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USB Loader v0.1 for XBox 360 is Now Available

240w ago - This weekend Yelrac released a new program for homebrew (FreeBOOT / XBReboot) XBox 360 consoles.

This tool will let you run a .XEX in the root of an USB device without having to launch XeXLoader first.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

For example, with it you can launch an alternative dash like the one based on the OXM Disc directly.

To use it, you must rename the default.xex to usb.xex in the root of USB device. Renaming the default.xex avoids having to disconnect the USB device when you restart the Xbox since there is no more default.xex in the root.

There are 2 ways to install the USB Loader:

1) Burn the ISO image on a CD. Launch it from your Xbox360 and USB Loader will be install automatically.

2) If you already have XeXLoader, copy the 00000001 directory in the genuine HDD to Content/000000000000000/

Once the installation is done, USB Loader will be displayed in your Games Library.

EA PS3 and PSP Game Holiday Sale Now on PlayStation Network

240w ago - EA Europe's Ross McGregor has just announced that starting now through the middle of January, 2010 Electronic Arts is having a sale on PS3 and PSP games available through PSN.

To quote: It is the season to be jolly and we at [Register or Login to view links] want to help get you in the festive mood by offering PS3 gamers exclusive discounts across a range of PSN titles and PDLC. From December 17th right through to January 7th just visit the Special Offer section of the PSN Store to download any of these Christmas treats including:

The summer smash hit, Battlefield 1943. Unleash wide destruction with bombing raids, tanks, or fighter planes. We will see you on the battlefield!

Flick it, kick it, skate it with a whole range of Skate 2 DLC.

Go old school and relive the glory days of yesteryear with EA replay including classic hits such as Desert Strike & Road Rash.

Here's the full list of EA games and expansions now on sale:

• Battlefield 1943 (was - £9.99/€12.99 now - £6.29/€7.99)
• Red Alert 3: Commander's Challenge (was - £7.99/€9.99 now - £5.19/€6.49)
• 3 on 3 NHL Arcade (was - £6.29/€7.99 now - £3.19/€3.99)
• Burnout Paradise (was - £24.99/€29.99 now - £13.99/€17.99)

Sony: Your PSP Minis Are Now PS3 Compatible

241w ago - Last week Sony posted a preliminary list of PSP Minis that were compatible with PS3 Firmware 3.15, and today SCEE PSP European Product Manager Adam Grant has revealed the complete PSP Minis to PS3 compatibility list.

To quote: Today is the day that minis arrive on PS3! Since 1st October the minis range has been ever expanding and includes everything from addictive puzzle games, super sports games, retro arcade titles and many more.

These bite-size games are the ideal companion for your PSP and now, PS3 owners can enjoy these bite-sized downloadable games in the comfort of their living room. One purchase will allow you to the download to both your PSP and PS3, giving you the option to play whenever and wherever you like. If you only have a PSP or PS3 you can still download these games and play them of the system of your choice!

New titles are added to the minis category every Store publish but the current list of minis titles available to play as of today on your PSP and now PS3 is:

•Alien Havoc
• Beam'Em Up
• Blast Off
• Bloons
• Brainpipe

GT Academy 2010 Time Trial for PS3 is Now Available!

241w ago - Sony's European Brand Manager Penrose Tackie has announced this morning that the GT Academy 2010 Time Trial is now officially available!

To quote: Hello everyone the moment is here! I'm absolutely thrilled to confirm that the GT Academy 2010 Time Trial is now officially live.

The time trial is going to be running from 9AM today until midnight 24th January 2010 and it's the only way to be in with a chance of making it through to the second ever GT Academy at Silverstone next year.

PlayStation Blog recently managed to get a few minutes with Kazunori Yamauchi, the man behind the Gran Turismo series and he gave us his thoughts on the GT Academy and how this groundbreaking initiative brings together the real and virtual racing worlds.

Dont forget to check out the [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links] for the latest updates on the GT Academy.

When the idea of GT Academy was first formulated in 2008, we know that Yamauchi-san was very enthusiastic. Did the result live up to his expectations?

This GT Academy project in which a gamer who trained in the virtual world becomes a racing driver in the real world, was a dream I had when I first started developing a driving...

PSP Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-D3 Final is Now Available

241w ago - Just a day after PSP Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-D3 was released comes a quick update, specifically to PSP Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-D3 Final.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-D3 Final / [Register or Login to view links] [Mirror]

5.03GEN-D3 - 2 Improvements in the final version:

•Fix for bug eliminate the VSH menu, everyone can now enjoy the contents of its Memory Stick
•Update on backups that were seen as corrupt.
•Improved speed of access to Memory Stick during a game session
•Added support for IRSHELL D3 which will release shortly.

Original Changelog:

•Compatibility with all known PSN Game/Demo from on 15/12/2009
•Compatibility with all known UMD on 15/12/2009
•Add ISO SPeed MS loading (Beta version non really tested because we don't have any fake MS)
•Network update

Tested games:

•Tekken 6
•Gundam vs Gundam
•Phantasy Star Portable 2
•J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou 6...
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