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PS3 Controller Compatibility Routine Patch update

346w ago - Update: Patch still not up yet. Will follow up with more info when available.

According to hmxsean at the Rock Band forums, a new rotuine update for the PS3 version of Rock Band is available which resolves a number of issues surrounding guitar controller compatibility.

To quote: Available today is a routine update for the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Rock Band that addresses a number of items related to guitar controller compatibility. Should Rock Band owners choose to obtain the update, they
will need broadband internet access connected to their PLAYSTATION 3.

The update will be downloaded once the game is started.

Guess who the diamond-encrusted PlayStation controller belongs to?

347w ago - Some love Xbox, some love Wii, but it looks like the Playstation's got a serious fan, right? Made of 18k solid white gold and over 68.34ct of black diamonds, this is one impressive Playstation controller chain. The question we ask you, dear readers, is who's chain is it? Jay-Z, Paris, or Shaquille O'Neal? Well, none of them.

It's BGR buddy Just Blaze, of course!

PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 Review

347w ago - When Sony launched the PlayStation 3 without rumbling controllers I was one of those people who was massively disappointed. Now I understood that force-feedback doesn't change the way a game plays, but since it's introduction in the latter half of the 90s it has become an essential part of my gaming experience. Goldeneye 64 wouldn't have been the same without Rumble Paks.

When I bought my PlayStation 3 at the European launch I played the launch titles and enjoyed them, but I couldn't help but feel slightly disconnected from the whole experience. Motorstorm looked great, had great playability, it just felt like I was playing it through heavy duty gauntlets. So when Sony finally announced the return of rumble to the PlayStation 3 I was genuinely happy about it.

The new DualShock 3 controller launched in Japan earlier this month as a stand alone purchase, however it wont see release in Europe and the USA until Spring next year. Considering most new PS3 titles support rumble I didn't see the point in waiting and ordered a DualShock 3 from a Hong Kong exporter.

It arrived on Monday. I know I am a gaming-geek for saying this but opening the box felt like Christmas! Taking out the DualShock 3 the first thing I noticed is that the controller is more weighty than the SIXAXIS. Reassuringly...

Wii-like motion-control games to come to the PS2

348w ago - A UK-based video games company is taking advantage of Nintendo's ongoing Wii shortage, and launching its own range of PS2 motion-controlled video games.

Developed by In2Games, the RealPlay range includes several Wii-esque titles, such as pool and golf. Each game copy ships with the required piece of kit to ensure gamers' movements are replicated on screen.

For example, the pool title is sold with a wireless replica cue, and the golf title ships with - you guessed it - a golf club to help gamers sink their virtual pills.

However, not all titles have an uncanny Wii Sports feeling about them. In2Games' PuzzleSphere game comes with a wireless sphere that gamers manipulate in real-life to control the on-screen movements of a rollercoaster.

All three titles will be released on 30 November, each priced at around £35 (€55/$70). Similar motion-controlled titles for bowling and tennis are also planned for release next year.

RealPlay's swinging golf and its pool game, with real pool cueRealPlay's
which pics are below!

Real Men Don’t Play With Plastic Toys

348w ago - Let's face it, the Guitar Hero games may be the best, but you look absolutely retarded while playing them with a tiny, plastic controller. Well, that's a thing of the past. ArtGuitar, a leading designer of custom graphics for guitars, working with Peavey are bringing out the limited edition AG RiffMaster Guitar Controller for the PS2, link here. (Where's my Xbox 360 version!?)

That's right, you guessed it right. This is an actual Peavey guitar modded with the PS2 guitar controller, so you actually look pretty darn badass while you nail that cruel solo from Hanger 18 in Expert mode! And the best part, all 17 of these are collectible masterpieces, with some fantastic artwork on them showcasing KISS, Megadeth, Ozzy Ozbourne, Pantera and Lynyrd Skynyrd - all yours for a low, low price of $399. Hey, if it looks this good when I'm playing one of the greatest games ever made, I'd pay $500!

Created from a real Peavey guitar, ArtGuitar has preserved the qualities found in the original makeup of the instrument. The guitar strings have been removed, but the headstock of the AG RiffMaster Guitar Controller, still sports real tuning pegs for an added visual appeal. Crafted from natural basswood, the body displays custom...
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