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European PlayStation Store Update for April 8, 2010

251w ago - SCEE's Mike Kebby from the PlayStation Store Team has posted this week's European PSN update today, as follows:

Our friends from FirstPlay release the first episode of their new video magazine offering, as well as the option to subscribe for three months worth of episodes.

We've watched this project come to fruition with great interest, and I'm sure you'll agree that it's been worth the wait once you try it for yourself.

Blue Toad Murder Files episodes 4, 5 and 6 arrive, with more puzzles and intrigue for you to delve into, whilst we also have the demo for 2010 FIFA World Cup, and the latest mini to hit our digital shelves - Freekscape: Escape From Hell.

As usual, I don't have enough space to write about all the content available this week, so for the full listing have a gander at the list below.

PlayStation Store via PS3

Special Offers (PSP content also available via PSP and Media Go)

(Available until the 15th of April)

Outrun Arcade Online (was - £7.99/€9.99 now - £5.25/€6.59)
Gunstar Heroes (was - £3.99/€4.99 now - £2.39/€2.99)
TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled...

Video: Sony Introduces FirstPlay - Weekly Interactive PSN Show

251w ago - Sony Associate Editor Nathan Ditum has officially introduced FirstPlay today and shared a video showcasing the new weekly interactive PSN show.

To quote: My name's Nathan Ditum, associate editor on FirstPlay, and I'm hugely excited to tell you that Episode 001 will finally launching this week, on Thursday 8th April.

If you've not heard the name before, [Register or Login to view links] is the new weekly interactive show from the team behind Official PlayStation magazine, which will be appearing on the Store every Thursday from now until our video-editing hands become gnarled claws that look not unlike a crow's skeleton.

Each episode costs 99p (or £8.99 for a 90-day subscription) and is packed full of HD reviews, previews, and screenshot galleries, with access to betas and downloadable goodies included as often as possible.

Being the reigning office FIFA champ and definitely not a massive liar, I'm happy to say that Episode 001 features an in-depth preview of EA's brilliant-looking 2010 FIFA World Cup, alongside HD reviews of God Of War III and Just Cause 2.

We've also got our...

King of Pool for PSP Hits PlayStation Network This Week

252w ago - Nordcurrent Managing Director Alex Bravve has announced on the PlayStation Blog today that King of Pool for PSP is hittin PSN this week.

To quote: I'd like to talk about our upcoming PSP game King of Pool that will be available on PSN this Thursday, April 8 for $9.99.

Well, [Register or Login to view links] is one of the biggest collections of Pools and Snooker on PSP. We have worked really hard to implement the whole variety of rules that exist in the world, and we believe we've managed to do so.

The most popular pool type is [Register or Login to view links]. It is the kind of pool you would play with your friends in a real life. We have created numerous visual locations for you to choose from, ranging from traditional British pub to modern club that you would find in Tokyo.

Apart from Eight Ball, we have plenty of other modes for you guys to choose: Snooker, Nine Ball, Four Ball, One Cushion Billiard and other pool games. But the most intriguing part is yet to come.

In case the above mentioned modes are not enough, we've gone one step further and created a few original tables you wouldn't find in a real life. Originally they were created by our lead artists just for fun,...

Flower PS3 Soundtrack is Coming to PSN This Week

252w ago - Today Associate Producer Randall Lowe of SCEA Santa Monica Studio has revealed that the Flower PS3 Soundtrack is coming to PSN this week.

To quote: I'm excited to be back to talk more about the Flower soundtrack originally teased on February 12, the one-year anniversary of the game's release.

The soundtrack will be coming out this Thursday on PSN, and features eight tracks from the game and over an hour's worth of music, all for $2.99. So be sure to pick it up when it comes out. I also have a very special treat for you.

I spoke with [Register or Login to view links], the award-winning music composer and audio designer behind Flower's wonderful soundtrack, and he graciously agreed to putting together some thoughts on creating the soundtrack. Enjoy!

Looking back, a year-plus removed from working on Flower, it's hard for me to remember anything but wonderful times with Sony and [Register or Login to view links]. Then I think a bit harder and remember: the fights.

Not fights amongst us developers, no. Besides, that comes part and parcel in the process of game development. Rather, the fights happened within the music. All-out brawls between themes, lines, instruments, harmonies as the music struggled to find...

Video: Coming to PSN This Week - Freekscape: Escape From Hell

252w ago - Creat Studios Director of Business Development Scott Hyman has shared a video announcement today that Freekscape: Escape From Hell is coming to PSN this week.

To quote: I'm very proud to announce our latest PlayStation Mini, [Register or Login to view links]. The game will be available this Thursday, April 8 in North America for $4.99 (and in [Register or Login to view links] for €4.99)

Developed by our good friends [Register or Login to view links] in Brazil, Freekscape: Escape From Hell introduces Freek, a cute little demon who has discovered a magic trident. Inspired by the trident's powers, Freek becomes determined to ascend out of the Netherworld and into Heaven. But, of course, he needs your help.

Freek encounters a variety of unusual creatures in his fire-laden underground world. His new-found trident allows him to capture those crazy crawlers and turn them into different tools, depending on their abilities. For example, while an elastic-bed-like monster transforms the trident into a pogo stick, a sharp toothed goblin turns it into a cutting machine.

Freekscape: Escape From Hell is a...
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