More Screenshots, Gameplay Info for The Conduit

304w ago - The fact developer High Voltage Software has yet to find a publisher for The Conduit, which is the FPS Wii-exclusive title, hasn't stopped it from announcing a first-quarter 2009 release.

The Conduit Information Center site also has a nice little cache of screenshots, and IGN put up four new ones on Friday. Also, a Q&A with High Voltage's software development director gives a few more details on the game itself, including:

• Three modes for online play. Offline play is single-player. LAN multiplayer likely. They're trying to get voice chat online.
• Enemies use portals to bring in reinforcements; destroying them will be a key.
• Set in fictional Earth of the near future, the story takes on a dark conspiracy-theory tone that unravels pretty fast after you get sent to investigate an extra-terrestrial encounter. Think the X-Files with stranger weapons.
• Your adversaries are called The Drudge. I battle drudgery every day, lemme tell ya.

More screenshots can be seen at the link up top!

PS3 Qore - Subscription Needed No More?!

306w ago - SyphonFilter1 has shared the first edition of the subscriber-based Official PlayStation digital magazine known as Qore via YouTube today.

Will this be a growing trend for all future Qore updates, or will "big brother" Sony jump in to prevent non-subscribers from accessing the content others paid for? Time will tell, but until then check out the PS3 Qore premiere edition video below:


Shane Kim Talks about Rumored Wii-mote Clone for X-Box 360

309w ago - In San Francisco today, Microsoft is holding its Spring Showcase 2008, giving members of the press a chance to view and play some of the publisher's 2008 line-up.

During the event, we had a chance to sit down and chat with Shane Kim of Microsoft Game Studios and wasted no time, immediately asking about the rumored Wii-mote-like controller for Xbox 360. Kim told us that no such controller is being announced today, but Microsoft does not comment on rumors.

He went on to say that Microsoft is very pleased with the success of Xbox 360 peripherals -- such as the Scene It! controller -- and the company is always investing in research and development of new innovative devices.

When asked if Microsoft has experimented with a Wii-mote-like controller for Xbox 360, Kim did not give a direct answer. However, he did say that Microsoft has to be careful about doing such a thing, as it could be "dangerous" to blatantly rip-off Nintendo's Wii controller.

He added that Microsoft has to find and do what is best for itself, noting that what works for Nintendo might not work for Microsoft.

It should be noted that Banjo Threeie, the game most rumored to be directly associated with the device, was also demoed at the show and was done so with the traditional Xbox 360 controller....

Lighter, more efficient PS3s on the way!

312w ago - Those rumors of a Slim and Lite PS3 may still be unfounded, but lighter and more efficient PS3s are in the making - thanks to "third generation" heat sinks.

Japanese company Furukawa Electric Co recently showcased a new heat sink for the PS3, said to be far lighter, smaller and cheaper than the previous two "generations" of PS3 heat sink.

We won't bore you with specifics because, by and large, heat sinks are about as exciting as snail races. But the graphics chip and CPU in the so-called "third generation" consoles will be cooled by smaller, separate heat sinks, rather than one large one, and weigh a total of 350g, compared with 700g and 500g for the first and second iterations.

The new heat sinks are, according to this, in development now, meaning we should have lighter, more efficient PS3s within months, and you won't need a forklift to lug your new console home from the shops.

No More Heroes Ships Early

328w ago - Publisher Ubisoft previously had its potential cult-hit action game, No More Heroes, set for a February release, right up against a little fighter called Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Not the best decision, but thankfully the company seems to have reconsidered and fans of offerings like Killer 7 are the benefactors of the decision.

Ubisoft confirmed to IGN Wii this afternoon that No More Heroes has officially been moved up for a January 22 release date -- less than three weeks from now, if you're counting.

In No More Heroes, you play as Travis Touchdown, a man on a quest to become the world's number-one assassin. Using the Wii remote, you will wield his trusty killing saber and slice and dice opponents in bloody displays on your way to the top. The title's unique blend of cel-shaded visuals and ultra-violent play mechanics have made it something of a fan-favorite going into the New Year. And it doesn't hurt that it was directed by Suda 51 of Killer 7 fame.

IGN Wii will have much more on the game in the coming weeks -- as we, you know, return from vacation. Stay tuned.

More screenshots at the link at the top!

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