New PS3 and PSP Releases for the Week of August 30, 2010

190w ago - Over the weekend Sony's Senior Social Media Specialist Rey Gutierrez has detailed the new PS3, PSP and PSN releases for this coming week, as follows:

This week€s The Drop tells the story of the Green Knight, Gray Knight, Conehead and Snakey when they discover a black magical box in the Animal Ark that plays Blu-rays.

Get your battle axes and animal orbs ready, The Pipistrello and the Frost King await your arrival on the PlayStation Network. Need a testosterone hit of big guns, mechs and explosions?

Here€s your chance to save New York City (again.) Shinji Mikami replaces the undead of Resident Evil with the Augmented Reaction Suit, when the PSN demo for his new sci-fi action shooter drops on PSN.

Jeff has a death grip on his PSP this week with the arrival of Valkyria Chronicles II, and PlayStation minis get some love when Europe€s Metacritic PSP darling and Youtube viral sensation goes €crabbing for gold.€ The PlayStation Network has tons of love to give this week €" get the bandages ready €" your gaming thumbs are going need it.

PlayStation Network

Castle Crashers // PSN Demo €" Dan Paladin is not only the co-founder of his...

SingStore PS3 Releases for the Week of August 25, 2010

191w ago - SingStar Content Manager Nina Scherer of London Studios has posted up this weeks SingStore PS3 releases today, as follows:

So, here€s what we have in the SingStore update for you this week: Rock your socks off with €Dude (Looks Like Lady)€, a classic from Aerosmith, €Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through€ by Meat Loaf or, if you like it even heavier, there€s always Korn with €Coming Undone€.

Also on the €menu€ are songs from Carrie Underwood, Nik Kershaw, Kate Nash, Julian Cope and Metro Station to name a few.

In English

Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

Carrie Underwood
Before He Cheats

Chris De Burgh
Lady In Red

Daryl Braithwaite
One Summer

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode
Master And Servant

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode
A Question Of Time

Depeche Mode

You Don€t Know Love

Elvis Presley
Way Down

Julian Cope
World Shut Your Mouth

Kate Nash

Coming Undone

Meat Loaf

New Sony PS3 and PSP Releases for the Week of August 23, 2010

191w ago - Sony's Senior Social Media Specialist Rey Gutierrez has posted up this coming week's PS3, PSP and PSN releases today as follows:

Can you tell we€re aching for some Shank? The kitchen on the 3rd floor reeks of spaghetti and lasagna, and Mafia II is etched in the men€s bathroom.

If you€re a fan Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm or PixelJunk Racers, you will be pleasantly surprised with this week€s updates and demos on the PlayStation Network. Hit the jump and brace yourself for gaming greatness, in this week€s The Drop.

PlayStation 3

Mafia II €" You play as a poor Italian American immigrant, Vito, trying to escape the life of poverty and secure his place in the American Dream of the late 1940s. Vito, along with his childhood friend Joe, both descend into the world of organized crime guaranteeing them both power and wealth. As an added bonus, The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC comes exclusively to PlayStation 3.

PlayStation Network

Shank €" Looking to get your hands bloody and spending your days hell-bent on revenge? Featuring...

Sony Details PS3 & PSP Releases for the Week of August 16, 2010

192w ago - Sony's Senior Social Media Specialist Rey Gutierrez has posted up the new PS3 and PSP releases for the upcoming GamesCom week today, as follows:

If you have a secret personal collection of Cabbage Patch Dolls and Care Bears, does PlayStation have a treat for you!

Thanks to Pixar and the power of Blu-Ray, every toy€s nightmare; Emperor Zurg and Sid Phillips €" finally meet on one single premium disc.

The Kylosian & Segramites people invite you on an adventure on your PSP, as you adventure through seven distinct worlds. Also, you€ll be able to hunt dinosaurs this week. Wait, what?

Only PlayStation can make Emperor Zurg, Kylosians, Care Bears and Dinosaurs make sense in one sentence when we reveal this week€s new releases. Strap on your Sony Walkmans and join me on this week€s The Drop.

PlayStation 3

Toy Story 3 Hybrid Premium Edition €" Pixar delivers the original Toy Story film in high definition while packing in Toy Story 3: The Game, all on one single Blu-Ray disc.


Sony PS3 and PSP Releases for the Week of August 9, 2010

193w ago - Sony's Senior Social Media Specialist Rey Gutierrez has just posted up the second weekly edition of The Drop, which includes both PS3 and PSP releases hitting shelves and PSN this coming week as follows:

This week€s The Drop delivers a variety of options for all your gaming needs. Apparently, there€s a big NFL licensed game dropping this week €" I€m sure you may of heard of it.

The PlayStation Network has an offer you can€t refuse, a PlayStation fan favorite kart racer returns this week as a PSOne Classic, and finally €" you take on the world, when a comic book series transforms into a side-scrolling beat-em up brawler.

I think I hear our very own Jeff Rubenstein chanting €Fly Eagles, Fly€ outside our office window. Hit the jump and catch up on this week€s new releases, as I run out and join Jeff€s one-man wave in the parking lot.

PlayStation 3

Madden NFL 11 €" Twenty-Two years in the making, Madden NFL 11 promises to deliver a list of new features and improvements, according to the EA Tiburon team. They promise an authentic approach to situational game planning, one play at a time with GameFlow.

Also, faster game times, a new locomotion animation system, a new...

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