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Kojima Productions Says DualShock 3 Better DS2

369w ago - Kojima Production's Assistant Producer Ryan Payton chimed in on the KP Report podcast this week with evidence that Shane and Ryan haven't lost their minds. Participating on the podcast are 1UP's own Mark MacDonald and frequent 1UP contributor John Ricciardi, and when asked by Ricciardi if "it's safe to definitively say that the rumble in the Dual Shock 3 is better than the rumble in the Dual Shock 2," Payton responded, "Absolutely, yeah. It feels better, and I think Shane experienced that too."

Unfortunately, that's about all that's said on the subject, as they immediately change topics to Devil May Cry 4. So if the rumbling is clearly better than the DualShock 2's, why has Sony stated the technology is the same? We'll remind you of Occam's razor: the simplest solution tends to be the right one.

Custom Firmware Extender 1.5 for PSP out!

369w ago - By Cpasjuste, this update includes the following:

Download: PSP Custom Firmware Extender 1.5


- Compatible with psp slim and fat with m33 3.71 firmware.
- "5th" brightness level added for psp slim
- "Note + Volume Up" added to show buttons combo.
- Basic usbhostfs iso redirection added, usbhostfs_pc server work under linux and only in "OE isofs legacy" mode
accessible from recovery menu. The problem with windows XP must be the usb driver, maybe someone will fix it.
- Default vsh cpu speed is 222mhz, default game speed is set to 333mhz. You must set the cpu speed to default
in the m33 recovery menu for on the fly "overclocking".
- Screenshot folder is now "ms0:/PICTURE".
- Temporarily removed configuration file due to incompatibiliy problems with fw 3.71
- Temporarily removed remotejoy video capture due to incompatibiliy problems with fw 3.71
- Temporarily removed ftpd server due to incompatibiliy problems with fw 3.71

PGR5 on PS3?? Activision buy Bizzare Creations!

369w ago - Bizarre Creations developer of 360 exclusive PGR4 have today been bought out by Activision.

Bizarre Creations have also confirmed that they will now be developing software for all platforms, could this mean PGR5 will appear on PS3?

LocoRoco Cocoreccho Review for PS3

369w ago - The bulbous, bouncy blobs known as LocoRoco are back, though things are a bit different this time. The tilting mechanics of the original PSP title have been replaced with an interesting new control scheme, and the minimalist gameplay is even simpler this time around. But really, it's all about the agreeably goopy globules that spread charm across your screen, and it's hard not to be taken with them. At $6.99, this PlayStation Network download feels a bit overpriced for a single (albeit large) level, but the few hours of gaming you'll get out of it are rewarding and strangely compelling.

If you played the original LocoRoco, you'll immediately notice the changes in mechanics. Rather than tilting the playfield to move your LocoRocos, you move a cursor in the form of a butterfly around the screen. When you press the circle button, you call any Locos in range in your direction, and if you tap the button, they will jump toward your cursor.

You begin the game with a single LocoRoco, and your goal is to awaken the remaining 199 blobs by getting other Locos to bump into them. The level itself is set up like a huge, complex Rube Goldberg contraption, complete with trampolines, moving platforms, water bubbles, wind gusts, and all sorts of other elements that send your screwy spheres careening across the screen. Once...

PSP WiFi MAC Address Fixer out!

369w ago - To quote: This is a little utility to help all of those who are too lazy to manually change their MAC address back to the correct value. This can be of use for people that have changed Wifi boards in the PSP, or if they have changed the MAC address manually.

Download: PSP WiFi MAC Address Fixer

Hopefully this will make life easier for others.
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