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Prototype Due for Multi-platform Release in June 2009

294w ago - Activision has narrowed down a launch date for its upcoming open world extravaganza Prototype, confirming a June 2009 release for the ambitious project.

To quote: Word comes via a press release detailing the forthcoming New York Comic Con, in which the publisher states, "Hands-on - fans get their first chance to play the highly anticipated open-world/action thriller, PROTOTYPE, planned for release in June."

Due out on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360, Prototype pits you in control of Alex Mercer, an individual who possesses the ability to consume his foes, gaining him access to their memories and experiences.

Mercer also has access to a variety of super-human abilities, including superior strength, speed, and dexterity, allowing him to out-run vehicles, run up the sides of buildings and jump extraordinarily long distances.

Rumor: Phoenix is Code Name for the Future Xbox Prototype

324w ago - According to our sources, Microsoft has already put a code name on its future Xbox prototype for the developers: it's Phoenix.

We still don't have any technical specs for the moment, but the Phoenix is said to be a real evolution compared to the Xbox 360.

Apparently, some studios in North of America have already begun projects on this prototype.

We hope to learn more about this soon!

Sierra Spring Break 08: Prototype plot inspired by Old Boy

334w ago - Speaking to videogaming247 at the Sierra Spring Break 08 in Mallorca last week, Radical Entertainment marketing director Chris Hansell said that Prototype has been heavily influenced by the story of classic Korean movie, Old Boy.

"There are a huge number of influences," he said. "The guys who make this game love everything.

"Especially Old Boy where the main the main character does very bad things. But you see that really bad things that have happened to him before, so you have a kind of empathy with that character. So even though it's a dark story, there's a context as to why he's doing these terrible things."

All sounds very dark and broody, doesn't it?

Mega-violent super-mutant free-roamer Prototype is out on 360 and PS3 in the fourth quarter.

A Closer Look at Prototype

349w ago - Alright, I have to admit -- when I first learned about Prototype when it was first revealed in Game Informer, I was still a little unsure on how the team behind the Hulk video games would be able to accomplish something on such a massive scale.

A full recreation of New York City, coupled with a protagonist with superhuman shape-shifting abilities, wrapped in Coop gameplay, with that much chaos and destruction happening all around you? It sounded too good to be true.

Thankfully, in this recent video by XPlay, there's no doubt in my mind that this is really the game I have been looking for all of these years. As you can see from the demo footage, right out of the gate, Prototype looks absolutely gorgeous in the midst of all of that insanity. Bullets are flying, Apache Helicopters are swooping around, and tanks are rolling in, all with the intent of blowing you up. However, with the inclusion of all of your strongest powers right from the start, these guys have their work cut out for them if they want to take down this bulldozer of a beast.

The best part is that this game is only 20% done. How much more can they honestly pack in? Prototype already looks to be an instant hit with gamers when it comes out this Summer.


359w ago - Vancouver-based development studio Radical Entertainment, responsible for titles like The Hulk, Crash of the Titans, Simpsons: Hit and Run, are now working on Prototype, a free-roam action-oriented game heading towards PC, X360 and PS3 platforms. In short, this one seems to offer several neat ideas that could make a welcomed improvement over the typical gameplay formula noted in most games today.

Video can be seen here.

Prototype puts you in the role of a hooded shape-shifter named Alex Mercer, a dark anti-hero who awakes one day in New York City, without any knowledge about his origins (ah, the old "amnesia" bit, my favorite). All he knows is that he was genetically modified and bestowed with incredible super-powers. One of his primary abilities is to "consume" human victims, which, in turn, allows him to gain their identity.

Alex soon realizes that he's caught in the middle of a city where the so-called Black Watch Special Forces are preparing to declare martial law. At the same time, hideous mutants were spotted wandering through city streets. Alex begins to see that his special powers are somehow connected to all this chaos that has engulfed the city. (He is a perceptive young man. - 2Lions)

Being a genetically engineered...
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