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New Darkest of Days shots

371w ago - A bunch of new pictures detailing the upcoming historical FPS, ranging from World War I to Pompeii or the American Civil War.

More screenshots can be seen here!

Microsoft quietly combines TV efforts

371w ago - Microsoft has quietly folded its Internet Protocol television, Media Center, and HD DVD efforts into a single organization, known as the Connected TV business group.

The unit, which is part of Robbie Bach's Entertainment and Devices division, is headed by Enrique Rodriguez, the VP (and former WebTV developer) who has been heading the IPTV effort. Peter Barrett, who was CTO of the IPTV unit, takes on that role for the unit.

The move, which took place in October, paves the way for the different technologies, all centered around the television, to work more closely together.

On the IPTV front, Microsoft is moving ahead with its effort to allow additional programs to run on set-top boxes using its software. Microsoft said it now has more than two dozen companies working on software for its Mediaroom platform, including ES3 and Emuse Technologies.

In October, the company had a conference in Boston for such developers, an event the company plans to make a yearly gathering. Expect to hear more on the IPTV front at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Microsoft has spent years and invested billions of dollars in the TV business, changing approaches several times along the way.

Jump Festa 2008 Report

371w ago - Square Enix shows new Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, plus lots more.

Bitter December cold. Check. Chance of rain. Check. Over an hour on a train packed with families on their one outing of the season. Check. Thousands of way-too-excited Japanese kids running around with their faces glued to their DS systems and their Blue Dragon cards, bumping into everyone over four feet tall along the way. Check...mate?

We really should hate attending the Jump Festa videogame and comic show. But the promise of Square Enix titles making their playable debut is way too much to pass up, so every year we take the hour-long train ride out to the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba and try our best to keep our manners and refrain from stepping on one of these little tornadoes and/or knocking out their parents for not keeping them on a leash. Ahem.

At this year's event, open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, Square Enix was once again the main attraction for the videogame crowd. With the promise of playable debuts for the Final Fantasy fighting game for PSP, Final Fantasy: Dissidia, the new DS Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, and the new mobile Final Fantasy IV spinoff, Final Fantasy IV: The After, we were expecting to spend the whole day waiting in line at the one booth -- but thankfully...

Clinton Would Crack Down on Computer-Generated Cartoon Sex

371w ago - Hillary Clinton is still outraged that Rockstar Games left a sexually-themed mini game nestled in its best-selling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 2005.

You'll recall the kerfuffle when the deactivated love scene was found buried in the code for the otherwise wholesome car jacking, cop-killing shooter. The unfinished mini-game featured clothed characters simulating sex acts. To access the scene, randy teens had to download and install a special patch developed by a Dutch coder, expending more effort than it takes to find real, human adult content on the web.

That all led some cynics to suspect Clinton of grandstanding when she called a press conference to denounce Rockstar and demand a Federal Trade Commission investigation into San Andreas. The ESRB re-rated the game to AO for "adults only," raising the minimum age of purchase from 17 to 18 years old -- a crucial year in which a teen develops the necessary psychological defenses to resist the Siren song of polygon porn.

But in a response to a questionnaire from the watchdog group Common Sense Media, Clinton reveals today that she still sees the affair as a victory for child safety. She describe her introduction of the doomed Family Entertainment Protection Act as a response to the "illicit" sexual content in San Andreas, and says, as...

PlayStation 3: Third Party Support

371w ago - With a $399 price tag and some heavy hitters like Burnout Paradise and Metal Gear Solid 4, now is the time to purchase a PS3!

Videos can be seen below:

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