's gaming industry."

Yesterday, Konami held a press conference confirming that development on Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots had concluded and that the game has gone gold. Series creator Hideo Kojima took the stage and talked about the game's development and how pleased he is with how it has turned out. He also made some comments about overall trends in the industry towards casual games and, in general, how the industry is no longer steered by Japan.

"Casual games have become mainstream in the industry," declared Kojima. "It's not just a Japanese phenomenon but also something that's happening worldwide. There are new markets and possibilities opening up thanks to the trend, which is great. But on the other hand, we shouldn't forget about the hardcore gamers whose lives are about videogames.

The gamers who consider video games a subculture, and enjoy taking their time to sit down and play games that gives them energy and courage. I wanted to remind those gamers about the fun of video games. I know that we're going against the trend, but we've been working hard for the past four years so that the fire [of non-casual games] won't...

Alone in the Dark Interview and Exclusive New Screens!

345w ago - Are you afraid of the dark? Do you run from things that are creepy - or go looking for them with a magnifying glass?

Survival/horror, the genre that turned teens and adults into terrified gamers that were too scared to put down the controller (or in some cases, too frightened to hold onto it), has been a great source of pleasure for those seeking thrills and chills.

If you're in that group, you won't have to search much longer: Alone in the Dark returns this summer.

To quote: You can even pierce the gas tank, start driving, leaving a trail of fuel, bail out, set fire to the trail, and you have a powerful rolling bomb.

Our objective was to make a game that's more modern in terms of content, more adapted to the tastes of today's gamers, and in particular that breaks the clich├ęs of what you know about video games, said Nour Polloni, Producer at Eden Games.

For us it's not a survival/horror game, but a new perspective on what the survival experience is. We've done this through innovation in the spirit of the first Alone in the Dark, a broad mix of gameplay and a new way to tell the story.

In the 90s, survival/horror games were slow and creepy. Now they're taking on a more action-oriented approach. Is this good or bad, and which path was taken...

New User-Created EchoChrome Levels Coming To PS3

345w ago - Kumi Yuasa, associate producer for the perspective-bending PlayStation Network title echochrome, has revealed that twenty all-new user-created challenges will be playable through the game's freeform mode sometime later this this month.

Yuasa didn't mention a concrete date, but did say that the levels would launch "between May 15 and May 21."

Players will need to set their difficulty level to at least 2 or 3 to experience the new levels. Additionally, the creators of each level will be rewarded in the form of recognition starting this week, as Yuasa will reveal their PSN ID on the PlayStation Blog.

As a couple commenters over at the PS Blog have pointed out, it would be far more convenient if the levels could be downloaded and played at will, instead of randomly through freeform mode.

Super Smash Brawl finally coming to Australia

345w ago - Nintendo Australia today announced the release date of Super Smash Brawl for the Wii.

This long overdue title will be on the shelves in Australia on 26th June 2008.

Click the link up top for more information.

Kojima: MGS4 is the Conclusion to the Metal Gear Saga

345w ago - At a press event held in Tokyo yesterday, producer Hideo Kojima announced that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patroits has gone gold.

Meaning, the game is now finished development-wise and is currently in the process of being sent to manufacturing in preparation for its June 12 worldwide release date.

While on the stand, Kojima noted that Metal Gear Solid 4 is "the conclusion to the Metal Gear Saga."

However, Konami president Fumiaki Tanaka accentuated the fact that MGS 4 won't be Kojima's last PlayStation 3 title, as he has mentioned in previous interviews before.

To quote: "We took on all sorts of challenges in the making of MGS4," reminisced Kojima.

"We were challenged to make MGS4 on the Cell-processor-operated, unknown monster of a hardware called the PlayStation 3. We were challenged to make MGS4 in high definition graphics and 5.1ch surround sound so that it'd play in the leagues of movies.

We were challenged to give MGS4 the most [content] in the series, and so we had the largest number of developers working [on the franchise] ever. We were challenged to release the game simultaneously worldwide for the first time. And, we were challenged to make it the last title in the series, as the game will be the conclusion to the Metal...
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