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Flasher Lite v0.1 for PSP out!

368w ago - Today Test30 released Flasher Lite v0.1 for PSP. NEW FEATURE:

*Added Support of all the files next in the folder:


*Added option of Format Flash1
*Added option of Releaser size delecting the folder dic
*Added option of Releaser Size via font
*Added option of load the recovery of the flash0
*Added option of create backup of the flash0

In my next version the flasher supported the files of the folder kn and kd.

Download: Flasher Lite v0.1

PS3 Lair being played on PSP via remote play!

368w ago - We've all seen the pictures, now watch the video of the PS3 title Lair being played on the PSP via remote play- enjoy!


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII promotional trailer with subs

368w ago - With subtitles by ev3n, this is the newest promotional trailer for the PSP game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Enjoy!


PSPRestore Beta 2 released!

368w ago - Noob2psp has just released a new homebrew application which has the following functions - restore dead pixels, change CPU speed, restore the defauly XMB theme and the ability to BRICK your PSP (to test Pandora's Battery).

I have just released my Homebrew app PSPRestore Beta 2. What can you do with this app? Well, with this app can you restore your psp in just a few seconds. Here a list with the current functions of the Beta 2:

  • Restore Stuck Pixels (Updated!)
  • Change CPU speed
  • Restore the default XMB theme (Updated!)
  • POC: Brick your PSP (by the release of Pandora's battery) (Updated!)
  • I'm working on more and better functions.

    Download: PSPRestore Beta 2

    MasterBoy v2.01 for PSP released!

    369w ago - Brunni has released a new version of MasterBoy. MasterBoy is a Game Boy, Sega Master and Game Gear Emulator for the PSP. It features a skinnable interface with nice effects and quite a lot of options. You can also listen to your favorite VGM and GYM files with the included music player.

    Download: MasterBoy v2.01

    Download: English Docs


    * Finished the english documentation on how to colorize your games!
    * This version fixes a bug with sound volume when loading RIN states.
    * The file list can now display up to 1024 roms.
    * Added a small debug mode for the kernel version (copy the EBOOT from the Kernel mode directory to your MasterBoy directory on the PSP - this version runs significantly slower, so use it only for debugging and colorization). For people who reported me strange problems, press L+R+Triangle in the menu. It will show the available RAM. If you have the problem of save states not working after a while, please tell me how this value evolutes. Also, if this mode is enabled when going to Save states, SRAM, Save now, a message box with some information will appear, if you have the SRAM problem (not saving)...
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