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Sony Officially Introduces PlayStation Move for PS3 at GDC 2010

255w ago - Previously we reported on PlayStation Move's confirmation and official specs from GDC 2010, and now SCEE's Product Marketing Director Mark Hardy has confirmed more details alongside a video!

Jack Tretton of SCEA also revealed that PlayStation Move will be available in a range of bundles, from stand-alone controllers, to a starter kit and even the 'Ultimate Bundle' which will include a PS3 console as well as the starter kit.

He noted that this will be the biggest effort of the Sony year and promised huge TV exposure!

To quote: By now you may have seen the update on our new PlayStation 3 motion controller, via our live video stream at GDC. In case you missed it, let me introduce you to 'PlayStation Move'.

We first showed the 'Move' controller prototype at E3 in 2009 and we're now ready with the final design, along with an early look at just a few of the upcoming games...

Take a look at our trailer below, which aims to explain PlayStation Move in more detail.

Our launch games are designed to appeal to all PlayStation 3 fans. We've got our own take on social games such as 'Sports Champions' and 'Move Party' (both working...

Is it time to move over to the PS3?

343w ago - An Xbot's take on why the time is now right for Xbox 360 gamers to seriously consider getting rid of their 360's and purchasing a PS3

Before beginning this article I would like to make it clear that I'm a confessed Xbot. Even after churning through 3 separate Xbox 360's due to hardware failure, I have remained loyal to Microsoft and believe that Xbox Live is an amazingly fun service, even worth paying for.

BUT do I really? What has kept me coming back again and again when a normal gamer would have spat the dummy and gotten rid of the Xbox 360 years ago? Why is now the right time to finally break away from Microsoft?

The following reasons are what I believe to be the most compelling as to why my fellow hardcore Xbots should seriously consider taking the plunge and moving over to the PS3.

The Play Station Network
Now I hear what you guys are saying, nothing beats Xbox lives usability, social aspects and servers, but PSN has come a long way over the last year or so. The Servers (due to less traffic) experience a lot less lag than what we have all become accustomed to on Live. The PSN interface thanks to 2.40 update will encompass almost all the functionality that Xbots are familiar with, including fast access to friends and game invitations, and it's FREE!
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