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Top 10 Great Games That No One Played

360w ago - While the gaming industry has its success stories and million-sellers like Halo, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, there are games out there that stood out just as much with fantastic gameplay and unique concepts that didn't sell anywhere near as well.

While they may have not made mountains of money, here is my top 10 games that should be in every gamer's library (but likely aren't).

10. Okami
by Capcom Entertainment

A case of a game doing extremely well in the ratings and selling quite poorly, Okami is looking to get a new lease on life with the upcoming Wii port.

9. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath
by EA Games

Stranger's Wrath had a fantastically realized world and fun and quirky gameplay, but failed to be a mainstream hit.

8. Conker's Bad Fur Day
by Nintendo

Conker's Bad Fur Day stands as both one of the finest platformer games to date as well as a scathing commentary on the genre, but released too date in the N64's life to strike a chord with mainstream gamers.

7. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
by Atlus USA

Incredibly bizarre story elements and intriguing story elements made Persona 2 worth playing for any RPG fan, but didn't make a huge splash.

6. Shenmue

Sony: Flood of SOCOM information next month in EGM

361w ago - Over at the Official Playstation Blog, the team has confirmed that the May issue of EGM will have a flood of information regarding SOCOM's next outing for the PS3.

They also confirm a brand new map which has a 16 player core area as well as an expanded footprint for 32 player matches.

To quote: In anticipation of the Confrontation cover story in the May issue of EGM, 1UP has posted two new screenshots.

The initial reaction has been positive, and the dev team is really excited that the world can finally see some of their hard work. This has also been a huge relief to SealTeam-6, who has the unenviable job of telling SOCOM's huge, hungry fan base every week that:

a) yes we are still working on the game, and b) no, there is no new information we can share at this time No more! The flood of information is coming in the May issue of EGM. As to the hundreds of private messages and emails that we get every week, we read and appreciate all of them. Whether it's a quick note to inquire

"What the [heck] is taking you [fine fellows] sooooo long??"

or an encouraging

"Please don't [mess] up the new SOCOM!!"

we feel the love. The overwhelming message is that you want Confrontation to be great, and you want it soon. So to...

SCEE back open game file audio format

361w ago - The Interactive Audio Special Interest Group has recently revealed a preview a draft of a new open interactive audio file format called iXMF, that has been devised for interactive audio content.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have backed the format saying "We're supporting iXMF in our new audio tools so sound designers can take advantage of the incredible audio processing power of the PS3."

To quote: iXMF is the first open file format to be devised for interactive audio content. It combines MIDI and audio data with scripting logic that defines playback behaviours, encompassing a huge amount features of modern audio engine environments in a non-proprietary format.

It is hoped that iXMF will enhance data exchange between authoring applications and let game audio engineers use the same tools as their TV and film brethren.

March 2008 Upcoming Games List

361w ago - This is a List of all the up and coming games for the month of March 2008:

- Age of Conan: Hyborain Adventures- PC
- Army of Two-PS3, 360
- Boom Blox- Wii
- Bully: Scholarship Edition- 360, Wii
- Buzz! The Hollywood
- Buzz! Jr. Robo Jam- PS2
- Chessmaster- PSP
- Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Warth- PC
- Condemned 2-PS3,360
- Dark Sector- PS3, 360
- Dawn of War: Soul Storm- PC
- Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleased-Wii, PSP
- Destory All Humans 3: Path of Furons-PS3, 360
- ECO Creatures: Save the Forest- DS
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronides: Rings of Fate- DS
- Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core- PSP
- God of War: Chain of Olympus- PSP
- Go Pets: Vacation Island- DS
- House of the Dead 2 & 3 Returns- Wii
- Imagine: Figure Skater- DS
- Indoor Sports- Wii
- Lost in Blue- DS
- Major League Baseball 2K8- PS3, 360, PSP
- Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer- DS
- MLB 08: The Show- PSP, PS3
- N+- PSP, DS
- Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword- DS
- Ninja Reflex- Wii
- Naruto: Ulimate Ninja 3- PS2
- Paws & Claws Pet Report- DS
- Petz Bunny- DS
- Odscure Aftermath- Wii, PS2
- Rainbow Six Vegas 2- PS3, 360, PC

Sony unveil free cross-platform engine called PhyreEngine

362w ago - Sony unveiled PhyreEngine at the GDC yesterday, a new "free to use graphics engine" from Sony Computer Entertainment. It seems as though the engine is cross platform as out of flOw, GripShift and DiRT that were developed using the engine, only flOw is exclusive to PlayStation.

Sony say a simple recompile is all that is needed on make games run on the PS3 and they promised ongoing development and support for PhyreEngine.

To quote: But why make it potentially easier to make games on a competing console? Well, it's undeniable that developers are increasingly focused on multiplatform development. It's been rather commonplace for developers to neglect PS3 with inferior and oftentimes delayed versions of multiplatform games.

With PhyreEngine, Sony is making a much more attractive plea: make games on PS3 first, guaranteeing high quality games that will not only match their 360 counterparts, but in many cases can exceed them.

Sony's message is clear: start games on the PS3, and they will be better for both PS3 and 360 owners. It appears to us that PhyreEngine is a crucial part of that plan.
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