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The End of Blu-ray Vs. HD DVD War Cometh January 15, 2008?

345w ago - We've talked time and time again about the ongoing war between the two next-generation DVD formats, HD DVD and Blu-ray, and about what each of the two sides is doing in order to achieve victory in this conflict.

However, there are some pretty strong chances that both Sony's and Toshiba's (the two developers and main backers of said formats) plans might be hindered by none other than the Korean company Samsung and its dual-format player, the BD-UP5000.

From some points of view, the BD-UP5000 is some sort of urban legend, since its development was solely a rumor for an extended period of time, although the official announcement regarding its release came in July 2007. And it seems that now HD-hungry users will finally be able to get their hands on this player as the online retailer Amazon has just opened the pre-order season for this thing. The BD-UP5000 will sell for around 800 US dollars, starting with January 15'th.

The device supports both Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats as well as their interactive technologies, HDi and BD-Java. Furthermore, it can achieve 1080p resolutions, not to mention the full compatibility with 24 movie frames per second playback.

As in the case of any high-end player, the connectivity options represent quite an important issue, and the Samsung's hybrid delivers...

Playstation 3 Turns Into Useless Brick After Firmware Update 2.01

345w ago - Want your own BrickStation 3? Upgrade to 2.01 and hold your breath... Starting last week, PS3 owners started reporting that their next gen console would not read their Blu-Ray discs. Some users reported that their PS3 would not even read DVDs. All reports started to come in after gamers made the upgrade to 2.01.

"I inserted Blu Ray Disc into PS3 for first time and movie appeared under video tab. It started to play and i started skipping previews and then all of a sudden screen went blank. I went back to PS3 home screen and tried ejected and inserting Blu Ray movie back into PS3 and the icon fails to appear under the video tab. I then tried DVD and that did not appear either. PS3 Games still work. Please help!"

Today when I myself tried to update my PS3 to 2.01, I was left with a half bricked PS3. What I mean by this is that I can longer use any media that resembles a severely flattened donut on my PS3. This includes cds, dvds, games, and blu-ray disks. Some of you may be familiar with the message of "Disc Unreadable/ Unrecognized", however this does not even show up when a disc is inserted.

Tomorrow I am heading over to Best Buy to swap it out, and perhaps you should you should too if you have the best buy warranty. However, while this solution will get you back up and running quickly,...

Sony: 15 PS3 exclusives in 7 months, 15 internal studios working on PS games

345w ago - There will be 15 exclusive PlayStation 3 games between September 2007 and April 2008, according to SCEA's Peter Dille.

Sony's senior VP of marketing also said that Sony has "15 internal studios working on PlayStation titles, more than Microsoft and Nintendo combined." Today's Reuters story examines the decline in PlayStation brand exclusives and rise in multiplatform games.

Dille's simple answer for the decline is that third-party publishers need to recoup their investment. The real question that he doesn't answer is, which exclusives span the seven months he's talking about?

September through December exclusives include:
1. Heavenly Sword 9/12
2. Folklore 10/9
3. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction 10/23
4. Eye of Judgment 10/24
5. NBA 08 11/2
6. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 11/20
7. Time Crisis 4 11/20
8. Unreal Tournament III 12/10

Exclusives still to come during early 2008...
9. Haze
10. LittleBigPlanet
11. Killzone 2
12. SOCOM: Confrontation
13. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots
14. SingStar
15. MLB 08

Dille's definition of "exclusives" is...

Want your Rock Band sexier? Order it with a girl.

345w ago - For some reason, sex and Rock Band don't associate themselves in my mind, but I suppose even bananas and masking tape can look sexy if placed in the right situation. Enter this Ebay auction, in which you can win the new Rock Band bundle along with two Guitar Hero 3 Gibson SG guitars ... and Chloe.

What will Chloe do for you? Well, she will apparently open the gifts for you (which makes no sense to me -- it's my damn gift and I wanna open it), and possibly slither all over them once opened. Then she'll take pictures with you before she leaves, leaving you with a tent in your pants, and a brand new copy of Rock Band.

Now, I was thinking about this last night driving home: If I were a guy and I had the choice between going to a strip club and blowing a bunch of money to not touch a semi-naked girl, or stay home and watch porn for free, well, I'd take the latter every time. Maybe for some, suggestion is just more fun. The girl posted her MySpace link, so I went to investigate. Occupation? "Dancers, models, Suicide Girls and Adult entertainers." Shocking!

wipEout PULSE Update

345w ago - To quote from Daimion Pinnock: I'm the SCEA Producer for wipEout PULSE on the PSP. I just wanted to give you a quick update on what's currently happening with the franchise from the very talented SCEE Liverpool wipEout team.

I want you guys and gals out there to know that this will be the biggest installment of the wipEout franchise to be released to date on the PSP.

There are some screenshots below that I'd like you all to see, it will be interesting to know what your thoughts are.

We plan on having a specific website available that will allow everyone world-wide to have access to in order to get different information regarding the different tracks that are available. Also, we will have a unique ship customization tool that will be available for the first time in the wipEout franchise on the PSP. Players will be able to design their own skins, logos and basically give their ship its own unique identity.

We're currently in some of the final stages of development, and I'll be back in a couple of weeks to update you all with regards to some more of the cool features that will be available, and also news on the 8-player Infrastructure Mode.

More screenshots at the link up top!
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