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PSU attends Disney's Magical Blu-ray Tour

384w ago - PSU.com has recently had the chance to venture to Seattle, Washington and attend Disney's Magical Blu-ray Tour, and we are back to tell you of our adventures.

Disney has been touring the United States with the help of Panasonic, and other companies such as Monster Cables, and Sony. There are several stops in major cities across the US, in which a Blu-ray demonstration booth is set up. This booth is loaded with several of Panasonics flat screen HDTV's each hooked up to a Blu-ray player. We spotted two PlayStation 3 consoles hooked up in addition to several Panasonic players.

The tour's target audience is families, with a strong promotion of family friendly titles such as Cars, Ratatouille, and Pirates of the Caribbean being displayed. The tour is not just for children though, a spoken presentation with video integration gives a brief history describing Disney's strive to stay on top of the technology and dedication to entertainment is actually quite entertaining and informative. It is a great way to show the benefits of Blu-ray to people who do not know. However, anyone who already owns Blu-ray will not likely benefit as much from this presentation.

Presentations aside, the displays they have set up are very nice to say the least. Shown at our stop were looping videos promoting Blu-ray...

Convert HD-DVD to Blu-ray and play on PS3

384w ago - This step by step guide shows you how to convert an HD-DVD to Blu-ray that you can either put on a blu-ray disc or multiple DVDs. This can then be played back on your Blu-ray player including the PS3. No loss of quality, no reencoding. No more HD-DVD exclusives because they can be put on blu-ray.

Video: Convert HD-DVD to Blu-ray and play on PS3

Sony invites MS to join the Blu-ray party

386w ago - A Sony Pictures exec has been quoted as saying that he'd love Microsoft to join the Blu-ray revolution.

"We would love to have Toshiba and Microsoft on board," Don Eklund, almost in charge of advanced technologies, said in an interview. "Toshiba can't keep dropping prices much more. It maybe a strategy for fighting a format war, but for us it has to be profitable."

Eklund also made some comments about potential for the Blu-ray / HD DVD format war to be eclipsed by movie downloads.

"People aren't interested in downloading videos at the moment," he said. "The internet is a good way of delivering music but not video. Blu-ray has a good 8 to 10 years before the internet catches up."
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