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PSP PimpStreamer v1.0 BETA released!

363w ago - DickyDick1969 has updated his popular media player for PSP today, and according to the author it's been tested on CFW 3.52 M33-4.

Download: PSP PimpStreamer v1.0 BETA [Right-click, Save As]


-not based on pmp_mod, uses mp3 hardware decoding and plain software decoding (no me.prx needed)
-completely from ground up
-color info not right yet, need to implement yuv->rgb
-fully graphical
-a beta, not all functions yet ported
-when in movie no stopping yet (test with small movies)
-sound still skippy

Note: put in PSP/GAME folder (not GAME150)

Seven downloadable games from SCEA in 2008

363w ago - GamesIndustry.biz has learned that Sony Computer Entertainment America is developing at least seven new PlayStation Portable games for download via the PlayStation Store.

The service - currently only available to PlayStation 3 users - is due to launch for the PSP and PC next year and will offer users an alternative portfolio of titles to those currently available on UMD game discs.

Sony will offer multiple content to PSP users via the PlayStation Store, including original games, classic PSone titles, demos for UMD-based and downloadable games, additional content for released games and TV content such as trailers, behind-the-scenes clips and interviews.

A source close to SCEA has revealed that three action games, two music-based games, one racing title and a shooting game are being developed internally.

Downloadable games for the handheld will be between one half and one third of the size of the average UMD title, offering between two and ten hours of gameplay.

Sony is currently courting third-party PSP publishers for the PlayStation Store, which offers a better return on investment for the publisher and format holder as it completely cuts out retail partners.

As well as the new PSP titles in development, SCEA will also be offering 13 classic PSone...

New pictures of PS3 40GB SKU surface

363w ago - Here we have some new pictures of the PS3 40GB SKU being un-packed. Some things to look out for are the emphasized 'warning' that the system is not backwards compatible with PS2 titles and the two USB ports.

Atari800 PSP v2.0.3.27 out now!

363w ago - Uberjack has updated his Atari800 emulator for the PSP, which emulates the Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200.

Download: Atari800 PSP v2.0.3.27

v2.0.3.27 Changelog:

  • This release adds the ability to switch or eject disks without resetting the system

    PSP IPL SDK released!

    363w ago - Booster sent word today that he has released a software development kit for creating a custom PSP IPL. The SDK provides developers with a base set of code that will run independent of Sony's PSP firmware.

    Download: PSP IPL SDK [Right-click, Save As]

    He states that this is the 'basic model' which can work original codes without the SCE OS on the PSP. The release includes the source and examples of the PSP_MS_MULTI_LOADER.
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