PSP Screenshot Plug-In v0.2 for 3.71 M33 out!

343w ago - From Coolj: Well, no screenshot plugin works on the new 3.71 M33, so I made one. Copy & paste Screen.prx and vsh.txt to seplugins and enable in recovery.

Download: PSP Screenshot Plug-In v0.2

I changed the button combination because circle gives problems in the XMB. New button combo: RTRIGGER + SQUARE to take a screenshot.

TGS '07: Hot Shots Golf 5 Hands-On Preview

344w ago - Hot Shots Golf may be known by many names around the world (such as Mina No Golf and Everybody's Golf), but in any language the series has become a byword for humorous and accessible golfing action. The game has appeared on every Sony platform since the original PlayStation, so it was no surprise to see it announced for the PlayStation 3. With the game already being on sale in Japan, we were able to play the finished article ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, as well as talk to the game's developer.

The main thing to talk about is how the shot and putting systems have changed in this latest outing. Instead of being indicated by a bar, the shot power is now displayed with visual indicators on the golf club itself. Once you've chosen your club, the circle button will initiate the shot and your player will begin the swing. At the 50 percent power level, the end of the club will flash yellow, and at 100 percent it will flash red. By judging from these two indicators, you have to press circle again at the desired power level to take the shot. At this point, a target reticle will zoom in on the ball itself, and the idea is to press the circle button again just as it encapsulates it to ensure a straight shot.

We found the new shot system to be intuitive, and we had no trouble getting to grips with it from the very...

Secret Hot Coffee code for Lair

345w ago - Simply input the code (case sensitive) 686F7420636F66666565 into the Playstation 3 game lair to see the extra content thats sure to get Jack Thompson all in a huff

Lair 'Hot Coffee' Easter Egg Video

Condemned 2: Bloodshot preview!

346w ago - Monolith Productions is a developer in a prime position to shed some light on the situation, having achieved critical and retail success with their launch title Condemned: Criminal Origins, and working on their follow-up with the upcoming sequel, Condemned 2: Bloodshot. "There is a certain satisfaction in taking on major challenges and overcoming them -- and this was definitely a major challenge. Sega also wanted us to hit the launch date... [and] gave us great testing and localization support to help make sure that we did hit our dates," says producer David Hasle, who later adds, "We knew that being present at launch would provide us more time to get more game titles developed internally at Monolith Productions for the 360 over the course of the lifespan of the 360 so this was seen as a good business decision. Plus being one of six or seven games is better than being one of 50 or 60 games on the shelf at your local game store."

The making of Condemned 2 is not just about redressing past mistakes, but also about implementing new features with the intention of enriching the gameplay experience. A prime example includes the inclusion of multiplayer gameplay, a particularly intriguing gesture considering the visceral experience that Condemned's combat engine imposes on the player in that first-person beat-them-to-a-pulp...

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