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PSP Screenshot Plug-In v0.2 for 3.71 M33 out!

369w ago - From Coolj: Well, no screenshot plugin works on the new 3.71 M33, so I made one. Copy & paste Screen.prx and vsh.txt to seplugins and enable in recovery.

Download: PSP Screenshot Plug-In v0.2

I changed the button combination because circle gives problems in the XMB. New button combo: RTRIGGER + SQUARE to take a screenshot.

Harrison: New Custom PlayStation 2 Controllers Coming?

369w ago - Talking to Gamasutra during Tokyo Game Show, Sony's Phil Harrison has been talking to Gamasutra about the future of the PlayStation 2, revealing the company has more custom game controllers along the lines of the Buzz and EyeToy peripherals coming to the PS2.

When asked about In2Games making third party motion control peripherals (the RealPlay Wireless series), and asked whether Sony would ever do internal projects to turn the PS2 into a motion-sensing competitor to the Nintendo Wii, Sony Worldwide Studios head Harrison replied:

"Well, I can't answer your question directly because I'm not familiar with what you're referring to, but we put USB ports on the PlayStation 2 for a reason, which was to support open technology. So anything that is based around USB can be plugged into a PS2 and could add some unique experience."

XCM White 360 HDMI 1080i cable & XFPS Pro video!

369w ago - Here are some updates from www.XCM.cc as follows:

The HDMI cable for Regular XBox 360 (White 360 console) is the world's first HDMI 1080i cable for Regular XBox 360, and with this cable you can enjoy the digital 1080i output signal on HD TV.. a Prototype picture is below!

This cable converts the analog signal to a digital one and acts as a HDMI digital signal solution for HDMI-less XBox 360's, while also sporting an extra RCA socket and optical socket for connection to speakers. The cable will also come with a HDMI to DVI adapter so it can be used on a PC as well as a HD TV.

The new XFPS Pro also has a HALO 3 VIDEO available demonstrating the XFPS Pro with Halo 3- cool stuff indeed!

Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of September 24th

369w ago - Whoosh! That's the sound of games literally flying off the production lines and onto shelves. Today's release list is possibly the best yet. Remember when we were having weeks like these? Thank goodness those are over. Here's the full release list:

US Games
World Series of Poker 2008

EU Games
Stuntman: Ignition
SEGA Rally

Asian Games
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

This week at least one high profile game being released in each territory. We're intrigued to see how Oblivion and Warhawk will do over there here in Japan. All of these games are subject to the constant change in whim of the Game Fates, so don't start moaning if any last-minute delays occur. It's not our fault.

If you see something on that list that you like the look of, but it's not in your region, then don't fret. Simply import the game and play it on your region free PS3. Simple. Which titles will you be picking up?

Virtua Fighter 5 Ad Shows Console Differences

369w ago - A new magazine ad for Virtua Fighter 5 makes the differences between the two versions of the game (PS3 and Xbox360) very clear, stating that the Xbox360 version is "NOW ONLINE", but the PS3 version "Does Not Include Online Play." This promotes purchase on one console only...interesting advertising.
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