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Christmas Supercard Updates

341w ago - In a release overlooked by well, everyone, the Supercard team released an update for their Slot 2 based flashcarts for the Nintendo DS on Christmas day.

Main Feature:

# 1. Fixed the some games save problem. The save type like ROM 1780.
# 2. Optimized flash memory reading speed.

Download: SC SD/MiniSD v2.65 (2007.12.25)

PlayStation Store Cards Already in the Wild!

343w ago - Any of you lot spot the new PSN cards in stores yet?

Aerfox has, as he's spotted them already for sale in stores on the US Army base in Aberdeen, Maryland. Early 2008 indeed.

Aerfox notes that the $20 cards are the only ones as yet on offer, and picked one up as a Christmas present for, well, we'll just presume himself.

PlayStation Network cards coming to the US

345w ago - Sony have started sending out $20 PlayStation Network cards as a holiday gift, so they should hopefully be available in the US in the near future.

Sony released their new Playstation Network Cards released in Japan yesterday. They work just like the X-Box 360 and Wii cards to make purchasing content that little bit easier.

To quote: Don't have a credit card? Want to purchase things on the PLAYSTATION Store? No worries. Now you have the PLAYSTATION Network card. The kind folks at SCEA sent us an early Christmas gift -- a card that's redeemable for PS3 and PSP purchases on the PLAYSTATION Store. No further details have been officially released, but rest assured that these cards will be readily available in retail stores in the future.

New PSN cards to hit Japan in Mid-December

346w ago - Sony has revealed that their new PlayStation Network Cards will be released in Japan from December 13th.

Two versions will be available, retailing at 3000 and 5000 yen respectively and will work just like the Xbox 360 and Wii cards to make purchasing content that little bit easier.

Memento give Memor 32 PS2 memory card mod-chip functions

352w ago - Memento have successfully hacked the Memor 32 memory card for PS2 in order to enable it to have the power of a PS2 mod-chip. This means that imports, homebrew and back-ups will now be possible if you flash their hacked BiOS onto the PS2 Memor 32 memory card.

The user interface is reportedly not complete but they are working on improving things. Currently they have upload a PAL BETA of their hack for the Memor 32 available below along with the release notes:

Download: Memento v0.1b BETA - PAL PS2 ONLY

Finally we are almost done! We had some last minute issues and decided to test them deeper to be sure that all was working good. We are still completing the User interface and will have to need a couple more days to finish up.

We decided meantime to release this first BETA PAL ONLY version of the software for everyone to test. This should start to give you a good idea about how easy and flexible the final release wil be, but remember, is only a BETA!! Final version is due this week.

Needless to say, 'Memento' sounds too much like Cobra, Epsilon, M33, Cyclops, and other fabricated release groups for our taste but sceners know better
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