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Yet another Microsoft white space device fails FCC testing

331w ago - Although several other companies have submitted white space devices to the FCC -- we know Philips has one in, and Google's making a lot of noise about new and improved reference designs -- it looks like Microsoft's run of bad luck with the tech continues, with yet another white space transceiver unexpectedly failing during FCC tests last week.

There's no word on if the latest unit failed for the same power-related reasons as the previous test devices, but Microsoft's doing a little damage control and saying that the FCC hasn't found any interference with TV signals so far, and that it's easier to pull the plug now and let other, non-MS devices finish out testing.

Yeah, we'd say so -- at this point Redmond's bungled attempts to get this stuff working are becoming sort of embarrassing. Google to the rescue?

PSP Custom Firmware 3.90 M33-3 & Universal Unbricker v5 out!

331w ago - Dark_AleX has updated to PSP Custom Firmware 3.90 M33 which further improves compatibility of the built-in M33 NO-UMD driver. As always, the update can be downloaded via Network Update or by the direct link below. Unfortunately, the update does not remedy reading off GAME390 instead of GAME380 in this revision.


* March33 NO-UMD driver compatibility has increased to support games like Coded Arms, Patapon, Harvest Moon Innocent Life and probably others affected by same errors.

Dark_AleX has also updated his 'Despertar del Cementerio' Universal Unbricker application to version 5. It can be used in conjunction with a Pandora battery to restore and install Custom Firmware on any PSP unit regardless of model or motherboard.

Version 5 features support for installing Custom Firmware 3.90 M33-3 directly rather than 3.80 M33-5, and includes integration with the Time Machine if it is installed on your memory stick.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware 3.90 M33-3 [Right-click, Save As] / PSP Universal Unbricker v5 [Right-click, Save As]

Bill Gates May Have to Testify In Xbox Fire Case

331w ago - The lawyer in the case says he will proceed with efforts to depose Gates unless Microsoft settles for at least $25 million.

The lawyer for the family of a teenage girl who was horribly burned in a house fire allegedly sparked by a faulty Xbox game console is threatening to have Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) chairman Bill Gates testify about the safety of his company's offshore manufacturing practices.

Attorney William Tinning said in a letter to Microsoft last week that he would seek "an apex deposition for Mr. Gates given his worldwide speeches about the inadequacies of capitalism and the need for his Warren Buffet-funded charitable trust to bridge the gap.

"This is in direct contrast with his business organization policies," wrote Tinning. Microsoft is "one of the largest employers of low wage earners in China for products built to the specification of his company which have resulted in massive recalls for safety issues," he added.

A copy of the letter has been obtained by InformationWeek.

Tinning said he would proceed with efforts to depose Gates unless Microsoft settles for at least $25 million.

Microsoft has denied responsibility for the fire.

In the letter, Tinning said Kayla Lazo "virtually became melted" in a fire that ravaged...

Sony Downplays GTA IV Episodic Content

331w ago - SCEA's Scott Steinberg tells GameDaily BIZ that only a very small percentage of gamers will even buy the episodic content for which MS "spent the GNP of several small Latin American countries."

In an exclusive interview to be published in the next few days on GameDaily BIZ, Scott Steinberg, VP of Product Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America, has commented on Microsoft's exclusive episodic content for Rockstar's much anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV.

The GTA franchise historically has always been associated with Sony's PlayStation, but this time not only is the latest GTA not exclusive, but Sony failed to secure a deal for any exclusive episodic content on PS3. If you ask Steinberg, however, none of that ultimately matters to the average consumer.

"[Microsoft] spent the GNP of several small Latin American countries to get that [content], and if you've ever played San Andreas...there's a lot of game to Grand Theft Auto and there's going to be a lot of game to Grand Theft Auto IV to the point where I think most people will have that Grand Theft Auto experience on the PS3, day and date, same core game shipping on the 360. Perhaps they'll be shipping some episodic content in the fall, but there is a whole lot of product shipping on the PS3 in April and I personally don't think...

XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus for X-Box 360 available!

331w ago - For X-Box 360 fans, the upgraded version of the popular XCM XFPS Sniper is now available, namely the XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus!

A video is also available HERE demonstrating how to map both of the 360 controller analog sticks to the keyboard.

XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus features include:

- Compatible with all X-Box 360 games
- Compatible with all versions of X-Box 360 consoles
- Compatible with new version of X-Box 360 wired controller
- Can map all the 360 controller keys (include both analog sticks) to any key of the keyboard.
- Compatible with 95 % of different kind of mouse and keyboard.
- High sensitivity, precision and smoothness
- Built-in Turbo (Auto Fire) functionality. Independent Auto fire buttons: Eight customizable auto-fire buttons
- Can adjust the mouse sensitivity from 2 extra wheels with 16 levels of adjustment for X and Y sensitivity to adapt perfectly to every mouse.
- Connect PS2 compatible controllers to your X-Box 360
- Compatible with PS2 joypads, light guns, racing wheels, dancing mats & more!
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