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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Concept Art Shows Pittsburgh?

278w ago - It appears Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is shaping up to be the biggest selling game in history, and there is a chance that Pittsburgh will be part of that experience.

The bi-weekly show [Register or Login to view links], released late last night, featured on Xbox.com and the Xbox Dashboard, showcased the upcoming mega hit from Infinity Ward.

To quote: "Featuring interviews with Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo) and other members of the team working on MW2, the video teases just a few more details about the experience players will have with all three game modes: campaign, multiplayer, and the new spec-ops missions.

As the interviews are happening, the video moves between three things: the interviewee speaking, previously released Capture the Flag multiplayer footage, and concept art. Admiring the concept art, something catches my eye. At the 1:54 mark of the video timestamp there is a clear, undeniable picture of Pittsburgh on fire with helicopters overhead and boats in the river.

No details were given about the picture and, to date, very little has been confirmed about plot or story locations. Could the main storyline come through Pittsburgh? Perhaps one of the many spec-ops missions will be set in the Steel City....

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Callsigns Exposed

280w ago - If you've ever considered yourself to be one of the great innovators of gameplay in first-person shooters, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 appears to have integrated a status system meant to reward you.

Whether your strategy involves only killing your enemies with one specific weapon or sticking to getting your kills through a personally crafted routine, the team at Infinity Ward has implemented a new way to turn your eccentricities into badges of honor.

To quote: "Another new thing that we added was the call sign," said Infinity Ward's lead multiplayer designer Todd Alderman Tuesday night.

"You might have seen this in some of the videos that we've released. The call sign is another way to show off how cool you are, make yourself famous."

During his feature presentation at Infinity Ward's grand unveiling for "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer features, Alderman went over what call signs will mean, and how players will be able to obtain them.

"You have an emblem, which is the symbol that you unlock, and you have a title, which is an image with some words," he explained. "The way you play is the more things you do, the more things you're going to unlock for that thing."

The call signs will come from an evolving set of hundreds of distinctions that...

Square-Enix Publishing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in Japan?

283w ago - Apparently there is a chance that Square-Enix, RPG giant, famous for the Final Fantasy series is aiding in the publishing of Modern Warfare 2 in Japan.

A new [Register or Login to view links] posted by Square-Enix, shows some Japanese text (sorry I can't read it so I couldn't translate it), and the familiar Modern Warfare "2". Also the legal info at the bottom of the site credits Activision.

This is just my opinion or view on the situation, but I believe that Square-Enix is helping to push Modern Warfare 2 in Japan, due to their strong following and support in the Final Fantasy series.

By selling the product with a widely known name, there is a chance for better coverage and spread of the product as well as targeting the company's main supporters.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Gets New PS3 Hacks

286w ago - There is a lot of noise at the Infinity Ward Web site (linked above). This is due to some "funny" hacks (yeah, the owners of such files call them like that) that can be used in a very easily way in the on-line game.

Now, there's a bunch of videos in the Web that show you how to that and even give you all the files you need. Obviously this is upsetting a lot of people (including me) who like to play by the games rules.

Although it is annoying for sure, we can't expect a patch to be released any day soon and that's because of the next release "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2" so we just have to sit and wait.

By the way, a good friend of mine sees these "funny" hacks as part of a big conspiracy so people move to the MW2 and leave the old CoD4, but I'm finding it hard to believe this crazy idea, again, we just have to sit and wait.

What do you think?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to Get Online Subscriptions?

293w ago - Update: Infinity Ward has now [Register or Login to view links] to the rumor, as follows:

Speaking through its [Register or Login to view links], the developer told fans that in Modern Warfare 2 "multiplayer will always be equal and free for everyone as always."

Future Call of Duty games could come with an MMO-style subscription service, granting subscribers extra options and early access to map packs.

That's according to a mysterious Activision survey doing the rounds on [Register or Login to view links], which mentions a CoD service that would "enhance the multiplayer experience and provide exclusive access to a group of gameplay enhancements."

These "enhancements" would include early access to expansions and betas, exclusive character skins, game modes, enhanced stat tracking and "support for competitive play."

According to the survey, the MMO-style service may come with a monthly fee attached, or it could come bundled with a copy of Call of Duty for an extra fee.

Hopefully then, if this service ever comes to light, it's simply a bonus for Call of Duty players...
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