Final Fantasy XIII to be shown this summer at Japanese Event

306w ago - Square Enix announced today its 'DK£3713' summer event that will be held in Japan. The invite-only event will allow a select few to check out various games including Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts.

The party will be broken up into separate sessions, with three sessions taking place on August 2 and August 3, each lasting a duration of three hours.

Attendance will be limited to 400 attendees per session, which totals to 2,400 people. Users of the Japanese Square Enix Members site can apply for admission to the event now. Applicants will be picked at random.

Square Enix plans to show off a number of upcoming titles at the event, including Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Dissidia Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy XIII. No mention of Dragon Quest IX, unfortunately. Check below for the complete list of games:

* KINGDOM HEARTS Coded (Mobile)
* KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days (Nintendo DS)
* KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep (PSP)
* The 3rd Birthday (Mobile)
* Sigma Harmonics (Nintendo DS)

New Final Fantasy IV Debut Trailer available!

308w ago - Square Enix published a new Final Fantasy IV trailer with English subtitles.

The video, courtesy of Eurogamer, is available HERE or linked above.

Enjoy All!

America is Fed Up with Final Fantasy Sequels

312w ago - For 18 years, Square Enix had steadily released Final Fantasy titles, each with unrelated stories and characters, more so sticking to the Final Fantasy name in at least a story line sense, while obviously ignoring it when referring to their own titles.

In 2003 this ended, as for the first time in the series long tenure, Square Enix developed an extension to Final Fantasy X, with Final Fantasy X-2.

The game, despite series€ fans and critics calling out the game for it's dress sense, received good reviews and had extremely healthy sales all around the world. Square Enix seemed to have done a successful job creating a sequel to a single Final Fantasy, and since that time, the games developer has decide to continue another Final Fantasy beyond its original release. That game is Final Fantasy VII.

Square Enix Eyes Cash

When originally announced to the world, fans response to word of a Final Fantasy VII sequel could be summed up as "Hysteria". A multitude of new fansites sprung up around the web, the overall excitement shown though these sites activity was off the chart.

The sequel, Advent Children, arrived in 2005/2006, in the form of a movie, rather than a full fledged game, but it didn't stop eager fans from enjoying it one bit. It was from here though, that this started...

FF7 Comes home... to the NES?

321w ago - In what can only be called strange or awesome, a Chinese developer that now makes MP3 players has ported FF7 to the NES. It is more or less the entire PSX game redone on the old Nintendo. It even includes the materia system.

Note that many of the graphics and sound are edits of FF3 on the NES even though the game itself is actually a new creation, not a hack.

Full Story Here or linked above!

GDC speakers announced; confirmation that new MMORPG is in development

323w ago - The GDC website reveals that four Square Enix staff members will be speaking at the Game Developers Conference 2008. The full list:

Fumiaki Shiraishi and Toshiro Tsuchida will be presenting an in-depth look at the development process of Square Enix's Wii Ware launch title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land.

Isamu Kamikokuryo, Final Fantasy XIII's art director, will touch upon the secret of Final Fantasy art, how he gets inspiration, how he was trained, how his concept art influence the game development, etc.

Taku Murata, the head of Square Enix's R&D. In this talk, Taku will describe the whole process of the engine development; why now, why not third party engine, what is unique, how it is being developed, what were challenges, etc. You'll be able to see the technological essence of Final Fantasy development.

Taku Murata's page also confirms that a new MMORPG is in development:

"The new game engine will be used for FINAL FANTASY XIII, new MMORPG under development, and other titles in the future."

This pretty much confirms that "the new MMORPG", which might actually be Final Fantasy Haresis XIII, will be released for the PlayStation 3 as it will use the White Engine.

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