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Ever wondered who reads all the PlayStation blog comments?

370w ago - Jeff Rubenstein, the SCEA Social Media Manager has come out to reveal that he is the man with the job of reading all the comments at the PlayStation Blog. He's finally decided to come out and say hello and reassure that each and every comment is acknowledged by the team that is posted at the Official PlayStation blog.

To quote: Hey gamers! Response to this here PlayStation.Blog has been so impressive, that SCEA decided that someone needed to be brought in to help keep an eye on it full time. I'm that person. Really, I've been lurking behind the scenes here for over a month, but it's time to come out and say hello.

Among other things, it's my job to help connect those who create software, hardware, and peripherals for PlayStation systems, and those of you who play them. And I can't do it without you, the faithful and passionate readers.

Konami details PES 2008 patches

370w ago - Konami has posted on their site that indicates that the new patches for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of PES 2008 addresses the online lag and slowdown which affects the game. The PS3 patch also resolves an issue to do with downloading the game to the hard drive, but Konami reassure us that they are still working on improvements.

To quote: Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has released updates to rectify issues with the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION®3 versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

The free download addresses the online lag and the slowdown that affects the game in both online and offline modes.

The PLAYSTATION®3 update also fixes problems associated with downloading the game to the console's hard drive.

Konami will continue to look into ways to extend users' enjoyment of PES 2008 and is still working on improvements.

PSP Filer v4.4 released!

370w ago - Mediumgauge has updated PSP Filer today, a file management application designed for PSP which allows users to easily edit, copy, delete, and transfer files to and from the memory stick and flash memory.

Download: PSP Filer v4.4 [Right-click, Save As]

Changes in Version 4.4:

- added Polish mode.

- able to extract files in cso/zip that are larger than memory size (about 22MB).

text viewer:
- added a feature to change automatically into UTF-8 encoding when a file begins with UTF-8 BOM.

Ghostbusters: First multiplayer details

370w ago - The Ghostbusters game, due for launch next year on just about every format except PSP, will feature the a Ghosts vs Busters multiplayer mode and ghost-catching face-offs on PS2 and Wii.

The PS2 and Wii versions, handled by developer Red Fly, will likely influence the multiplayer modes on other systems. Though Terminal Reality (handling the 'big' versions) is just as likely to have its own ideas.

Ghosts vs Busters will throw two teams of players together, one trussed up with proton-packs and khaki boilersuits as the Ghostbusters team hunting down a team of slime-launching disapperating ghosties. Ghost-catching modes will, clearly, be races or contests to see who can catch-'em-all quickest.

Co-op play is, according to the UK's Official Xbox 360 Magazine, "under consideration", though there are no details and main dev Terminal Reality don't want to disrupt the game's theme of you playing as a newbie to the old Ghostbusters team. Read the full Ghostbusters feature in this month's UK OXM, issue #28, on sale now.

Sleeper Hits of 2008: Brutal Legend, InFamous and Borderlands

370w ago - Another month to go before some of the biggest names in the community make one of their most stellar and anticipated comebacks. Snake's family saga over a nuclear equipped Mech is deemed to finally get an ending (?), Liberty City welcomes you back with open arms and let's crime take its toll.

Final Fantasy hits XIII, Ryu's back with gore, vengeance and violence, and the Super Smash series is all set to be a smashing hit, this list goes on and on and on and on. But what happens to games that have not exactly been under the spotlight and are yet gearing up to become one of the best gaming experiences in years to come. These games have not exactly been picked up by the marketing scanner to propel them into unimaginable heights.

Brutal Legend (PS3, Xbox 360): There is no need for any introduction to Tim Schafer's game on Heavy Metal meeting a fantasy world, inspired by a Megadeth roadie. Eddie Riggs might have been an ordinary Metal road junkie but a fantasy mishap lands him up in a world where Humanity is enslaved by demons whose gods are the greatest metal titans ever!!! Dude this seems so fricking rad, the action/gameplay elements seem equally impressive, face melting solo, axe slinging hot rod action, and visuals like Tim Burton's movies all set in a completely mystifying world of ancient Norse...
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