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10tacle takes over The Games Company

362w ago - 10tacle Studios has taken over Berlin-based development and marketing firm The Games Company Worldwide. The acqusition was made through a stock swap of 454,545 shares of 10tacle, issued at 11 Euros per share, with the value of The Games Company estimated at five million Euros.

The takeover helps 10tacle further expand its development capacities in the area of casual gaming and secures access to a comprehensive 2008-2009 line-up featuring releases for platforms such as the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PC.
"With their comprehensive line-up and their pool of high-quality license themes from the TV, movie and entertainment sectors, The Games Company represents a first-class addition to our existing business portfolio," said 10tacle CEO Michele Pes.

"Markus Malti, Carsten Strehse and the entire TGC team have delivered first-class work over the last few months, work that we will now continue together. I look forward to the up-coming projects and the continued expansion of our development competence within the concern."

"We are incredibly pleased to be part of such a renowned and successful firm and look forward to playing an active role in the continued success of the 10tacle Studios," Malti and Strehse said in a joint statement.
The Games Company was created in 2006 from a merger of German...

NPD Fallout: Rock Band Proves its Worth

362w ago - Over 350,000 copies at $170 a pop is impressive, but critical mistakes cost them more.

No one expected Rock Band to outsell Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock this holiday season. Guitar Hero is one of the most powerful franchises in gaming right now -- period. In fact, if Rock Band sold at all it'd be a triumphant feat for the new music IP, Harmonix and MTV.
Only the hardcore are even aware Harmonix was behind Rock Band (and once Guitar Hero), so while their involvement was encouraging, it was hardly relevant to the end game. And while the $170 price tag is actually cheap given the value inside -- game, guitar, drum, microphone -- the lack of individual peripherals meant that was the only way to join in on the fun, unless you were lucky enough to realize the Guitar Hero controllers work on Xbox 360. Unless you read gaming websites, you probably didn't -- or, perhaps, wrongly assumed it did on PlayStation 3.

As it turned out, Rock Band performed surprisingly well in its first few weeks on the market, according to the NPD Group, selling 296,000 copies on Xbox 360 and 68,500 copies on PS3, making for 364,500 copies combined.

The franchise's public image has taken a hit due to the incredible frequency at which the guitars have been breaking, but Electronic Arts' typically fast and courteous...

Creative Minds: Todd Hollenshead

362w ago - There's no doubt about it; id Software has been responsible for helping shape the games industry into what it is today. Without Doom, Quake and John Carmack's coding wizardry, you can bet we'd be playing very different games today. Who knows, the Russians might've even won the Cold War?

Doom has stuck in the minds of a generation of gamers, while Enemy Territory rocks the online charts and Quake III Arena is still played (mainly by us) after almost ten years on the shelves.

Meanwhile the next shooter from the FPS juggernaut, Rage, is exciting enough on its own. But behind the scenes the latest engine from coding super-brain John Carmack, id Tech 5, could flip current-gen game developer on its side.

The team is developing Rage for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac simultaneously thanks to its latest engine, which works across all platforms using the same assets. If you're a developer (and tired of rubbish ports), you should be intrigued.

We sat down with id CEO Todd Hollenshead and lead level designer Matt Hooper to discuss the rise and rise of id.

What's a day's work like at id? We're imagining Quad Damage door bells and a flaming reception...

Hollenshead: Some days are better than others but almost every day is an interesting day. Some days we come into the office...

Revolutionary: 10 Things I Hate About Wii

362w ago - The holidays are a time of giving and love, and it's high time we give the Wii a little bit of tough love. I've thrown criticisms at the console and the big N more than a couple of times, and so far, it looks like most of my gripes are being addressed. This time I'm picking nits for the most stubborn issues many of us are hoping to see rectified, but seem to be on the bottom of the power players' to-do lists.

With games up to the quality standard of Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and Resident Evil 4, it's easy to forget there's anything wrong with the Wii. But I'm taking some time off from the nearly perfect games to scrutinize and deliver up a list of complaints. Of course, I'm only doing this because we love the Wii so much and want to see the most made of its enormous potential.

10. The waiting game
Some things never change. Nintendo is well known for family friendliness, extremely polished games, and designing hardware that prints money, but they're also known for delays. Chances are, if you own something made by Nintendo, you didn't get it on the date it was first scheduled to be on the store shelves. In most cases, it's worth the wait for Nintendo to put on the extra coat of perfect, but even knowing that doesn't make the wait any easier. Smash Bros., I'm talkin' to you!


Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Debuts

362w ago - Following yesterday's screenshot release, Shacknews is pleased to premiere the first new Duke Nukem Forever teaser trailer in over six years. According to George Broussard of developer 3D Realms, the approximately minute-long video was originally created internally for the purpose of holiday festivities and marks the beginning of further media unveilings surrounding the notoriously long-in-development first- person shooter.


"The release is still 'when it's done,' but you can expect more frequent media releases and we're not changing engines again and we have considerable work behind us," Broussard told Shacknews today when asked about a release date.

Registered users can also use the HD stream or download the HD trailer.
The trailer features the work of longtime Duke voice actor Jon St. John as well as prolific game composers Jeremy and Julian Soule. Several captures from the video are available below.

Platforms for the game were not confirmed, but when asked today whether Xbox 360 in addition to PC is likely, Broussard's response sounded positive though not definitive. "I don't think we've stated that yet for the record but your observations are probably correct," he conceded.

First announced for PC in 1997 as a followup to the...
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