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Massive 1TB recorder sucks up broadcast HD TV

357w ago - Rather than investing in one of the competing high-definition disk formats right now, a technologically sound alternative might be to hedge your bets by plumping for a hard-drive solution such as the latest from I-O Data Japan.

The „99,800 (£445) Rec-POT HVR-HD1000EX features a whopping 1TB hard drive that can store over 100 hours of full-definition HD TV or 250 hours of standard digital broadcasting.

FireWire over and out
An update from earlier models, the HD1000EX brings new firmware to the mix that allows for easier handling and sorting of the program library and some image-enhancement tricks.

Like the rest of the Rec-POT series, the new model connects by FireWire to anything from a Sharp HD TV set to a Panasonic Blu-ray recorder, making for a very flexible alternative to jumping aboard a ship that may not be long in the water.

The I-O Data Rec-POT HVR-HD1000EX has enough room for four days of HD TV pic below.

Resistance 2 in 2008, Syphon Filter PS3 in 2009 According to PSM3

357w ago - There have been smidgens of review scores from PSM3's Christmas Edition, but not so much has been seen of the news section in the magazine. And oh, there are a bunch of treats held within its pages. There is news on Resistance 2, and next-gen outings of Hitman, Prince of Persia, and Syphon Filter. Carry on reading over at Ripten.com

For those of you that missed PSM3's review scores, this is for your benefit:

Assassins Creed - 81
Call of Duty 4 - 94
Need for Speed ProStreet - 79
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga - 80
Beowulf - 41
The Simpsons Game - 70
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men - 58
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - 90

Crash of the Titans - 62
Thirllville: Off the Rails - 69
Jackass: The Game - 60
Singstar R&B - 70
The Sims: Castaway - 55
High School Musical: Sing it! - 32

Silent Hill Origins - 82
SOCOM Tactical Strike - 78

A lower than expected review score for Assassin's Creed, but make sure you come back here for our thoughts on that game next week. Now we've got that out of the way we can move onto the good stuff. Within the pages of this Christmas Edition lies nuggets of insider news. From Warhawk downloadable content, to EA working on a snowboarding...

Failures of 2008: Devil May Cry 4, Splinter Cell Conviction and Haze?

357w ago - The class of 2007 learnt a pretty good lesson, too much hype results in a fundamentally flawed game. Rarely has there been a case that a game that has been running on a million shots of morphine, been able to cross the line of both critical acclaim and sales, with the year ending the buzz has already started on the lineup of 2008.

The original Devil May Cry sold millions to the PS2, after DMC's initial screening at E3, MGS 2 was not the only game people wanted to play. Dante was pegged to be the next big avatar next to Snake and Max Payne. The game was launched and proved to be a big hit. Next year the developers decided to make another game starring Dante but this game hardly proved to be different from its predecessor and bombed. The team came back one last time on the PS2 to revamp Dante in DMC 3 and proved that with necessary and radically cool changes in gameplay, the audience would still yearn for Dante.

Production for DMC 4 started off with a bang and then Capcom decided to give gamers a bigger bang by announcing the title for the "Dead (Now) Rising" Xbox 360. The game's officially in production since the announcement of the PS3 and by the looks of it the game might just go down the alley as 2008's biggest disappointment.

Looking at a whole lotta stuff from the game it seems,...

New 360 SDK Library To Make Multithreading Easy

358w ago - Actually, I don't think anything could make multithreading less difficulty for a developer, short of ancient Aztec magic. You know, because the Aztecs were just awesome with the whole concept of hardware threads and "Tony" units.

Unable to tap into whatever the Aztecs knew, Microsoft has come up with its own solution. Well, for the Xbox 360 anyway. Included in the August 2007 SDK for the console was a new library, called XMCore.

Microsoft's Pete Isensee detailed the features of the new library at Game Connect last weekend. To put it simply, XMCore will make "lock-free programming" easier for game developers.

So what the hell is lock-free programming?

While there's multiple ways to approach multithreading, one method Microsoft recommends is called "message-based concurrency". Using message-based concurrency, each thread owns its own data, and instead of threads accessing common pools of data, they send chunks of information between themselves.

The problem is, in order to write to a piece of data, a thread has to "lock" it, to prevent other threads from tainting it while the work is being done. Managing data locks can be a massive headache for a developer, and, despite the performance benefits and scalability of message-based concurrency, it's just too tricky and time...

Climax Group working on "unannounced title" for Konami

358w ago - Climax has been developing hit games across all formats since 1988 and has worked with many of the worlds leading publishers. Climax has a very experienced core management group, with teams of talented programmers, artists and designers. Using advanced project management tools, the studios are delivering a range of titles from ports of existing games, fresh takes on existing IP, to exciting new ideas on the new console formats.

Climax has a great history, but the future is even more exciting with awesome forthcoming titles such as Silent Hill Origins, Ferrari, Viva PiƱata for Windows and an unannounced title for Konami. Keep checking back for updates!
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