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Killzone 2 runs at 720p/30fps, Supports Trophies, Trial and Home

322w ago - BongoFrenzy of the EU PlayStation Community (linked above) has just posted up a huge Q&A session regarding Killzone 2. He confirms that the game will run at 720p at 30fps, there is a public BETA trial coming up, there will be 8 online maps at launch, and HOME will definitely be supported as well as trophies!

To quote: KillZone 2 Q&A

1) Q: What resolution and frame rate does the game run at?
A: 720p at 30fps

2) Q: Will PlayStation Trophies be supported in game?
A: Yes definitely, there will be unique trophies to be won, earned both in the offline game and while playing online.

3) Q: Will there be a public Beta Trial for Killzone 2?
A: Yes, we are planning on running a closed public beta later this year.

4) Q: How many online maps will there be at launch?
A: The game will include 8 maps each with their own style and setting, some will be smaller, to suit 16 players others will be much bigger, designed for 32 player matches. If you want to get an idea of what some of these look like, check out the new video on the PLAYSTATIONŽStore.

5) Q: How does the lobby system online work?
A: We have taken to heart all the feedback from the first Killzone game and aim to give players as much flexibility as possible. You can list all...

Postcards from Leipzig: Killzone 2 Public BETA is coming soon

322w ago - Eric Boltjes, the Senior Online Gameplay Designer for Killzone 2, has said that the Public BETA for the game is coming soon. Boltjes also said that they are listening to feedback from people who are testing out the online version of the game at Leipzig.

"We are still at a point in the project where we can change and tweak specific aspects of the game so getting this kind of feedback from our audience (even though they might be journalists ) is a tremendous help to getting this project done and out the door." said Boltjes.

Via PS Blog - Eric Boltjes, the senior online gameplay designer for Killzone 2:

Today was the first time ever that we showed the online version of the game, hands-on, to anyone outside of the SCEE family and I have to admit, it was quite nerve-wracking. We've worked on this online portion for over two years and putting your baby out there is not an easy thing. I am very happy to say though that today could not have gone better and we got some really good responses from all of the journalists we showed the game to.

There is something almost magic about seeing people playing the online game for the first time and more importantly, seeing them really get into it! Some of the journalists were so into the game that they almost forgot to ask questions for...

Preview: Killzone 2 Online Multiplayer Dazzles & Bots Confirmed

322w ago - It's been a long wait, but I finally had the chance to engage in Killzone 2's much-anticipated online multiplayer at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany. Teased at E3 in Los Angeles last month, I have been practically foaming at the mouth to give it a go. Here's how it went down.

I was lucky enough to be in the first session at the show, meaning that aside from internal testing, I was first outside of Guerrilla Games' development studio to play multiplayer. Prior to playing, our group of about 8 journalists received some prep, outlining many of the online features that we'd get our hands on.

Essentially, it was the same presentation that I saw during E3, with one addition--bots. Eric Boltjes, senior online designer, confirmed that A.I. bots will be available to add in both online and offline games, and that they will excellently mimic human behavior and use all special abilities just as a normal player would. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them in action today, but I did get to face off against some of the development team back in Amsterdam who were ready to make mince meet out of my inexperienced hide.

Jumping In
I played two games, the first of which was a 16-player match. I started with a grenade launcher and a pistol, as well as hand grenades. This specific map...

Video: Killzone 2 Online Multiplayer Trailer Available

322w ago - PlayStation Now reports that the following KillZone 2 trailer is due to be shown tomorrow at GC 20008, so here it is that little bit earlier!

Courtesy of DailyMotion, the trailer video is available below.

Enjoy guys!


Killzone 2 E3 2008 Multiplayer Screens Available!

326w ago - Tiscali.cz (linked above) has posted up a whole new variety of KillZone 2 multiplayer screenshots from E3 2008 as part of their E3 Impressions article.

A rough partial translation from the journalist reads as follows:

Maybe someone will come to a special, but the Killzone 2, I really enjoyed most of all titles, which I plan in Los Angeles to see.

Therefore, I very failure of its absence at the main press conference. Fortunately, Sony, both the FPS seeds in the form of brought, but is held behind closed doors only for the chosen few.

Originally, there had none of the Czech Republic to reach, but because I was a portion of luck for this honor of a group of European journalists.

In short, click the link above for the rest of the screenshots!
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