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PSP GPS and Camera to hit in 2008, Keyboard coming in 2009

351w ago - Sony representatives have confirmed that the recently announced PSP GPS attachment and camera are scheduled to hit this year in the US.

Furthermore, the company revealed that it is working on a first-party keyboard solution.

According to the source above it's still a ways off though, and we won't be seeing the PSP Keyboard until 2009 at the earliest.

Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 framerate varies based on action scenes

351w ago - According to PunchJump, Sony demonstrated MGS4 on the PS3 at CES 2008 today. The latest build reportedly held a frame rate of 30 frames per second and 60 frames per second depending on the amount of action displayed on screen.

To quote: The show floor demonstration showcased the outdoor warzone featured last Aug. at the E for All Expo in Los Angeles.

When the on-screen visuals held less action and focused on nearby buildings the action locked at 60 frames per second. However, when bullet fire, grenades, smoke, and debris filtered the screen, the action fell to 30 frames per second.

The frame rate flux was barely noticable, however, at a higher frame rate, textures held much sharper detail.

The non-playable cinematic portions of the title were locked at 60 frames per second. The movie showcased at the show floor featured Old Snake speaking to Otacon through a remote device.

In Oct., Konami delayed the title to Q2 of 2008 to make further improvements to the quality of the game.

The Good, the Bad and the Bloody

353w ago - Ok, ok. I get it. Not unlike the 'video games as art' argument morality is a tired topic when it comes to video games, but in the current climate of this new generation it is certainly one worth discussing.

Video games are changing, offering new experiences and interactions that both literally and figuratively take you to the next level. Better graphics, higher production values, a strong sense of immersion, realistic relations with more-human-than-ever characters. With such an evolution taking place in the creation process of each video game the question of morality is always ready to rear its ugly head.

It's a point of contention that's as old as the industry itself, constantly dissected and viewed from every angle. Since the first shot was fired in SpaceWar games have portrayed violent behavior in such a way that allows the player to define their own moral framework.

Not all video games are violent affairs, but an incredible amount will allow you to commit hundreds of awful acts every hour you play, offering little thought towards the consequence of the virtual action. It's a sobering fact, but remove the violence from a game and you knock off a lot of the profit too, so there is certainly demand for aggressive play. How far does this offer an insight into the mind of the average gamer?...

Wii Opera SDK now open to the public

354w ago - The popular Wii Opera SDK has been opened to the general public by popular demand, allowing anyone with knowledge in HTML and JavaScript to take on the task of creating homebrew games and software for the Wii's Internet Channel. Previous to this release, the Wii Opera SDK was only available by request.

For the past eight months, this software library has grown from a simple Wii Remote reader to a full-blown package that allows 3D and texture-mapped graphics and multiuser communication in the Opera-based Web browser known simply as the Internet Channel. In addition, the Wii Opera SDK was the first such software library of any type which read from all four Wii Remotes and the Nunchuk attachments for the second through fourth Wii Remotes. It was also the first to include limited motion sensing based on the pointer control.

Although its main focus is the Wii, everything in the SDK, with the exception of the Wii Remote interaction, will work in any modern Web browser that supports the canvas tag, meaning games and software can be developed and used by millions more!

The first game playable by the general public that makes use of the Wii Opera SDK is HullBreach Online, which is showcased at http://hullbreachonline.com, the SDK's home site. Several viewable...

Microsoft accused on net browser

355w ago - A complaint has been filed to the European Commission accusing Microsoft of stifling competition by tying its browser to Windows.

Opera Software said the close ties between Internet Explorer (IE) and Windows made it hard for rivals to be a serious choice for web users.

Opera also said Microsoft flouted web standards, making it much harder for browsers to be interoperable.

Microsoft said putting its browser in its operating system benefited users.

Unfair advantage

The EC confirmed that it had received the complaint from the Norwegian software firm and said it would be studied carefully.

The complaint said the bundling of IE with Windows gave the software giant an unfair advantage and made competition much more difficult.

In a statement Opera said it wanted the Commission to make Microsoft separate IE from Windows and pre-install alternative browsers on new PCs.

It also wants Microsoft to be forced to follow web specifications rather than its own "de facto" standards.

"Our complaint is necessary to get Microsoft to amend its practices," said Jason Hoida, Opera Software's deputy general counsel.

'Free to choose'

In response Microsoft said the company would co-operate with any enquiries and added:...
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