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Crysis possibly heading to PS3!

362w ago - Even before the PC version released, rumors of a PS3 conversion of the stunning Crysis (developed by Far Cry creators Crytek) were rife, and not far off the mark if insiders at the studio are to be believed. The game looks to be a port of the PC original plus some extra modes and features, a kind of Crysis 1.5.

Like the PC game you can expect a visual powerhouse; an open-world shooter that begins on a beautiful tropical island before things take a turn for the worse and aliens from a parallel world stake a claim on Earth.

Only the mighty Killzone 2 could possibly hold a candle to this shooter. For technical reasons we hear an Xbox 360 version of Crysis isn't in development.

Bet you're glad you bought a PS3 now, eh?

Rumor: PS4 to be backwardly compatible?

362w ago - And could PS3 backward compatability make a return, too?

Sony isn't ready to turn its back on backward compatability just yet, according to a job ad put out by the company.

So Gamefront.de is reporting, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is currently advertising for a software engineer to deal with backward compatability for both the PS3 and an unspecified next-gen console - which sounds an awful lot like the PlayStation 4 to us.

Specifically, the engineer will be required to implement and optimise emulation software for PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 games on both formats.

Not only would it suggest that PS4 development is now at the point where Sony can start thinking about specific software such as emulators, the fact the PS3 is mentioned as part of the job brief is also of note.

Although Sony has enjoyed considerably more PS3 success since it introduced the 40GB model last year (going so far as to drop all other versions of the PS3 in Europe and Japan), the fact it's not backwardly compatible with the PS2 hasn't gone down well with some gamers.

With many gamers still owning large numbers of PS2 games, reintroducing PS2 compatability would only help strengthen the PS3's improving image.

Or on the other hand, it could all just be wishful...

Top Microsoft Executives Are Leaving the Company Like Rats from a Sinking Ship

362w ago - Will it end with Bill Gates?

It all started in the second week of January with Microsoft confirming the departure of Bruce Jaffe, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Development. But Jaffe signaled only the beginning of what was to come. It is hard not to look at Jaffe as a trend setter, but the fact of the matter is that lately Microsoft top executives have illustrated an increased tendency to leave the Redmond company.

Jaffe was responsible for overseeing, executing and managing Microsoft's transactions and alliances, including the $6 billion deal the company has done with aQuantive. With Jaffe out to put his own start-up on its feet, the next on the list was Jeff Raikes, President of the Microsoft Business Division. But as far as Raikes was concerned, it was by no means a surprise. At least not for Microsoft, and illustrative of this is the fact that the company already had a transition plan in place as well as a replacement in the person of Stephen Elop, formerly chief operating officer (COO) at Juniper Networks.

"Very few people have contributed more to Microsoft than Jeff," Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer stated in an internal email to Microsoft employees. "For more than 20 years, he has been the chief strategist behind the establishment of our information worker business, from...

Ubidays Makes a Comeback

362w ago - Today Ubisoft announced that UBIDAYS™ 2008 will take place May 28- 29 in the heart of Paris's world-famous Louvre museum.

Selected European press and business partners will be invited to discover Ubisoft's new titles and have the opportunity to play the games that will pave the company's future.

Last year's UBIDAYS showcased major announcements, notably the launch of the highly successful Games for Everyone line. The 2008 edition promises to reveal similar surprises and exclusive announcements, while at the same time offer a rare opportunity for guests to meet Ubisoft team members and creative talents.

"The inaugural UBIDAYS in 2007 was a big step for us and a calculated bet, given the worldwide evolution of the industry," said Alain Corre, Executive Director for Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific (EMEA). "The positive feedback from last year convinced us that this was the ideal way to present our games and to have enriching exchanges with partners who support us year after year. We're eagerly awaiting UBIDAYS 2008, which is already shaping up to offer a look at future industry trends and the group's upcoming blockbuster titles."

The list of featured games and event program will be revealed later.

Windows, Xbox Live VP Schappert To Keynote GDC 2008

362w ago - Microsoft's John Schappert, Corporate Vice President LIVE, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business, will deliver a keynote address at CMP's 2008 Game Developers Conference, setting the stage for revolutionary changes in game development in 2008.

The address, "A Future Wide Open: Unleashing the Creative Community," marks the first return to the GDC keynote stage for Microsoft since 2005.

Schappert's keynote explores the Xbox 360 platform's next step in democratizing game development, vastly opening up the industry for developers of all sizes. The session will set the strategy for Xbox 360 this upcoming year, revealing top developers' plans for the platform in 2008. Additionally, Schappert will discuss how the increasing role of online gaming will continue to shape gameplay and game distribution this year.

"The Game Developers Conference is the premiere stage for industry leaders to present their strategies for advancing the state of the art of games," said Jamil Moledina, executive director of the Game Developers Conference. "Given John's experience and the Microsoft game development team behind him, we are confident that our attendees will not want to miss this glimpse into the future of how games will be made."

As Corporate Vice President Live, Software...
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