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Army of Two: Chris Ferriera Interview

368w ago - A game that not only promotes the idea of co-operative play, but practically lives and dies by this mantra? Army of Two could well be the first game to implement this in a game that is looking more impressive as time goes on.

As you've no doubt gathered already, when EA invited SPOnG to speak to the lead designer, Chris Ferriera, about his brainchild, we went along. One thing's for certain, Chris is passionate about the game. Read on to find out just how passionate.

SPOnG: Thank you for joining us here. First of all, could you introduce yourself for our readers and tell us what inspired you to get involved in the games industry?

Chris Ferriera: My name is Chris Ferriera, I'm the lead designer on Army of Two by EA Montreal. I've been doing games for almost 10 years now, and at first I didn't think I could get into this industry when I did - I thought it was a Japanese-only thing. My whole life I've played games, whether it was Warhammer or pencil and paper RPGs, but the thing is... I never played them so much as I 'ran' them. I always wanted to run the game, tell the story and tell people where to go... and you know I was game designing [as a kid], and changing rules that didn't work and all that stuff, not realising that what I was doing could be a part of my future. I enjoyed...

Why PS3's power will shine in 2008

368w ago - PlayStation 3 will flourish in 2008 - not our words, but the emerging consensus among the global development community. With genuinely exciting exclusives flickering on the horizon (see our recent MGS4 hands-on and in-depth details) and a growing community of developers coming to grips with the possibilities on offer from the hardware, the future's looking bright.

While some developers have been critical of PS3's complex architecture (yes, Gabe Newell from Valve, we're pointing at you) many more are praising the power and potential of the machine.

"The amount of action we're able to put on the screen at 60 frames per second dwarfs what we were able to do a year ago at 30 frames per second," claims Insomniac's (Resistance, Ratchet) Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings, "What's most exciting is I think we'll see just as big a leap from our second generation engine to our third as we did from first to second."

User-created content will be a feature of 2008, claims Epic boss Mark Rein (Unreal Tournament 3). "We're really excited about bringing robust user-created content to PS3. PC gamers can use the included Unreal Engine 3 tool set to create mods which can be played on PS3."

Destroy All Humans 3 intro video!

368w ago - THQ released the quite amusing intro of a video intro from Destroy All Humans: Big willy Unleashed, a game that was quite discreet since a long time now.

Note: the source had the wrong title which was "Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon" but has been corrected to "Destroy All Humans: Big willy Unleashed".

Video can be seen below:


Plug Pulled on Monster Hunter U.S. Servers

368w ago - Apparently three long years of service were enough for the small community of gamers that still played Monster Hunter on their Western Playstation 2s.

Of course, it's amazing that the love affair lasted as long as it did. Still serious business in Japan, sales of Monster Hunter games have been remained flat in the U.S. since their respective debuts. To date, the Playstation 2 version is the only one to feature actual online play, a major draw of the series in the first place (PSP releases only allowed ad hoc multiplayer in the same room).

For the seventy-or-so gamers logged on when the servers were shut off for good at approximately 12:25 PM EST, the departure must have been bittersweet. It wasn't Capcom's fault, though. According to a blog post on their community site a little over a month ago, the online capabilities of the game were outsourced to a company that no longer wants to remain in the business of networking Playstation 2 games (and really, what kind of business is that anyway?).

Ever the vanguard for its fans, Capcom even petitioned the nameless provider for a contract extension, but they weren't having any of it.

It's always kind of sad to see these small gaming communities disrupted – there's something intriguing about having that sort of dedication...

New Turok Game Play Video

368w ago - Below is a new video linked from IGN showing the gameplay in the upcoming Turok for the PS3 and XBox 360.

It's titled "Attack the Base" (HD).

Video can be seen here!
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