MAG PS3 Patch v1.04a Arrives, Changelog Details Available

214w ago - MAG's Jeremy Dunham has announced that the Massive Action Game has been updated today to PS3 Patch v1.04a, which includes the complete changelog as detailed below.

This latest patch addresses a number of balance-related housekeeping bits that should even the battlefields of Syr Daria Uplink and the overall Sabotage game type quite bit.

Besides an adjustment that€s been made to all Sabotage player boundaries in an effort to put the kibosh on €spawn camping€ exploits, v1.04a also adds a number of map-specific changes to S.V.E.R.€s Sabo homeland.

The map, which previously favored the defenders too heavily, is now much more contestable for attackers and defenders alike.

Patch v1.04a - Available March 17, 2010 | N/A (TPPS), 84MB (DLS)


€ Adjusted player boundaries to limit €spawn camping€ exploits in Darien Network, Copper Hills Relay and Syr Daria Uplink maps.

Map €" Syr Daria Uplink

€ Pushed in physical defensive boundary for Attacker€s €Alpha Squad€ spawns 10 meters.
€ Removed two short staircases in front of Attacker€s €Alpha Squad€ spawn.
€ Relocated box truck to block sightline on attacker€s right side at €Objective A€ stairwell.

PS3 Glitch Finder v1.0 VHDL Design for Spartan-3 FPGAs Arrives

215w ago - Today modrobert has released PS3 Glitch Finder v1.0, which is a VHDL design for Spartan-3 (eg. xc3s400) FPGAs with the purpose of easily creating a custom pulse which can be used to glitch various hardware like the PS3 memory bus.

Download: PS3 Glitch Finder v1.0 VHDL Design for Spartan-3 FPGAs

From the ReadMe file: The pulse LOW and HIGH multipliers have a resolution of 255 (X"FF") and can be set independently.


€Cycle exact pulse generator process tested with logic analyzer
€Digital Clock Manager (DCM) primitive @ 200MHz (5ns) with lock handling
€Continuous pulse or one-shot mode selectable via switch
€Debounce handling for push buttons to prevent erratic behavior
€Set the LOW and HIGH pulse length multipliers via buttons
€7-seg LED display support showing HIGH and LOW pulse multipliers
€Open source release under GPL v2


The target device is a Spartan-3 fitted on an FPGA board (eg. Spartan-3 Starter Kit, Basys, Nexys, or similar). You need 5 push buttons (3 is ok also), a four digit "seven-segment" LED display, a dip switch, two regular LEDs, an external crystal/clock at 25MHz or 50Mhz,...

MAG PS3 Patch Update v1.03 Arrives Tomorrow with Fixes

217w ago - Today Jeremy Dunham has announced that MAG PS3 patch update v1.03 arrives tomorrow and includes fixes among other changes.

To quote: We€ve listened to your feedback and watched you play our game for weeks to create what is, without a doubt, our biggest and most important patch yet.

Our amendments are dramatic and they are many and we€re confident that they make the game even better than it already was. Not only have we revamped the effectiveness of every weapon in the arsenal and tuned our ranged firing to be more realistic, but we€ve also sped up the weapon and gear swapping process, closed off exploits that gave some teams unfair advantages on certain maps, and have made it more obvious when it€s too late to stop a charge from blowing up.

But those changes aren€t even the half of it, as you€ll see by checking our patch notes below. The best news, though, is that you€ll be able to download this patch starting tomorrow at 1am Pacific/ 4am Eastern/ 9am GMT, February 25. Simply log-on to MAG when the time is right and the update will be ready for download.

We hope you enjoy the new changes €" have fun and see you on the battlefield!

Patch v1.03

Available February 25, 2010 - 41MB (TPPS), 49MB (DLS)


Video: MAG v1.02 and Commando PS3 Developer Tips Revealed

218w ago - Zipper Interactive Sr. Community Manager Jeremy Dunham is back with news of both a version 1.02 update patch and a video highlighting some MAG Commando PS3 developer tips today.

To quote: Today we have a one-two punch in MAG news as we offer up our latest developer tips along with the specifics of the our next downloadable patch that will hit servers tomorrow, February 17.

First, the patch. MAG, v1.02 has a consistent theme €" Medical Support. After taking your feedback into consideration and playing countless games ourselves, we€ve made a number of Field Support adjustments that should help you steer through the battlefield more effectively. These fixes will also clean things up for players of other classes who don€t have a need to see who is hurt and who isn€t.

To be specific, we€ve eliminated the onscreen medic icon from anyone who has a Medical Kit and have instead changed it so that only those who have the Resuscitation Kit sport the cross.

Moreover, we€ve also hidden €incapacitated€ icons for downed players from everyone but those who can help them €" cleaning up the screen quite considerably €" and have added in some distance counters so that you know how far you have to travel before arriving at the injured.

The patch will automatically...

MAG PS3 Patch Update v1.01a Arrives Tomorrow, Fixes Bugs

220w ago - Today Jeremy Dunham has announced that MAG PS3 patch update v1.01a will arrive tomorrow and fix bugs along with some server-side changes.

To quote: We hope you€re enjoying your MAG experience so far and welcome your continued feedback regarding what you like, what you love, and what you think could use some improvements.

With that in mind, we€ll be implementing a tiny little patch (300KB) early tomorrow morning that will automatically download as soon as you start the game.

This particular patch mends an issue with our skies that should give you slightly better visual fidelity when you€re looking upward.

Before the patch is available, however, we will be performing a number of maintenance fixes on the server-side as well €" which means there will be downtime sometime during our usual window of 1am Pacific/ 4am Eastern/ 9am GMT and 3am Pacific/ 6am Eastern/ 11pm GMT.

MAG Patch v1.01a


€Resolved issue that caused banding and/or artifacts in the sky.


€Server performance enhancements with a focus on reducing lag issues.
€Lowered chances of encountering 5:5 errors
€Added additional statistics-focused servers

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