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PSP CWCheat v0.1.9 Rev D released!

380w ago - Weltall has updated CWCheat today! According to the update notes, "this revision has mainly optimizations and bugfixes. Other than these now you can get to the start of an opened text file in the text editor by pressing START and now USB MASS is supported even in game mode of 3.5x firmware."

Download: CWCheat v0.1.9 Rev D


- [PACKAGE] removed lite and normal homebrew prx as now it's useless
- [ALL] Now it's possible to go to the beginning of the opened text
file by pressing START
- [PACKAGE] fixed some errors in the readme
- [ALL] removed all remaining things about the homebrew build in the
- [ALL] various optimizations in the builtin strings
- [ALL] various optimizations in the text reader
- [GAME] Fixed USB MASS support in 3.5x game mode. Now you can access
again the memory stick while playing you favourite game
- [SITE] now it's available a donation link for those who requested it http://cwcheat.consoleworld.org/donations.php differently from ads which are used just for paying the hosting, this will be a way to show the appreciation for my work and to make me...

PSPIRC v1.0.5 released!

380w ago - Zx-81 has updated PSPIRC today, with changes including:

What's new in this version ?

- Support iso-8859-1 characters in IRC console for West European languages
(characters such as à, é, è ... are now printed properly instead of a white space)

- Bug fix in console display

Downloads: PSPIRC v1.0.5 for Firmware 1.5 and PSPIRC v1.0.5 for Custom Firmware

C64 PSP v1.1 released!

380w ago - Christophe updated his Commodore 64 emulators for PSP today.

Downloads: PSPVICE V1.1, PSPVIC20 1.1, and PSPPLUS4 1.1

Changelog: V1.1: (Aug 07)

What's new:
- Stereo effect on sound output (I like this effect)
- Subdirectories support. User can now browse any directory of the memory stick.
- Update to latest VICE version (1.22)
- Add autofire option. Two speeds available.
- VIC20 standalone version.
- PLUS4 standalone version.
- "Shifted" keyboard GFX added (thank to Shabanak)
- Small speed improvment (unfortunatly still not enough for some few games like Cauldron2).
- PSP icons are hidden now ( __SCE__ method ).
- Welcome text at load time (instead of black screen)
- New menus organisation

Bug fixed:

- .NFO Comments fully displayed.
- Fixed "RESTORE key works only once" bug. (from VICE core team)
- Fixed crash when using game files with very long file names.
- Disk files can be saved, but this need to be done manually (by detaching disk). Menu is now more clear...

PSP iR Shell 3.62 update released!

380w ago - AhMan released another to iR Shell. This is another maintenance release which fixes the incompatibility issues with CFW 3.52-3/4 from Team M33.

Download: PSP iR Shell 3.62 and Donations

New Features:

  • Now fully compatible with Team M33 3.52-3 & 3.52-4 CFWs.
  • Enhance the alarm clock function to support PSP suspend mode which means the alarm will still be triggered while your PSP is under suspend mode (sleep mode). The alarm volume will always be at max and is independent of your PSP volume settings. You will still hear the alarm even if you've muted your PSP volume. Thanks to Adrahil for providing the alarmlib source code to illustrate how the magic is done.

    Sony bans PSP homebrew talk; violates license agreement

    380w ago - SCEA has stated on the Official Playstation boards that discussion of PSP homebrew and hacking is BANNED. SCEA state that homebrew applications void the warranty of the PSP and an official area to discuss such features can not be provided. The following topics are banned - custom firmware themes, applications, custom animation/sounds and other materials made available only through the use of homebrew applications. Basically EVERYTHING related to PSP homebrew/hacking is banned, anyone that ignores their policy will be banned and considered for other 'disciplinary actions' as determined by their admins. The official Playstation boards were FULL of homebrew discussion incase you didn't know!

    To quote: "Homebrew applications void the warranty of the PSP(PlayStationPortable) system, and an official area to discuss such activities cannot be provided by SCEA. Any postings that are clearly homebrew-related, such as those providing instructions on downgrading firmware updates, will be removed from this board. This also includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

    • custom firmware
    • themes, applications, custom bootup animations/sounds, and other materials made available only with use of homebrew
    • programs that may be used to aid or facilitate copyright violations (such as Eboots,...
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