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iXtreme Firmware v1.4 ALL Versions released for X-Box 360!

346w ago - A new release of iXtreme Firmware, for all versions of drive (except v78/79 hitachi, which maximus will release shortly). Includes: iXtreme1.4_Hitachi_C4EVA, Samsung iXtreme 1.4, Benq iXtreme v1.4m, and ixDef_1.4.

Download: iXtreme Firmware v1.4 ALL Versions

Features: (v1.4) Disc jitter fix

Note: Everyone is wondering why people were getting banned a few weeks back. Here is a short summary of our speculation:

There are specific timers within the challenge/response protocol that may be checked by MS to determine as criteria for banning. We believe they are measuring one or more to find discrepancies. While a lot of this is speculation, and a lot of data is inaccurate as far as replication due to different mechanics, there may be specific timers that can be easily read. One that we are focusing on has to do with the degree's of disc rotation, which will generate a sum (0,90,180,270) and embed that data within the Security Sector file. Now, we recently have noticed a change within games in regards to that Challenge/Response timer.

We recently found out that new games ripped with kreon drives will give back a degree, that in combination with ixtreme...

Release Date for God of War Confirmed

347w ago - Update: I've been told we can name our source. He is the composer for the title, Cris Velasco.

We were recently able to get confirmation for the release of God of War 3. After speaking to the developers at the Video Game Awards, they confirmed with us, that the long assumed date of 2009. The title will support 1080p graphics and will have both sixaxis and rumble support.

Unfortunately, we have little more info that we care share with you at this date; however, please check back for updates, as new information comes in.

Upcoming PS3 Firmware To Add Blu-ray Profile 1.1 Support

347w ago - According to Sony VP of advanced technologies Don Eklund, the PlayStation 3 is set to receive a new firmware update later this month, enhancing the console's Blu-ray playback capabilities.

The update is said to bring preliminary Blu-ray Profile 1.1 support to the PS3, which adds picture-in-picture playback.

To quote: Sony's PlayStation 3 will this month be updated to allow it to support Blu-ray Disc Profile 1.1 - the version of the optical disc spec that enables picture-in-picture.

The claim was made this week by senior Sony executive Don Eklund, who oversees Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's technology policy, including Blu-ray Disc support.

Eklund made the comment during the High-Def 2.0 conference held in Los Angeles, US trade title Home Media Magazine reports.

PlayStation Firmware Interview: Faster Updates, Fewer For 2008

347w ago - The interview was with Eric Lempel, director of network operations for Sony Computer Entertainment America, who I spoke with last week. Lempel is not just responsible for the PSP PC store. He's also behind any of the firmware upgrades SCEA issues for the PS3 and PSP.

Lempel and I mostly talked about the store during our interview, but late in our chat the topic of firmware came up. Why have there been so many firmware upgrades this year? What is Sony's current firmware strategy? And what kind of features are coming?

No, he did not say when customizable XMB will be implemented. But he was open nonetheless and suggests a promising, more user-friendly future is in the works. Here's an excerpt from our conversation, the rest of which follows below:

Multiplayer: There've been a lot [of PlayStation 3 firmware upgrades] and it's certainly improved the machine. I can't say that I love every time I turn my system on – well not every time I turn my system on – but when I turned my system on last night to check something needed an upgrade already. I just got 2.0.

Lempel: Right. Right. We're trying to certainly cut down on the amount of times we do it. But on occasion when we've got these good features ready to go, let's give them out to the consumers. Let's get them...

Unofficial God of War III Teaser

347w ago - Here's an updated version of my God of War III teaser. I got a lot of helpful feedback on the original and decided to improve it.

I tweaked a lot of the graphics/effects as well added some. You'll also notice the addition of voice overs. Enjoy!

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