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Video: Sony Unveils MLB 10 The Show PS3 NL West Predictions

234w ago - Sony PR Manager Eric Levine has unveiled the final part in their ongoing MLB 10 The Show PS3 predictions, this time covering the NL West as follows:

Next up on our divisional predictions series is the [Register or Login to view links].

This division sent both the [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links] to the post season last year and could exceed expectations once again in 2010.

The Dodgers will likely contend for first place, but really need their young guns in [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links] to step up and lead the way.

Same goes for the Rockies...anchored by [Register or Login to view links] and veteran [Register or Login to view links], expect Colorado to make a run for the division crown once again. The [Register or Login to view links] came up a bit short last season, but with aces in [Register or Login to view links]...

Video: Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Coming to PSN

235w ago - Today Fatshark Executive Producer Martin Wahlund has unveiled that Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is coming to Sony's PSN this week, as follows:

My name is Martin Wahlund and I'm the Executive Producer at [Register or Login to view links], an independent development studio based is Stockholm, Sweden.

I am going to tell you a bit about [Register or Login to view links]; a fast paced and team based multiplayer shooter releasing this Thursday on PSN.

The game features 6 multiplayer maps, 5 multiplayer game modes, 4 Professions and a single player practice mode.

So what does Lead and Gold play like?

Many comparisons have been made (by people watching previews) to Team Fortress 2 which is understandable due to the similarity in genre. Although we do love TF2, we are very confident that the gameplay and feel of LnG has an identity all of its own.

The matches are 5v5 affairs and game mechanics, game modes and maps have all been designed with one common goal: Teamplay. Let me give you some examples:

Player characters have aura buffs, we call them synergies, that strengthens your gangmates if they stay in your vicinity. This...

Video: MLB 10 The Show Predictions Begin This Week - AL West

236w ago - SCEA PR Manager Eric Levine has revealed the first MLB 10 The Show predictions this week, which begin with the AL West, as seen in the video below.

To quote: This week begins our divisional prediction series utilizing MLB 10 The Show to simulate the 2010 season. First up is the [Register or Login to view links]... with the [Register or Login to view links], [Register or Login to view links], [Register or Login to view links], and [Register or Login to view links] all vying for the top spot, the race for the AL West crown seems to be wide open.

[Register or Login to view links] has Seattle ready to claim their first division title since 2001 and if [Register or Login to view links] can bring back some magic from his past Mariner days, they just might have a shot.

The Rangers are coming off their first winning season since 2004 and now adding [Register or Login to view links] to an already stacked lineup (2nd most HRs in MLB in '09), they will be a tough hurdle to overcome. Then there's...

Sega Officially Announces Yakuza 3 Hits PS3 on Western Shores!

241w ago - Sega of America's Assistant Community Manager Aaron Webber has officially announced today that Yakuza 3 is finally hitting PS3 entertainment systems on Western shores.

To quote: The big day is finally here. As Yakuza 3 begins the journey to stores across the west, we take another look at what makes Yakuza 3 something you'll find only on the PS3.

"If there's one thing about Yakuza that these last few months have taught people," I thought as I sat at lunch on Monday, "It's that the fans are a force to take seriously... usually."

Fans can be the biggest allies and proponents of games that may not be the huge, multi-million sellers like (insert generic FPS here), or (insert additional generic FPS here).

They can create amazing successes for games that were never expected to have them - looking at you, [Register or Login to view links] - and they can just as easily do the opposite, in some cases.

But more than anything, most fans just want to be heard. Fans want interaction, and to be responded to. So let's begin this blog post by jumping right in to one of the biggest things fans have been asking about: the content.

Yakuza 3 is huge. Besides exploring Tokyo and Okinawa, you can also visit restaurants,...

Nielsen Report Reveals Nintendo Wii Has Lowest User Activity

289w ago - Nielsen's State of the Video Gamer study, [Register or Login to view links] Tuesday, indicates that Wii owners use their console less than Xbox 360 and PS3 owners.

To quote: The research firm said Wii owners used their consoles 6.8 percent of the total amount of time that they could have used the system during Nielsen's measurement period during December 2008.

This compares to Xbox 360's "Active User Percentage" of 10.2 percent and PS3's 10.6 percent, which both led the way amongst current and last-gen consoles.

In average usage days, Wii trailed all other consoles except for GameCube with five days (GameCube had 4.5 days). PS3 and Xbox 360 were used 6.8 and 7.1 days average, respectively.

Wii also was last in terms of daily average number of sessions with 1.78 sessions, versus 2.42 for PS3 and 2.15 for Xbox 360.

Nielsen noted that Xbox 360 and PS3 have more features (particularly multimedia capabilities) than other consoles measured in the survey, which would lead to more usage.

"Predominant users of the Wii and GameCube are likely to use these consoles at most once a week and for fewer minutes and the fewest number of sessions compared to the other two groups of consoles,"...
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