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HD DVD Xbox 360 binned because Warner switched to Blu-ray?

363w ago - The weekend saw devastating news arrive that's all but killed off HD DVD as a next-gen video format - Warner Bros. has dumped HD DVD and will release its films only on Blu-ray from May of 2008.

But insiders over at the AVS Forums - who are proper, actual insiders who work for companies like Microsoft, Universal and representatives of the Blu-ray consortium - reckon the decision could've gone either way.

Warner dumping HD DVD for Blu-ray went down to the wire - and it could've been persuaded, along with 20th Century Fox, to go exclusively with HD DVD instead.

In fact, they both nearly DID - an agreement was apparently in place between Warner, Fox and HD DVD backer Toshiba for the HD DVD WIN SCENARIO, only for Fox to pull out at the last minute and go crying off to Sony instead. Which gave Warner cold feet, so it went Blu-ray as well. It really was that close to being an HD DVD victory.

So if Warner and Fox had gone for HD DVD it'd be Blu-ray that'd look like the failed format today, and perhaps Bill Gates just might've pulled out an HD DVD-packing Xbox 360 from under his podium at CES last night, rather than blather on about a few new downloadable films instead.

In fact, I'd bet money that Microsoft's much-rumoured HD DVD-enabled Xbox 360 was one of the deals on...

Leaked Video of Lenovo's Atari Lynx-inspired Portable Internet Device

364w ago - A reader pointed us to this leaked clip of Lenovo's portable touchscreen internet device. It features "a horizontal PSP Xross Media Bar-like navigation and touch gestures."

Not only can it play back video and audio, it's supposed to have some fancy image drawing or editing and PDF viewing and internet browsing.

Video can be seen below:


Sony's new mylo (2) now official

364w ago - The mylo is back, and this time it's gotten serious. The once humble, even kind of laughable device has been upgraded with specs respectable enough to make former naysayers sit up and take notice. Check it out:

>>> 800 x 480 3.5-inch (resistive) touchscreen display!
>>>1GB internal storage, mini-USB
>>> 1.3 megapixel camera, 802.11b/g, colored info-LEDs
>>> WMA / PlaysForSure DRM, MP3, AAC, ATRAC, and MPEG-4 codec support
>>> Flash Lite 3 (capable of playing back YouTube videos, for example)
>>> Netfront-based browser, AIM / Gtalk / Yahoo IM support
>>> Skype support, podcast and RSS aggregator (!), and an expandable widget panel with access to Google, YouTube, Facebook and other web 2.0 sites
>>> Attachable face plates ($20) and cradle ($30) options
>>> Free Wayport WiFi access at your local participating McDonald's until December 31, 2010
>>> 5.1 x 2.5 x 0.8-inch footprint

Unfortunately you still can't add your own apps to the device, making it far less compelling then, say, the similar but far better equipped Nokia N810 -- which goes for $180 more. It's shipping this month for $300, "BS" key included for no additional charge.

Sony and Namco’s Cellius Lives

364w ago - Remember Cellius? The company formed by Sony and Namco Bandai to create Cell based games? It was announced last year and since then things have been very quiet. Too quiet. Especially when you know that Ken Kutaragi is meant to be the chairman. A year later Cellius rears its head once more.

To apparentlly take market share from Microsoft and Nintendo in the games division, Cellius has high expectations.

Cellius will use Sony's Cell Broadband chip, which powers PlayStation 3, to create games for the console and content for mobile phones and personal computers. Perhaps even arcade machines.

Where the hell are they then? Cellius was announced in January last year, and the venture was said to begin operations March 6th 2007. I expect they have been putting together prototype games and developing engines to pitch and present this year.

Our first sign that they are still alive is the addition of a logo (above) on the official Cellius website. Yes I'm afraid that's it. A nice, pretty logo. But that's the start of any good business, as we ourselves know at Ripten. It's a pretty snazzy logo to say the least, with a form of morse code spelling out Cellius above the letters.

Whether this new company will develop on the Playstation 3, or will seek to further Cell usage...

Microsoft CES Keynote Overview - Utterly Underwhelming

364w ago - You've read our Live Blog of Microsoft's CES Keynote, now here's the impressions. What a waste of time. No product announcements, no talk of what we can expect over the next year. It was an hour long boast session. "Look what we did".

I don't know if the HD-DVD cancellation cut out any announcements or what, but this was pathetic and boring. I'm going to go on record as to say it was the worst keynote from Microsoft ever.

Here's what happening, in a nutshell. They showed off Windows Live and all it's components, then bragged about how cool it is. Said how cool Xbox 360 is and how many consoles and Live subscriptions they've sold. Talked about how cool Mediaroom and Zune are. Showed off the Zune Social website. Showed off Sync in cars, then Windows Mobile (followed by bragging about how it's the best). Gates shows one thing that could happen in the future, but it's very far off and not extremely interesting. Robbie Bach challenges Bill Gates to a game of Guitar Hero 3, but they never play. Show ends.

Yeah, waste of an hour. Thanks guys. I'm going to go back to waiting for Live to work.

[Update] For the record, since I'm already hearing people (via other means) telling me I should look at the whole perspective and not just gaming, that's what I did. I...
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