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5 PS3 predictions for 2008

350w ago - Disclaimer: None of these predictions were made by Miss Cleo.

Every year, PSP Fanboy made predictions on what will happen in the year ahead. So far, they've been quite successful with many of their visions of the future coming true. Now, we'll have some fun with the PS3. Here's what we're seeing in our crystal ball ...

PS3 Prediction #1: Warner Bros. will go Blu-ray exclusive.
Rumors have been quite persistent about this major movie studio's upcoming HD plans. With Blu-ray consistently outpacing HD DVD sales, we believe that Warner Bros. will finally feel the need to choose one format over the other. Of course, Toshiba's more than willing to get its moneybags ready for HD DVD. The war will still continue through 2008.

PS3 Prediction #2: A new color for PS3 will be introduced.
Expect some sexy new colors for PS3, many of which won't appear in the US. Our European and Japanese friends will get special skinned systems for high profile games, like Metal Gear Solid. America may introduce a new premium bundle in White that includes an even larger hard drive and a hotly anticipated game.

PS3 Prediction #3: Video rental service will begin this year.
Sony will finally allow PS3 fans to download movies from the PS Store later this year. However, just like Xbox Live, the...

That’s ONE way to sell PS3 Controllers

350w ago - The other night, Lono and I had to make a late night run to Walmart to get some medicine for his daughter, and while he was searching for the right medicinal concoction, this caught my eye.

Can you guess what it is you are looking at? Here's a closer shot of the hilarity, after the jump.

Obviously Microsoft is paying big money for these endcap displays, and I can't help but feel they might have a problem with this. Alex and I have decided that at least one misguided parent or relative, is going to see the Xbox logo, and pick up a controller for the wrong system.

Given the sales numbers for the PS3, I can't guess I blame Walmart for doing ANYTHING to unload all of those extra Sixaxis Controllers.

Seriously though, this is why I never ask a Walmart representative about a new game. It would be like asking a homeless person for their opinion on adjustable rate mortgages.

In any event, when we pointed out the problem with the display, a store representative told us that they came from Microsoft that way. Somehow.... I just really doubt that.

Canon said to be developing own tech for SED TV production

350w ago - After being hampered by habitual delays both legal and technical, it looks like the long-awaited über-tech of the display world may finally be on the cusp of reaching market, as Canon is reportedly developing a way to build surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) TVs without using contentious IP.

Specifically, Japanese newspaper Asahi is reporting -- without citing sources -- that Canon is working on a "non-carbon" method of producing the sets that bypasses the Nano-Proprietary patents at the heart of that lawsuit.

Still no hint on when we'll actually be able to install one of these models in our home theater, but the promise of unrivaled black levels, brightness, and contrast could well have us drinking the SED Kool-Aid for years to come.

Rumor: Windows Media Player Speeds Loading In World Of Warcraft

350w ago - Update: We just received word from Blizzard that they are aware of the "issue," and are looking into it.

Claims are coming in from all over the 'net that running Windows Media Player in the background while playing World of Warcraft shortens load times.

This phenomena was originally reported on WoW's European forums back in November, but the quirk recently jumped the pond and reports of players benefiting from this oddity are now appearing on the American forums as well.

After noticing the folks at WoW Insider offering their own anecdotal evidence for the viability of these claims, I attempted to test the method myself. By opening Windows Media Player, leaving it idle, minimizing it, then playing WoW, I did in fact notice shorter loading times, specifically in high-traffic sections of the game.

Visions of Gates' keynote swan song

350w ago - The line may already be forming in Las Vegas for the big event Sunday, the last performance of the Bill Gates roadshow before his role as chief visionary ends.

The Microsoft chairman will continue making speeches and drawing crowds at conferences, capitals and campuses around the world.

But there's nothing like the rock-star treatment of his annual opening-night keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

By starting the show with talks on the future of consumer technology, Gates set the forward-looking tone of a bazaar where retailers learn what they'll sell in the coming years.

The speeches are more like Vegas shows than lectures, with elaborate sets, videos and celebrity appearances jazzing up the talk about gadgets and industry trends.

Usually only a few thousand of the 150,000 or so attendees get in, so there's always a huge line snaking through the lobby, grumbling as VIPs and industry leaders are led past the barricades and police to seats in front.

Gates will not return for the 2009 keynote, after he cuts back on Microsoft work this summer and dedicates more time to philanthropy.

A spokesman said he may continue to attend the show, however, and there's always a possibility he'll return for a keynote farther down the road.
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