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Video: Gamer Creates a Room Dedicated to Microsoft's XBox 360

292w ago - Do you consider yourself an XBox 360 fan? Perhaps you are, but chances are it never crossed your mind to create a room which is themed around the color scheme of the Xbox 360.

However, one guy has done exactly that... and created his own Xbox 360 room.

uchiha-sama shared a video of it via GameTrailers, and the video's caption reads simply:

"Wut! No he's not a Fanboy!" :P


Microsoft Cheats XBox 360 Gamer Out of 121,250 GamerPoints

295w ago - So imagine this: You're a huge gamer who bought the Xbox 360 on day one. You stood in line for over 20 hours in the pouring rain, just for Microsoft's newest console. Pretty hardcore, right? It gets better.

Imagine now, with me, that over the course of the past several years, you've played games on your 360 nearly every chance you got. You've racked up a huge gamerscore, only to have it all taken away one day without ANY warning.

This is story of SlapStic reader "JackTheWhack." Jack, whose real name is Jack Barbosa, not only had a huge gamerscore; he had more than any other person in the entire state of New Jersey: 121,250, in fact.

He achieved this impressive score through renting via Gamefly for games that he was only mildly interested in, while he purchased many games that he thought could give him more lasting enjoyment. Obviously, with a score that high, he WAS a MASSIVE 360 fan.

So last night, while playing Mirror's Edge, Jack received an achievement that he had already gotten earlier in the day. Confused, Jack went and checked out his Gamercard, where he discovered with considerable horror that he now had a Gamerscore of 25, and that his Gamer Zone had been changed to "Cheater." He was also unable to change his Gamer Zone to anything else.


Video: Custom PS3 Controller Allows Disabled Gamer to Game On

297w ago - KitsuneNoYume of the official PS boards (linked above) has shared both pics and a video of his PlayStation 3 'Jack Adaptive' Controller today, which has allowed a disable gamer to game once again.

To quote: Here is my adaptive ps3 controller that I use to play. Please leave questions and feedback! Design by me, and built via BroadenedHorizons.com by Mark Felling, who deserves 75% credit for building. Please let other disabled gamers know about us.

Here is the video as requested:


Angry gamer asks Sony to define what a 'valued' gamer is?

310w ago - Sony recently sent out e-mails which stated "We've chosen to offer access to Home to a select number of PLAYSTATION 3 owners, and as a valued member of PLAYSTATION Network, you have been selected."

However, one gamer is pretty angry that he wasn't selected as he has spent over $2000 on games and many hours online, but it seems far less loyal PS3 fans have been selected and speculates that he wasn't selected purely because he never purchased MGS4!

To quote: Now SCEE define valued please because looking at the forums and other news sites it seems people who have signed up to the PSN in 2008 and have less than 5 posts in the forums seem to have had more success than the likes of the owners who have had membership since late 2006 and spend more than a £1000 on PSN and BD games (not forgetting the BD films), lets not forget the amount of time these people spend online with their purchases.

Lets also remember that feature on the playstation website were you can add what hardware and software you own (of which I keep up to date religiously). It seems that feature is also worthless and pretty pointless.

So what did get you into the HOME Beta this month? I spoke to a friend at SONY in London and he told me that most people who bought MGS4 are the chosen ones. I can counter that claim...

Gamer opens up PS3 after a Year to see Dust Collection

311w ago - What better way to celebrate your PS3 turning 1 year old than to open up the console, see what approximately 4000 hours of potential dust looks like, and then give it a clean! pumba512 did just that on the official PS boards (linked above).

To quote: So, my PS3 turned 1 not long ago.. so.. I decided to see what 1 year (about 4,000 hrs) of dust looks like in it, and to give it a clean.

This is a Aus 60gig, always been horizontal. (I have vacuumed the vents every week (give or take), and dust it off with a microfibre cloth almost religiously.. Never used compressed air on it)

It's home for starters (carpet floor).. So after that I have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought. But there was a lot of fine dust in it, and only a little bit of a clump under the fan on the cpu/gpu heatsink part, nothing but fine dust on the heatsink fins.

Bottom casing was very dusty (also found little bugs a mosquito..and a hair... yeah I dunno..) top of case was just as bad, under the Blue Ray drive was fairly bad (doesn't look like to much in the pics but I blew it without thinking to take pics)

The fan was covered in thick fine dust. Other things = screws on the fan were a little loose... I could move it around like 2mm.. (its pretty quiet now and doesn't vibe like it used to).. was...
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