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Sega delays Condemned 2

350w ago - Sega sent out an updated release schedule today which shows that the release of Condemned 2 will be facing a one month delay. The game was supposed to be released in February for but has now been pushed back to March 2008. No exact date was given.

In case you've forgotten what the game is all about: Players will assume the identity of Ethan Thomas, the former Serial Crimes Unit investigator, who's been called back to duty to track down his missing partner. As Ethan, players will engage in visceral combat using a variety of firearms, blunt instruments and an all-new fighting system complete with defensive and offensive combo chains. To help track the killer and solve the mysteries behind Condemned 2: Bloodshot, players will crack open an all-new set of high-tech forensic tools. Using wits and brute strength, murders can be solved in a number of different ways to keep players guessing throughout each suspenseful investigation.

The delay affects both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.

Rumor: Microsoft's "Metal Gear" for the 360

350w ago - It seems absolutely impossible to notice that Microsoft is unfazed by Metal Gear Solid 4, the titan of all games released during the year on the PS3.

Splinter Cell: Conviction might not be powerful enough to scratch our beloved Solid Snake, so Microsoft has decided to bring something as brilliant as the game on the 360.

Word has it that the company is in collaboration with a highly talented studio that can give their 360 something way better than Snake.

Is This The Gears of War 2 UK Release Date?

350w ago - Amazon.com have already given an indication of when Gears of War 2 should be hitting store shelves in the US when it started taking pre-orders for the new game and set a release date of the 15th of Nov. 2008.

Now the UK have been given the same treatment and Gears of War 2 is now available to pre-order and Amazon have set the british release date for the 30th of December 2008.

Now of course this is in no way official and publishers don't usually release games that soon after christmas, but even so it is a good indication of when the gaming world expects this new title to hit the United Kingdom.

7 Ways Modern Games are Spoiling us

350w ago - Before this generation, gaming gave us quite a bit of pain to suffer through before enjoying the pleasure. Nowadays, it seems as though we're being served everything we wished for on a silver platter. Here's seven new advances in gaming that have made us happier, yet lazier.

7- Open Worlds

Back in the 2D era, games would be filled with interesting backgrounds you never could quite reach. Knowing our car, no matter how well we raced it, would never get to that theme park in the distance, or that those gigantic blue mountains in Super Mario World were never going to be traversed kinda took the wind out of our sails. While there are still barriers and deceptive backgrounds being used in games today, there are quite a few games that let us explore every nook and cranny of gigantic virtual worlds. Now how about letting us bust down doors instead of searching for stupid keys?!

6- Online Matchmaking

The history of multiplayer gaming goes as such--early gamers had to suffer through actual interaction with friends, most of which played at a much different profieciency level as you. Fast forward a few years to the dawn of internet gaming; back then most people had dial-up internet connections and the process of playing a game online went something like this: Call friend on the land-line...

No More Heroes

350w ago - Japan Import: Violence, sex, things to see, things to collect, spectacular graphics and even better sound, a sense of humour, a sense of purpose, an insane logic running through every fibre - and enough swearing to get your telly banned by the BBFC. Killer7 creator Suda51 is back, all right.

Our hero, Travis Touchdown, is a motel-dwelling, action figure-collecting, anime-obsessing videogamer who wins a lightsaber in an online auction and sets off in a mission to become the world's number one hitman so he can get the girls. From minute one, you're cast into the thick of the action, where a whistle-stop cutscene brings you up to date on the story so far and a click of the A button drops you straight on the front doorstep of Hitman #10.

A quick tutorial shows you how to fight and the rest is up to you - the world's greatest assassins guard themselves with legions of freaks who'll do their best to slow you down, but they're sword fodder to be chewed up and spat out before facing the assassins themselves, every one of them completely out of their mind.

Bizarre is the boss of you
When Travis saves, he saves on the toilet; when his batteries run low, he holds the handle at waist height and cranks on it until it fires back up; when love interest Sylvia bends over, he checks out her behind.
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