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Ninja Gaiden 2 Preview

360w ago - We sit down for a chat with Itagaki. New screens, gameplay footage and a video interview.
"Ninja Gaiden is a franchise that was born on Xbox... this is our mainstream. It's only natural that the sequel should be on Xbox 360," Tomonobu Itagaki says through a translator to the small, but crowded, audience gathered to listen to him speak about the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 2. IGN is the only media outlet in the room; the crowd comes from a small army of Microsoft marketing and PR agents eager to listen in. That's because Microsoft announced at this year's Tokyo Game Show that it would be publishing Ryu Hayabusa's next adventure for Xbox 360, ensuring its exclusivity.

What followed was a wonderfully candid discussion about what went right with Ninja Gaiden, what could have been done better and what we can expect in 2008 for Ninja Gaiden 2. Xbox Live details, multiplayer modes, gameplay nuances and more were all on the table and you might be surprised by some of the responses we were given. So watch the video interview and then read on for more details.

Since Ninja Gaiden's revival as a franchise in 2004, Tecmo and Team Ninja have not been shy about refining the game through new releases. The downloadable Hurricane Packs, Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden Sigma all sought to improve on the original. Ninja...

Why Final Fantasy XIII will be the best yet

360w ago - The latest epic adventure from Square-Enix

Taking place in the dual locations of Pulse (a scummy underworld) and Cocoon (a heavily regulated Utopia), Final Fantasy XIII features a trademark bewildering plot of political intrigue and warring factions, characters of steely determination and sudden mood swings, and a vast scope which will suck dozens of hours from your life. Here are the reasons why it will be an instant classic:

1) Battle Mode
FFXIII will retain the fast-paced, real-time battle system seen in FFXII, relying on command inputs to decide a scrap.

2) Moves List
Battle commands are selected from this rolling menu, and they're then stacked up in a queue.

3) ATB Points
Commands will cost ATB points, as in FFXII, but now you'll be able to execute orders as the bar refills.

4) Mystery Girl
Lightning is the codename of this mysterious girl on a mission to destroy the hovering city of Cocoon.

5) New Engine
The game is powered by the White Engine, Square-Enix's all-singing new game engine which will power new cutscene-like real-time visuals and awesome effects.

6) Watch the Meter
This appears to be the Overclock meter, which is filled as you fight. Once full, the selected character enters a trance-like...

Microsoft Shares More on Fall Dashboard Update

360w ago - Finally delete XBLA demos on Gamercards. Yay!!

Microsoft has shed more light on the upcoming Fall Dashboard Update. Microsoft Japan recently held a press briefing covering some of the new features that will be bundled in the update. One of the newly discovered changes will be the ability to reorganize the Game Blade, which will feature the Game Library, instead of Xbox Live Arcade, Achievements, and Played Games sections. The new update will allow for easier sorting by having everything break down with filters. Items will be added into sections like, All Games, Arcade, Demos, and Recent Downloads.

Some other changes include:

Marketplace will be reorganized and reduced to four categories. The new categories will be "Recommended Content," "What's New," "Game Store," "and Video Store."

Personal Profile added into Gamer Profile. This will allow you to add a brief introduction about yourself, your name, nationality, and country of origin.

XBLA demos will also be deleted from Played Games and Gamercard listings.

Ghostbusters: First multiplayer details

360w ago - The Ghostbusters game, due for launch next year on just about every format except PSP, will feature the a Ghosts vs Busters multiplayer mode and ghost-catching face-offs on PS2 and Wii.

The PS2 and Wii versions, handled by developer Red Fly, will likely influence the multiplayer modes on other systems. Though Terminal Reality (handling the 'big' versions) is just as likely to have its own ideas.

Ghosts vs Busters will throw two teams of players together, one trussed up with proton-packs and khaki boilersuits as the Ghostbusters team hunting down a team of slime-launching disapperating ghosties. Ghost-catching modes will, clearly, be races or contests to see who can catch-'em-all quickest.

Co-op play is, according to the UK's Official Xbox 360 Magazine, "under consideration", though there are no details and main dev Terminal Reality don't want to disrupt the game's theme of you playing as a newbie to the old Ghostbusters team. Read the full Ghostbusters feature in this month's UK OXM, issue #28, on sale now.

Sleeper Hits of 2008: Brutal Legend, InFamous and Borderlands

360w ago - Another month to go before some of the biggest names in the community make one of their most stellar and anticipated comebacks. Snake's family saga over a nuclear equipped Mech is deemed to finally get an ending (?), Liberty City welcomes you back with open arms and let's crime take its toll.

Final Fantasy hits XIII, Ryu's back with gore, vengeance and violence, and the Super Smash series is all set to be a smashing hit, this list goes on and on and on and on. But what happens to games that have not exactly been under the spotlight and are yet gearing up to become one of the best gaming experiences in years to come. These games have not exactly been picked up by the marketing scanner to propel them into unimaginable heights.

Brutal Legend (PS3, Xbox 360): There is no need for any introduction to Tim Schafer's game on Heavy Metal meeting a fantasy world, inspired by a Megadeth roadie. Eddie Riggs might have been an ordinary Metal road junkie but a fantasy mishap lands him up in a world where Humanity is enslaved by demons whose gods are the greatest metal titans ever!!! Dude this seems so fricking rad, the action/gameplay elements seem equally impressive, face melting solo, axe slinging hot rod action, and visuals like Tim Burton's movies all set in a completely mystifying world of ancient Norse...
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