Guardian Prefers PS3 40GB To Xbox 360 Arcade

336w ago - Now that there's a multitude of versions and bundles for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it's trickier for the general consumer to figure out which to purchase.

The Guardian recently did an analysis of both PS3 and Xbox 360 and has decidedly more positive things to say about Sony's new iteration as compared to Microsoft's.

"So which should you go for? I'll leave the basic Xbox vs. PS3 quandary to you, but as for packages, at £299 the 40GB PlayStation 3 is good value - it'll be rare for you ever to need more than two USB ports. Keep an eye out for retailer bundle deals - most will offer a game or at least a Blu-ray movie or two and for a few extra quid you could get an extra controller as well," recommends The Guardian's Keith Stuart.

"With Xbox 360, the Arcade machine's lack of a hard drive is a big minus for those hoping to use Xbox Live Arcade by downloading more games, plus GTA fans will find themselves having to fork out more than £100 for a hard drive when GTA IV comes along," he concluded.

We can't argue with any of those points. The Elite's 120GB HDD certainly isn't a requirement these days, but not having a hard drive at all in 2007 seems a tad archaic.

Are some of The Witcher CD-Keys missing in Canada?

336w ago - Several members of the Atari forums from Canada are reporting that they've purchased a copy of The Witcher in retail and it hasn't come with a CD key on the back of the manual.

One member said; "I picked up my copy of The Witcher today and have been unable to locate the CD-Key which is supposed to be inside the manual cover (this is the retail version purchased in store; I had it pre-ordered). I've looked through the manual and the case and have been unable to find the CD-Key. I've noticed that it was mentioned on The Witcher official forums as well. Is this a problem with all CD-Keys with this version or did I just happen to get one that doesn't have one?"

They are also having troubles getting in contact with Atari to get an answer to remedy their problems, so we'll be getting in contact with Atari to see if we can find out why these issues have come about. Stay tuned!

Witness Blu-Ray With The Sonar Series Blue Laser Pointer

336w ago - Blue laser diodes have been recognised as a key component in audio and video media players and recorders in the last few years but how about seeing Blu-ray literally? You can with the Sonar Series Blue laser pointer from the house of Wicked Lasers.

The Sonar Series Blue laser pointer is capable of emitting 405nm violet beam - close to the infrared waveband at 390nm. The laser is encased in an aircraft-grade aluminium shell and functions in pulsed output, meaning the laser turns on and off numerous times per second.

Whenever the laser is pointed at an object, a stunning fluorescent effect is created. If you are a collector of lasers, you might want to start saving as this particular one will set you back a cool $2,000!


336w ago - Vancouver-based development studio Radical Entertainment, responsible for titles like The Hulk, Crash of the Titans, Simpsons: Hit and Run, are now working on Prototype, a free-roam action-oriented game heading towards PC, X360 and PS3 platforms. In short, this one seems to offer several neat ideas that could make a welcomed improvement over the typical gameplay formula noted in most games today.

Video can be seen here.

Prototype puts you in the role of a hooded shape-shifter named Alex Mercer, a dark anti-hero who awakes one day in New York City, without any knowledge about his origins (ah, the old "amnesia" bit, my favorite). All he knows is that he was genetically modified and bestowed with incredible super-powers. One of his primary abilities is to "consume" human victims, which, in turn, allows him to gain their identity.

Alex soon realizes that he's caught in the middle of a city where the so-called Black Watch Special Forces are preparing to declare martial law. At the same time, hideous mutants were spotted wandering through city streets. Alex begins to see that his special powers are somehow connected to all this chaos that has engulfed the city. (He is a perceptive young man. - 2Lions)

Being a genetically engineered...

HD-DVD's Act of Desperation, and Why it Just Might Work

336w ago - Today a battle was fought in the next generation video disc format wars. To be honest, every time Average Joe walks into an electronics store and buys a HD-DVD or Blu-ray player, or a high definition movie disc, a battle is fought and won by one side or another.

In that battle, you would think that HD-DVD would have the edge because of name recognition. People already know what a "DVD" is, so it would go without saying that they would conclude that a "HD-DVD" is a high definition version of a DVD. But Blu-ray is clearly winning the war right now. Blu-ray has the edge in studio support, number of movies released, and number of players sold (a number vastly boosted by the number of Blu-ray playing Playstation 3's on the market, although it's saying something about both formats when the struggling Playstation 3 is all that's needed to outperform one format over another).

In truth, Average Joe doesn't walk into an electronics store and make a decision between Blu-ray or HD-DVD. If he's aware of either format at all, he probably knows that both formats exist and that a war is currently raging between the two for industry dominance. Average Joe probably also thinks that his good old fashioned DVDs look just fine and doesn't need a high definition disc format.

The stagnating sales of both formats...

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