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Sony shines Blu-ray on PS3 sales campaign

362w ago - Sony is to step up its marketing campaign for the PlayStation 3 and emphasise that the games console is a Blu-ray disc player.

The move is aimed at boosting both the PS3 and the Sony-backed DVD format ahead of the holiday season.

Kaz Hirai, president of the games unit, told the Financial Times it was working closely with Sony Pictures and Sony Entertainment to "get the Blu-ray message out". It was a delicate "balancing act" for Sony Computer Entertainment,

"The PS3 is first and foremost a video games machine but we want to say - by the way, it's a great Blu-ray player as well," Mr Hirai said. Marketing efforts in the US, Europe and Japan would highlight the PS3 as a Blu-ray disc player as well.

Sony yesterday disappointed analysts by failing to cut the PS3's price, but Mr Hirai did not rule out a future price cut. "Going aggressive only on price without being able to back it up with content doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me," he said. A price cut would have a "real impact" on sales only if there were enough software titles to support the PS3.

But analysts were sceptical and said Sony could miss its shipment targets for the year. "Without a price cut close to Christmas, reaching 11m shipments is going to be very tough," said DavidGibson, analyst at Macquarie in...

Eye of Judgment for $70 on October 23

362w ago - The Eye of Judgment, Sony's camera-assisted collectable card game, will hit the PlayStation 3 in North America on October 23rd for $69.99. Included in the set is the Blu-ray disc, PlayStation Eye camera, Judgment (camera) stand, battle mat, a 30-card Starter deck (plus four Function cards), and an eight-card Booster pack.

Additional Booster packs and pre-constructed theme decks will also be available from Wizards of the Coast, with Boosters priced at $3.75 and theme decks at $14.99. Five such decks will be available at launch, each with a Summoner's Companion booklet that includes tips, card lists, and background information. Expansion sets will launch at some point following the release of the game, but details on dates and contents are not yet available.

SCEA Marketing Manager Mark Valledor updated the official PlayStation.Blog with the above information, taking the time to also clarify the spelling of the title ("Judgment" not "Judgement") and address concerns about online cheating. The Eye of Judgment is expected to be available outside of North America by the end of October, resulting in a "global rollout" that allows for worldwide battles within the first week of release.

TGS '07: Metal Gear Online Hands-On

362w ago - The core gameplay here will be quite familiar to Subsistence players, as you still run around and shoot in third-person much like in the single-player MGS games. Gone is the stilted, immobile first-person aiming mode, though. In fact, the controls and basic shooting mechanics are lifted right out of Metal Gear Solid 4, the gameplay improvements of which we detailed in our hands-on report yesterday. So here you'll use the triangle button to perform a lot of environmental interactions, like vaulting over obstacles and backing up against flat surfaces to take cover.

More importantly, you've got the new shooting controls in here as well. The auto-aim that we found a little easy and unnecessary against MGS4's AI opponents seemed much more useful in this multiplayer setting, since you can use it to shoot at other players while you're fleeing from them or trying to dodge their shots. Like in MGS4, you'll hold L1 to lock your aim to the enemy most directly in your line of sight, then you can fire at them at will while moving. Also like in MGS4, you can turn the auto-aim off and use the L1 button to go to a Gears of War-esque over-the-shoulder aiming view for precision shots. This makes you move more slowly, so you'll have to use it somewhat sparingly to avoid getting blasted by other opponents due to your sluggishness.

Madden 08 auto-update details

362w ago - A required update was released for Madden 08 on the Xbox 360. The PS3 will receive this same patch soon. The details on what this update corrected follows below:

>>Franchise: Editing a player causes his contract value to change

>>Franchise: Former user coaches do not fill their new team's roster causing the game to stop simulating.

>>Franchise: The game crashes when simulating if the user releases all the HOF players from the Player Management Menu and then starts a franchise

>>Train for This Game: Certain Player Weapons Stat Points are not being recorded after Training.

>>Online: In Game: If the Client pulls connection at the end of game, prior to the Match Up screen, they will crash the Host.

>>Online: When the client ejects disk after the game clock has been reduced to 0:00 but before the opponent gets the match-up screen the Host will crash.

>>This update is not representative of a potentially more complete patch that will address gameplay and other franchise issues

TGS '07 Preview: Devil May Cry 4's smoking hot

362w ago - Want to see more Devil May Cry 4? Point your eyes downwards for the latest trailer, which features more spectacular in-game action alongside some new cutscenes.

Video: Devil May Cry 4 TGS 2007 Trailer

There's a little blood, a lot of fire and bucketloads of stylish combat. It's great to see the familiar 'guns pointed skywards' combo play of the original still going strong.

Once you've played the video (a few times, probably), head over to the images tab and take a look at the new shots.
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