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New Releases for January 08

369w ago - Blast works Build Fuse & Destroy-Wii
Bran Challenge-DS
Brothers In Arms: Road to hill 30-Wii
Bully Scholarship edition-360
Burnout Paradise-PS3,360
Cabela's Monster Bass-360,Wii
Classic British Motor Racing-Wii
CSI: Hard Evidence-Wii
CSI: Miami Night-DS
Culdcept Sage-360
Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel-PS2
Dark Sector-PS3,360
Devil May Cry 4-PS3,360
Endless Ocean-Wii
Homie Rollers-DS
Rygar Battle for Argus-Wii
MX VS ATV: Untamed-DS
Samurai Warrior: Katana-Wii
Turning Point-PS3,360

Metal Gear Solid 4 Coming to Xbox 360

369w ago - Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming to the Xbox 360. This is not a rumor. This is straight from a Konami distribution representative's mouth. The game is already in production and has been since early 2007. Complete details after the jump:

No, the rep will not be named, but this is pretty concrete. Speaking to a Konami rep at an undisclosed distribution meeting, I was told, after a lot of nagging, that yes indeed MGS was in development for the 360. The rep stated that Metal Gear Solid will be released for the Xbox 360 between 12 to 14 months after the PS3 version hits shelves. This is not a rumor.

I contacted Microsoft's own John Porcaro via email shortly after I spoke to the Konami rep to see if I could get anything from Microsoft's public relations team. Below is the response I received. Needless to say it's the most I've ever gotten out of MS PR team member.

You can call this a rumor, as the news may be hard to swallow for many who have read the constant denials from Konami, but this is straight from a Konami distribution rep's mouth. And I have never gotten a response like this from Microsoft before. To write that much, I can't help but think Porcaro had no idea what to say. The fact that he brings up "leaking information" has us a little worried, but again, we're not naming any...

Happy New Year 2008!

369w ago - Happy New Year 2008 to ALL!

Team PS3News

Psyclone Wii Recharge Stations Break Wii-Motes

369w ago - Complaints have started to hit the internet en mass regarding the Psyclone Wii-Mote charger. Claims range from the unit simply not working, to reports of the remote actually melting onto the charger. Amazon.com's review page runs rampant with warnings regarding the battery charger; out of 27 reviews, 25 of them ended up being negative. Psyclone chargers can be found at most major retailers ranging from Target to Circuit City.

After looking at the product description on Psyclone Essentials' website, we noticed a very lengthy warning regarding their Recharge Station:

WARNING - Rechargeable batteries left unattended in the recharge unit for an extended period of time may cause the batteries and/or unit to overheat. If the Wii (TM) remote doesn't charge properly or begins to heat up, please stop the charge process and contact our customer service line to prevent further damage. If you feel that your batteries are heating up, please do not use those batteries any more. We are happy to help you and replace your product: Psyclone Customer Service #1-800-315-0795.

How many times have you left your cell phone or iPod on a charger all night? You simply don't expect that the charger will keep charging after it's finished, it should go without saying. So instead of owning up to the problem and...

Populous Coming to a Japanese DS Near You

369w ago - With all the focus on SimCity and SimCity2 on the DS, it seems one of my favorite city building games is getting overlooked.

Populous, the finger pointing god game is finally making it's way onto Nintendo's popular handheld! EA Japan already has a website up for the game that looks to have been up for quite a few months.

The site is minimal and all in Japanese, but it does have some small screen shots and such tucked in there for the adventurous clicker. The splash page announces that the game will be released in Japan on Feb. 21, 2008 and something tells me the US version will not be too far behind. At least I hope...
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