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Top 10 Problems with Modern Video Games!

317w ago - The Golden age of video games saw its height in the 16 bit era where SNES and The Genesis were in a console war over who had the best games. SNES came out on top which we discuss in numerous articles on Old-Wizard, and stood as the most creative moment in the video game mediums small history. Where has the Golden age gone?

It has gone to games that lack everything great about those old NES and SNES games. In this list, we will go through the reasons why the games of the modern era lack the power of the older generation. We could only hope that modern game makers realize the creative insurgence of the 16 bit era and try to recapture it for the next generation.

10. No good instruction manuals

This may seem like a petty reason not to like modern games, but it meant a lot to us retro video gamers who wanted to experience the game beyond the screen. New instruction manuals to modern games offer no story lines like the old games that made us prepared for battle before we even entered the game. We would rip open the shrink wrap before we got home with the game and immerse ourselves in the creative storylines.

New games don't have this in their instruction manuals. Look at the old Mario instruction manuals. You had pictures of all the bad guys and even little descriptions of...

Sony to Reveal Secret Game at Tokyo Game Show this October

317w ago - We don't usually deal with rumor, however since we were the first to break this story to the net via the PlayStation forums, we thought we may as well report it.

So what was this rumor? Well, according to the Gut Reaction feature in the November issue of OPM, Sony will be revealing a "super sexy" secret game at the Tokyo Game Show this October.

We have included a scan below as proof, so start to get excited.

LittleBigPlanet BETA Levels Doomed, Won't Work with Full Game

317w ago - It appears levels created in the LittleBigPlanet BETA will not be compatible with the full game. So far, 1000 levels have already been published but it looks like everything will be lost.

To quote: I interviewed Leo Cubbin, one of LBP's producers, today. I asked him what will happen to all the user created content when we replace the Beta version with the full game. The answer was what I feared: everything is lost!

I don't know about you guys, but I treasure my levels and I don't want to just lose them like that, so I tried to argue that they should allow us to move the content into the full game. Leo replied that maybe they'll convert the best levels, but they can't convert everything.

It looks like noone expected such a big response to the Beta version. So far, 10.000 people have logged in, and 1000 published their own levels. I guess a lot more are still working hard on those levels before they hit the publish button. And all that content will be lost soon...

What do you think about this? Should we email Media Molecule and ask for a way to convert our Beta levels into the full release? Or just forget about it?

High Voltage Ask for Gamer's Input!

317w ago - High Voltage Software, the company behind development of the much anticipated The Conduit, have said that they want gamer input on how to control The Conduit on Wii. CEO of High Voltage Gaming, Kerry J. Ganofsky had this to say:

From the start of the project our primary goal has been to make the definitive first person shooter for the Wii, and specifically for core gamers. Asking core gamers for their input is just a logical extension of that rationale

The commands are as follows:

• Move Forward/Back
• Strafe Left/Right
• Jump/Activate
• Shoot Weapon
• Target Lock
• Crouch
• Reload Weapon
• Scope/Binocular Mode
• Switch Between Weapons Carried
• Switch Between Grenades Carried
• Pause Menu
• Swap Between Weapon Carried and Weapon on Ground
• Equip ASE (All-Seeing-Eye) / Special
• Aim Reticule/Turn Camera
• Melee Attack
• Throw Grenade

If you wish to submit an idea, the conditions are the following

• Assume that you are using the standard Wiimote and Nunchuck controller combination. That means NO Motion Plus
• Motion Control is allowed, however be sure to describe the movement clearly so that the dev team can use...

The Death of the Video Game Console Market?

317w ago - At the New York Games Conference this week, Alex St. John CEO of WildTangent, claimed that both Microsoft and Sony are not developing next generation consoles.

To quote: "Sony is not the company they use to be and the PlayStation 3 is a market failure. Sony will never recover the billions they lost on the current generation of consoles.

Sony says were not making another for ten years, which is code for we can never make back the billions on we lost on PS3, let alone convince our executives let's make one again.

Microsoft has a hole mile deep dug in the middle of Microsoft's Campus to bury the billion dollars of broken Xbox 360's they got. The Xbox business is not a profitable business for them.

It's only become incrementally profitable for them after many years, and billions invested..."
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