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Recording Industry Says Ripping CDs To Computer Is Illegal

368w ago - Washington (DC) - The Recording Industry Association of America has filed a landmark federal lawsuit in Arizona, claiming that it is illegal for users to make copies of CD tracks to their computer for personal use.

The RIAA is going after Jeffrey Howell of Scottsdale, AZ. The group alleges that Howell shared 54 music files over the peer-to-peer network Kazaa. This kind of complaint has become commonplace for the RIAA, but they added something different to this lawsuit.

Ira Schwartz, an Arizona-based lawyer for the trade group, says Howell is also guilty of making "unauthorized copies" of CD tracks by ripping them to his computer, even though he may never have shared them with anyone else.

"It is undisputed that Defendant possessed unauthorized copies of Plaintiffs' copyrighted sound recordings on his computer," said Schwartz in a legal brief. "Once Defendant converted Plaintiffs' recording into the compressed .mp3 format and they are in his shared folder, they are no longer the authorized copies distributed by Plaintiffs."

This means that the RIAA is saying it could actually come after anyone who has ever used a CD ripping program to transfer tracks from a disc to a computer, regardless of whether or not file sharing was involved. The organization's website makes this clearer by...


368w ago - Pros: This is one very sleek unit. In fact almost everything is irrelevant to the quality of the OLED panel and the sheer thin width of the screen. And for LCD TV and Plasma the writing could be on the wall with OLED.

Cons: The weakness of this early unit is the control buttons and the lack of flexibility in the arm that links the ulta thin screen with the base control unit.

Smart House today got an exclusive FIRST LOOK at the new OLED TV technology from Sony and it is impressive. The first thing one notice's is the dramatic improvement in OLED screen quality. It sharper the colours richer and there appears to be a smoother flow of the image across the screen.

The model that I reviewed was linked to a Sony PS3 Playstation and we were able to run a Blu ray movie as well as traditional DVD content to the device.

A single TV input also allowed for the testing of a traditional free to air Full HD signal and even that was impressive with colours appear to be a lot more balanced than with an LCD TV.

On the styling side the screen is wafer thin however the control buttons which are on the top of the base unit to which the screen is attached are a little old fashioned and not in keeping with the stylish screen.

The model that I had access to is about to...

Will the new ‘Ultimate’ Xbox 360 eclipse Sony’s PS3?

369w ago - What a week for rumor mongering. Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Xbox 360, Crysis on the Xbox 360, and now the imminent arrival of the new Xbox 360 'Ultimate.' What will Friday bring, we wonder?

With Mr. Bill Gates expected to launch a departing bombshell during his final keynote as Microsoft chairman at next week's upcoming CES show in Las Vegas, industry commentators have been speculating wildly about exactly what he might unleash.

Well, if today's rumour from Stuff magazine is to be believed, Microsoft's concerted efforts to quell the challenge of Sony in the gaming arena are about to shift into overdrive with the arrival of the all-new 'Ultimate' Xbox 360 console.

Not content with the Core, Premium, and Elite models, Microsoft is apparently preparing the autumnal introduction of its Ultimate edition, a 320GB behemoth that comes equipped with 1080p HDMI, onboard Wi-Fi connectivity, HD audio output, cool-running 65nm hardware, and an almost imperceptible ventilation fan.

Furthermore, it will also be able to take advantage of the Xbox IPTV service, which is expected to be in full flow well before the end of the year. And, if you're presently wondering whether the Ultimate will offer enough oomph to crush the PlayStation 3 beneath Microsoft's stomping corporate boots,...

Apple set to ship Macs with Blu-ray support

369w ago - Apple Inc. at this month's Macworld Expo will will outline a high-definition video strategy that will see its weight thrown further behind Sony Corp's Blu-ray DVD format as opposed to Toshiba's HD-DVD, according to one Wall Street analyst.

In a report issued to clients early Thursday morning, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu cited sources who say the Cupertino-based Mac maker, which already occupies a seat on the Blu-ray consortium, is set to begin shipping some of its computers with support for the next-generation DVD format.

"We believe this is a key announcement as current Macs ship with the DVD format and Sony gains a strong ally in Blu-ray," the analyst told clients. He added that Disney, for which Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is a Director, is a firm supporter of Blu-ray, while rival Microsoft Corp. has placed most of its eggs in the HD-DVD basket.

However, Wu hedged his bets somewhat, saying there is "a smaller chance Apple may use a combo Blu-ray/HD-DVD drive to ensure full compatibility and not get involved in the format wars."

Apple, which markets a complete line of HD content creation tools for consumers and professionals, announced in March of 2005 that it had joined Blu-ray Disc Association. Since then, however, the company has observed much of the...

Worst European PlayStation Store Update Ever?

369w ago - Update: A French Sony representative lets us know that last week was their week off and so they had nothing set up for this week, which is perfectly fine. Therefore, this weeks European update is only what they had hanging around, making our title a tad unkind.

It looks as though the European and Australian stores are going to be pretty empty this week. Their friends across the water had a New Years break, and perhaps it is their turn for a little rest. It certainly looks like it.

Can we blame them? They brought us 3 gems last week - a Super Stardust HD demo and upgrade, The Club demo and a new PSN game, Snakeball.

The Australian Store has already been updated, and reports from the French Playstation forum suggests that the same meager offerings are on their way to Europe also.
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