Warhawk: The Skies are Alive on PS3

331w ago - As part of GameSpy's Game of the Year Interview Series, we speak with Warhawk's Senior Producer, Harvard Bonin.

As the GameSpy editors gathered for our annual Game of the Year kick-off meeting, a furious argument broke out over the game Warhawk. "It's just a shame that the Warhawks were so underpowered," someone said. "Are you kidding me!?" someone else blurted: "A good player can dominate the map with one of those!" All of a sudden, everyone was chiming in: This weapon was unstoppable, that weapon was too weak, you're not using it right, etc. etc. It underscored the truth behind Warhawk's success as a multiplayer game: this game is so balanced that players continually walk a fine line between being a badass or a crater on the ground.

Aside from being a great game in its own right, Warhawk broke some new ground for the PlayStation 3. It was distributed both digitally and at retail. And as basically an online-only title, it really put the PlayStation Network to the test. There was no doubt in our minds that it should be a Game of the Year nominee.

On the eve of our annual Game of the Year awards, we took some time out to talk with Harvard Bonin, the Sr. Producer at Sony Computer Entertainment, America.

GameSpy: Thanks for taking the time to chat about Warhawk! Congratulations...

Memento Firmware v1.1 with Australian Support out

331w ago - Memento (Max Louarn et al) has just released a new update for it's Firmware 1.1, now with Australian support.

Download: Memento Firmware v1.1 (AU)

To quote: Just a quick release for our Australian friends. This is just the old 1.1 firmware with support for Australian's PS2 (SCPH-xx002).

PSP Custom Firmware v3.73 HX-1 released!

331w ago - _HellDashX_ has released a new version of his PSP CFW today, specifically v3.73 HX-1 (BETA).

Consisting entirely of his own IPL, the updater is compatible with both PSP/PSP Slim and will check automatically upon launching it.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware v3.73 HX-1

Changes include all of the changes and features in 3.73, along with correcting a VSHCTRL bug (corrupt icons in VSH 'Game'), and as a safeguard the updater will backup the current config files in case any CFW recovery conflicts occur.

Note: You must be running an existing PSP Custom Firmware prior to installation.

Loads of new PSP Firmware v3.8 pictures!

331w ago - Famitsu has uploaded loads of new pictures of the Japanese PSP firmware v3.8.

Pictures of the new firmware illustrate the new Internet radio player as well as the option to save shows to the TV Tuner which is a separate peripheral.

Cool stuff awaits for PSP owners indeed!

PSP Custom Firmware 3.71 M33-4 released!

331w ago - Update: Dark_AleX has followed up with a Multi-Disc Popsloader Bugfix to the new POPSLoader, fixing the following bug:

When selecting a firmware for a multi-disc game, the setting was being remembered for any other multi-disc game too.

Dark_AleX has released an update to Custom Firmware 3.71 M33 today which adds full support for multi-disc PSOne games and includes various bug fixes concerning POPSLoader. The full changelog can be found below:

Download: PSP Custom Firmware 3.71 M33-4 Update

CFW 3.71 M33-4 Changelog:

- Bugfix: Multi-disc PSX games bought in the PSN store would not work due to the format being different and M33 treating them as decrypted games.

- Added support for decrypted mult-idisc PSX games created with popstation_md (supplied with this release).

Included in the package is a new version of POPSLoader.

Changelog in POPSLoader:

- Bugfix: Games without compression had sound issues when using 3.72 pops. Fixed.

- Added support for multidisc psx games created with popstation_md.

Note: multi-disc games will only work in 3.71 and 3.72 pops....

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